Wikileaks Newslinks 21 August 2011

21 August 2011 —

The curious case of Daniel Domscheit-Berg, Wikileaks and Julian Assange #DBB
100gf | Politics and Computers
There’s trouble brewing in the leakosphere (if we can call it that), with Julian Assange and Wikileaks on one side and German technology activist Daniel Domscheit-Berg on the other. At issue is a new leaks site, OpenLeaks, and the fate of a possible …

Of WikiLeaks, Security Clearances, and How Both Could Hamper Your Career
Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription)
By Douglas Cox The recent release of the fully declassified Pentagon
Papers—a mere 40 years after they were originally leaked—inspired hope
that it would lead to a thoughtful re-examination of the government’s
reaction to WikiLeaks. …

We are the world
Deccan Herald
It was a shock for many Indians when WikiLeaks revealed that Hillary
Clinton purportedly called India “a self-appointed frontrunner for a
permanent UN Security Council seat”. How could this be, when Obama had
said quite the opposite when addressing a …

Palace has ‘high hopes’ on Monday’s peace talks with MILF
Also, Valte declined to comment on a supposed WikiLeaks report indicating
the MILF will not let go of the Liguasan Marsh in Mindanao, believed to be
rich in natural gas deposits. A Singapore-based freelance journalist posted
on his blog the supposed …

Hackers target Texas contractor
Fort Worth Star Telegram (blog)
According to its article, Anti-Sec is connected with Anonymous, the group
that targeted Paypal and other outlets in retaliation for their cutting off
contributions to Wikileaks. Vanguard sells weapons to law enforcement,
military and corporations. …

Syria hits point of no return amid broad isolation
The Associated Press
Assad sees himself “as a sort of philosopher-king, the Pericles of
Damascus,” Maura Connelly, the US charge d’affaires in Damascus at the
time, says in the cable, which was released by WikiLeaks. She suggests
flattering Assad may be a good way to …

Amend the Cuban Adjustment Act
In a June 2009 cable (released by Wikileaks) from the US Interests Section
in Havana, Chief of Mission Jonathan Farrar states clearly: “Today’s
Cuban economy is less vulnerable to a return to the lows of the Special
Period thanks to more diversified …

Full of beliefs and empty of religion’
South Asian News Agency
The WikiLeaks revelations show that Saudi Arabia and the UAE have been
providing an astounding $100 million every year to Deobandi and
Ahl-e-Hadith madressahs in south Punjab “ostensibly with the support of
these governments. …

Hacked cybersecurity firm HBGary storms back after ridicule fades
Sacramento Bee
The hacker group had gained notoriety for attacking companies that refused
to do business with WikiLeaks. The Hoglunds thought little of Barr’s boast
– or of Anonymous. “I thought they were just a bunch of kids,” Greg said.
Two days later was the Super …

Ten years after 9/11, report details gaps in intelligence networks
The Hill
The report points to the Wikileaks episode last year, in which thousands of
classified documents were leaked and published by major newspapers. On
September 13, the House Intelligence Committee and Senate Intelligence
Committee plan to hold a joint …

Bill Browder: the man making Moscow squirm over the death of Sergei Magnitsky
Private US diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks last December described
the country as a “virtual mafia state” in which “one can not
differentiate between the activities of the government and organised crime
groups”. The Kremlin, the cables claimed, …

Five Best Saturday Columns: Obama Takedown Edition
The Atlantic Wire
One thing we should be paying greater attention to is “topics such as the
sprawling Surveillance State and the attempted criminalization of WikiLeaks
and whistleblowing,” according to Glenn Greenwald. Censorship is not just
in China. …

Who Defends Syria’s Sovereignty?
Monthly Review
Their long-term funding of Syrian opposition groups, like their long-term
funding of so-called Libya oppositionists (all revealed by Wikileaks), has
given Washington and its allies little decisive strategic traction.
Whatever the tempo and direction of …

Interview: Lucy Fallon and Adrian Bell
Podium Cafe
It seems we live in an age of disclosures, thinking of Wikileaks, which has
shown the reality behind the scenes of diplomacy. The busts, positives and
confessions have done the same for professional cycling. We’ve been shown
what happens behind the …

Reading Ahmadinejad via Wikileaks: A Freedom Lover or a Two-Bit …
By admin
One doesn’t need WikiLeaks to know what Ahmadinejad has said about freedom.
He has claimed openly that Iran is a free country where people have the
right to express their opinions. He has also said that there are no gays in
Iran. …

Twitter Trackbacks for 1 year ago, it was falsely claimed Julian …
1 year ago, it was falsely claimed Julian Assange was a double rapist.
Detained without charge for 254 days.

Some Pinoys in Sabah seen as ‘troublesome’ – Wikileaks – Pinoy …
Malaysian officials have described as “troublesome” a segment of
Filipinos living in Sabah and warned that they could become potential
threats to Malaysia’s …

Priceless- MasterCard ad… [WikiLeaks] – YouTube
France 24 Music: Jonathan Dreyfus The banking
blockade on WikiLeaks: not only is it illegal under current trade …

Guatemala Presidential Frontrunner Linked to Narcos: WikiLeaks
A U.S. diplomatic cable leaked by Wikileaks revealed that Guatemalan
presidential hopeful Otto Perez admitted to having links with the Mendoza
family , …

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