VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 21 August, 2011: Israel’s Convenient War on Gaza

21 August , 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Egyptian Hacker Hacks Into Netanyahu’s Website
IMEMC – Monday August 22, 2011 – 03:22, An Egyptian hacker managed on Sunday to hack into the website of Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and placed a picture of Egyptian soldiers raising the Egyptian flag in Sinai during the October, 6, 1973, on the sites’ homepage.

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza continue through Sunday; at least 3 children among killed since Thursday
IMEMC – Monday August 22, 2011 – 00:16, According to local sources in Gaza, Israeli missile strikes continued on Saturday and Sunday in various parts of Gaza, averaging one to two air strikes an hour. A two-year old and a five-year old were among the victims of Israel’s three-day long bombardment of Gaza, and a 12-year old boy was also among the 15 killed.

Israeli settler gang beats 10-year old Palestinian boy with iron bars
IMEMC – Sunday August 21, 2011 – 23:50, In an assault that they claimed was ‘in revenge’ for the killing of eight Israelis on Thursday by unknown gunmen, a group of around fifteen Israeli settlers in the West Bank surrounded a Palestinian child and beat him nearly to death. They also attacked three farmers, injuring them badly.

Young Egyptian Man Climbs 15 Floors To Reach Israeli Embassy, Burn Flag
IMEMC – Sunday August 21, 2011 – 06:54, A young Egyptian man managed, on Sunday at dawn, to climb 15 floors on a high building where the Israeli embassy is located in Cairo, to remove the Israeli flag from the embassy balcony and replace it with the Egyptian flag.

Troops Invade Hebron, Kidnap 35 Residents
IMEMC – Sunday August 21, 2011 – 05:04, Israeli soldiers invaded on Saturday, just before midnight, the southern West bank city of Hebron, broke into and searched dozens of homes, and kidnapped more than 35 residents, including elected legislator Mohammad Abu Jheisha, and a number of Hamas political leaders.

Ma’an News

7 injured as Israeli forces raid northern Gaza
8/21/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli forces launched another round of fierce airstrikes on the northern Gaza Strip Sunday afternoon causing explosions which rattled Gaza City. Gaza medical official Adham Abu Salmiya said Israeli warplanes fired two missiles at a Hamas military site in Beit Lahiya injuring seven Palestinians including three children. The attack came….

Israeli forces detain 120 Palestinians in West Bank
8/21/2011 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israeli forces detained 120 Palestinians, mostly Hamas supporters, overnight Saturday in the southern West Bank, witnesses and officials said. More than 100 military jeeps stormed Hebron from three directions and deployed in several neighborhoods in the largest detention campaign in the city since 2003, locals and Palestinian security officials told Ma….

Air raids exact heavy toll on Gaza infrastructure
8/21/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A physiotherapy clinic, sewerage pump, civil society organizations and government buildings have been damaged in Israeli raids on the Gaza Strip since Thursday, witnesses and officials said. Israeli warplanes have bombarded the coastal enclave for three days in what the military says is a response to a deadly attack in….

Medics: Child injured in Israeli strike on northern Gaza
8/21/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli missiles struck the northern Gaza Strip on Sunday morning seriously injuring a 12-year-old boy, medics said. Gaza medical official Adham Abu Salmiya said the boy was injured in his chest and stomach as Israeli warplanes bombed a group of children in Beit Lahiya. The children were transferred to….

Bethlehem Mufti says soldiers ransacked home
8/21/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli forces assaulted and detained a Palestinian man during a raid on the home of the Mufti of Bethlehem overnight Saturday, the sheikh said. Sheikh Abdul-Majid Ata Amarna said troops raided his home in Duheisha refugee camp shortly before dawn prayers searching for his son Usayd, a journalist for Hamas-affiliated Al-Aqsa….

Ministry: Gaza running out of medicine
8/21/2011 – GAZACITY (Ma’an) — Hospitals in the Gaza Strip are running out of medicine, a spokesman for the Hamas health ministry warned Sunday. Ashraf Al-Qudra said hospitals stores had already run out 150 medicines and 160 types of medical equipment. The shortages were particularly critical in light of Israel’s recent bombardment of the….

Settlers raid Nablus village
8/21/2011 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — Israeli settlers on Sunday stormed a Palestinian village near Nablus and uprooted 80 olive trees, a Palestinian Authority official said. Settlement affairs official Ghassan Doughlas said dozens of residents of the illegal Esh Kodesh outpost raided Qusra and destroyed trees belonging to locals Rabi Abu Bakr, Samir Hasan and Jabali Abu….

Report: Gaza rockets land in Egypt
8/21/2011 – CAIRO (AFP) — Rockets fired from Gaza early Sunday landed across the border in Egypt but caused no casualties, state television reported.” Several rockets from the Gaza Strip landed this morning in Egyptian territory in the region west of the Rafah terminal, without causing casualties,” the television reported. A security official confirmed that rockets had landed….

Flying checkpoints erected in West Bank
8/21/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Israeli military erected flying checkpoints in the West Bank on Sunday morning, witnesses said. Army checkpoints were installed near Qabir Hilweh, east of Bethlehem, and close to Eizariyya in East Jerusalem, where drivers said they had waited for three hours to pass. Meanwhile, hundreds of cars were queuing at the….

Egypt rules out ‘interference’ in Sinai security
8/21/2011 – CAIRO (AFP) — The Egyptian armed forces command on Sunday said it “rejects any interference” in the security of the Sinai peninsula, after Israel’s deadly pursuit of Palestinian assailants.” Egypt rejects any interference by any party, either by words or by acts or by expression of opinion, in the security of Sinai which is…. Related: In photos: Cairo protesters gather outside Israeli embassy

Jerusalem on high alert as security campaign begins
8/21/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli police raised alert levels in Jerusalem after receiving information about a possible attack in the city, an Israeli police spokeswoman told Ma’an on Sunday. Luba Simmari said that Israeli police have put the city on high alert, with reinforcements being drafted in. Israeli police are checking cars and….

Projectiles fired at Israel as Gaza ceasefire announced
8/21/2011 – TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) — Four projectiles and several mortars have been fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip, an Israeli army spokeswoman said Sunday. Two projectiles were launched at Ashkelon and two others landed in the Hof Ashkelon regional council. No injuries were reported. The latest escalation comes as a Hamas official told…. Related: 4 projectiles fired from the Gaza Strip

4 projectiles fired from the Gaza Strip
8/21/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Mortar shells and four projectiles have been fired at southern Israel from the Gaza Strip, an Israeli army spokeswoman said Sunday. Two projectiles were launched at Ashkelon and two others landed in the Hof Ashkelon regional council. No injuries were reported…. Related: Projectiles fired at Israel as Gaza ceasefire announced

Egyptian ‘spiderman’ becomes hero with Israel flag protest
8/22/2011 – CAIRO (AFP) — A lone protester became a hero to an exultant crowd of Egyptians and many more online by hauling down Israel’s flag atop its embassy in Cairo after the border killing of Egyptian policemen. More than 1,000 protesters gathered outside the Israeli embassy early Sunday and let off celebratory fireworks when the….

Spain expresses support for Palestinian recognition
8/21/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Spanish foreign affairs minister said Sunday that she hopes the EU can push forward efforts for the recognition of a Palestinian state, Israeli news site Ynet reported. An upcoming September 2 meeting between European Union foreign ministers is an opportunity to show support for a Palestinian state, Trinidad Jimenez said….

Palestinian officials call for halt to Gaza military assault
8/21/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — The Palestinian Authority and Hamas government have both appealed to international and regional powers to halt Israeli attacks on Gaza, officials said Sunday. President Mahmoud Abbas has asked Israel to stop its military escalation in the Gaza Strip, presidential spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeinah told Ma’an. Abbas has also….

Gaza residents donate blood as tensions escalate
8/21/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Gaza residents responded to a call to donate blood in anticipation of further Israeli attacks following three days of intensive airstrikes on the coastal enclave, hospital officials said Sunday. The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in southern Gaza appealed for blood donations as Israeli ministers urged the cabinet to launch an extensive….

Israeli forces raid Hebron home
8/21/2011 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israeli forces raided the Hebron home of Hasan Ali Darwish Al-Qawasmi on Sunday evening, witnesses said. Around nine Israeli military vehicles surrounded the house before storming it and harassing family members, locals told Ma’an. Al-Qawasmi had been previously detained 10 days ago by Israeli forces….

PA condemns collective punishment ‘tactics’ in Gaza Strip
8/21/2011 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — The Palestinian Authority has condemned Israeli government tactics of ‘collective punishment’ in the latest military assault on the Gaza Strip, calling on the international community to take immediate action, a statement from the government media center said Sunday. The PA called upon the Israeli government “to cease and desist….

UN envoy ‘worried’ about escalation in violence
8/21/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The UN coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Robert Serry expressed concern on Sunday over the latest escalation in violence in the Gaza Strip, Egypt and Israel. The UN special coordinator is to consult with the Egyptian government, including Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohamed Amr, on Sunday and has also….

Ahmad Tibi: Israeli military escalation to be expected
8/21/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli Knesset member Ahmad Tibi said Sunday that further Israeli military escalations were to be expected. In an interview with Ma’an, the MK said the latest violence was a way for Israel to escape its domestic crisis. Palestinian blood is a way for Israeli political parties to avoid confronting….

Rush to cover up bloodshed in Palestinian camp
8/22/2011 – Hannah Patchett and George Hale – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Syrian forces scrambled Saturday to destroy evidence of last week’s bloody crackdown in Latakia that killed dozens and sent Palestinian refugees fleeing, activists said as UN investigators arrived in Damascus. Security forces were seen scrubbing blood off the streets and walls of al-Ramel refugee….

Medical official: International community must protect Palestinians
8/21/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A Palestinian medical official called on the international community Sunday to protect Palestinians from the Israeli military assault which has targeted the Gaza Strip over the last three days. Emergency services spokesman Adham Abu Salmiya said in a statement that Gaza had suffered enough from the siege alone. The death….

Construction worker dies after fall from building
8/21/2011 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — A 40-year-old construction worker died in hospital on Sunday after falling from the 11th floor of a building in Hebron, police said. Hebron police chief Ramadan Awad urged people to obey safety regulations on building sites and to display appropriate warning signs at workplaces….

In photos: Cairo protesters gather outside Israeli embassy
8/21/2011 – A lone protester became a hero to an exultant crowd of Egyptians and many more online by hauling down the Star of David flag atop Israel’s embassy in Cairo after the border killing of Egyptian policemen. More than 1,000 protesters gathered outside the Israeli embassy early Sunday and let off celebratory fireworks when…. Related: Egypt rules out ‘interference’ in Sinai security

PA pays salaries to staff in Gaza special needs centers
8/21/2011 – RAMALLAH(Ma’an) — The Palestinian Authority Ministry of Social Affairs will spend over half a million shekels to pay salaries to staff of four special needs centers in the Gaza Strip, minister Majida Al-Masri said Sunday. Al-Masri said it was the ministry’s duty to aid marginalized people, adding that 168 people benefited….

Rebels enter Libyan capital, greeted by residents
8/21/2011 – TRIPOLI (AFP) —Libyan rebels entered the capital on Sunday and were greeted by residents who ran alongside their convoy, an AFP correspondent said. The welcome followed gun-battles with fighters loyal to Libyan leader Moamer Gadhafi. On their way into Tripoli from the west, the rebels advanced in a convoy of around 100 vehicles as onlookers….

Neighboring Tunisia recognizes Libyan rebels
8/21/2011 – TUNIS (AFP) — After six months of observing a prudent neutrality towards Libya’s warring sides, neighboring Tunisia on Sunday finally recognized the rebel movement just as the battle for Tripoli began.” The Tunisian government has decided to recognize the National Transitional Council as the legitimate representative of the Libyan people,” said a government source….

Assad scoffs at Western calls for ouster
8/21/2011 – DAMASCUS (AFP) —Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad on Sunday scoffed at Western calls for his ouster and rejected them as “worthless,” in an interview with state television.” While withholding comment, we tell them that their words are worthless,” Assad said.” Such remarks should not be made about a president who was chosen by the Syrian people….


Arab League blasts Israel for Egyptian deaths
AlJazeera 21 Aug 2011 –

Suicide bombings strike Yemen’s south
AlJazeera 21 Aug 2011 – At least 11 people killed in separate attacks targeting pro-government tribesmen in country’s volatile southern region.

Gaza rockets target southern Israel
AlJazeera 21 Aug 2011 – Up to 31 rockets from Gaza land in Israel, while Israel responds with air strikes of its own.

Iraqi civilians ‘killed’ in Turkey air strike
AlJazeera 21 Aug 2011 – Warplanes kill seven civilians in strike against suspected Kurdish separatist targets in northern Iraq, officials say.

Assad warns against foreign intervention
AlJazeera 21 Aug 2011 – Syrian leader vows to be “tough against terrorism” and says parliamentary polls will be held in February 2012.

Palestine News Network

Israel arrests fourth Palestinian journalist this year
PNN – Ramallah — PNN — A Palestinian journalist, Aseed A’marneh, was arrested by the Israeli military this morning at his home in Dheisheh, Bethlehem. According to his son, Abd Al-Majid A’marneh, Israeli soldiers…

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

In the Widest Military Operation since 2004, IOF Arrest Dozens of Palestinian Civilians in Hebron
Palestinian Center for Human Rights Sunday, 21 August 2011

International Solidarity Movement

50 arrested during pre-dawn sweeps in Hebron
8/21/2011 – International Solidarity Movement – 21 August 2011 | International Solidarity Movement, West Bank – Just before dawn today, Sunday August 21, IDF forces raided the towns of Hebron and Bethlehem in the West Bank. Preliminary reports indicate that up to 250 people have been arrested in Hebron, including at least 70 Hamas leaders. Twitter feeds on the ground speak of occupation….

Palestinians farming creatively to overcome the ‘buffer zone’
8/21/2011 – International Solidarity Movement – Islam Online, Hama Waqum – On Nakba Day in May, thousands of Palestinians edged towards Israel’s borders with Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Gaza, demanding their Right of Return, and an end to the Israeli occupation. Many of these protestors would return to demonstrate on the Naksa Day in June. A major demand put…. Related: Source

Relief Web

Preventing Aggression is Less Costly than Dealing with Its Impacts: Al Mezan Calls on the International Community to Promptly Intervene to End IOF Aggression and Violations of International Law
Relief Web 21 Aug 2011 – Source: Al Mezan Center for Human Rights Country: occupied Palestinian territory The Israeli security cabinet has decided to escalate its aggression against the Gaza Strip. Israeli media have published news on their websites of Israel’s decision to intensify extrajudicial killings…

In the Widest Military Operation since 2004, IOF Arrest Dozens of Palestinian Civilians in Hebron
Relief Web 21 Aug 2011 – Source: Palestinian Centre for Human Rights Country: occupied Palestinian territory Ref: 88/2011 In conjunction with the current escalation in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) launched in the early morning of Sunday, 21 August 2011, a large-scale military…

Gaza Updates 18-20 August 2011
Relief Web 21 Aug 2011 – Source: Al Mezan Center for Human Rights Country: occupied Palestinian territory On 18 August, Israeli aircraft attacked a Palestinian house in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah, killing six persons including at two-year-old child. Also on 18 August, Israel…

UN and diplomatic partners condemn recent attacks in southern Israel
Relief Web 21 Aug 2011 – Source: UN News Service Country: occupied Palestinian territory , Egypt , Israel 20 August 2011 — The United Nations and its diplomatic partners in the search for peace in the Middle East on Saturday strongly condemned the attacks in southern Israel earlier…

Palestine Telegraph

Bloody Attacks: Israel continues to hit Gazans
21 Aug 2011 – Gaza, (Pal Telegraph) – Following two days of Israeli escalation in the Gaza Strip that caused the killing of 15 Palestinians and injuring at least 50 others including, women, children, and older people, Palestinian factions announced halting lull with Israel and factions called on their military wings to carry out attacks on Israel in response to killing 15 people including…

Update from Gaza: Timeline of Israeli attacks for the last 12 hours
21 Aug 2011 – Gaza, (Pal Telegraph) – Now: Israeli army in full competency on Gaza borders. Israeli air force is in active position. Gaza is being attacked all across.

Palestinian Right of Return Is Inevitable
21 Aug 2011 – London, (Pal Telegraph) – This article belongs to Palestinian Return Centre, for More visit: http://www.prc.org.uk/newsite/en – In the Middle Ages, they burned books on science and astronomy. In the 19th century, colonial powers promoted the super-race theory. In 1948, the Zionist narrative of the destruction of Palestine and the building of Israel on its ruins was hailed as the fulfillment…

Israeli aircraft bombs northern Gaza, injures child
21 Aug 2011 – Gaza Strip, (Pal Telegraph)- A 12-year-old child was seriously injured Sunday as Israeli aircrafts targeted a group of citizens in Biet Lahya town, northern Gaza Strip.

Settlers uproot 80 olive saplings near Nablus
21 Aug 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)- Settlers from the illegal settlement of Eish Kodash uprooted 80 newly planted olive saplings in the south of al-Masara village, southeast of the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

2 Palestinians wounded by Israeli gunfire in Bethlehem
21 Aug 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-Israeli soldiers on Sunday wounded and arrested two Palestinian youths from al-Dahsha refugee camp in the south of Bethlehem after violently breaking into their homes .

Israeli army invades Hebron, arrests 50 Palestinians
21 Aug 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-Israeli forces invaded Hebron Sunday at dawn and arrested over 50 Palestinian citizens after raiding their homes and tampering with their contents.

Palestinian child assaulted by settlers in Ramallah
20 Aug 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-medical sources confirmed that a Palestinian child aged 10 years was brutally assaulted yesterday by Jewish settlers near Makhmas village, in the east of Ramallah.

The National

UN ramps up pressure on Syria as death toll pass 2,000 mark
The National 20 Aug 2011 – The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights earlier put the death toll from Friday’s crackdown at 34.


Libya rebels: Two of Gadhafi’s sons captured, presidential guard surrenders
Ha’aretz – Libya’s rebel National Transitional Council says will halt Tripoli offensive if Gadhafi announces departure, as state spokesman says Gadhafi ready for direct negotiations; government says 1,300 Libyans killed Sunday.

Gaza militants fire Grad rockets, Qassam into Israel despite reports of cease-fire
Ha’aretz – Rockets fired at Ashkelon, Qassam and mortar shells fired at southern Israel; rockets cause no casualties or damage; IDF strikes targets in northern Gaza Strip.

Israeli defense sources: Gaza terror groups changing tactics to avoid Iron Dome system
Ha’aretz – Terror groups attempt to break through the intercept system’s defenses by firing a particularly large volley of rockets at Be’er Sheva, where one of the batteries is deployed.

Avi Issacharoff / Israel and Hamas both working to stop the escalation
Ha’aretz – Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committees responsible for almost all of Sunday’s 30 rockets fired from Gaza; IAF specifically targets rocket-launching squads.

Senior IDF officials suggest amending Israel’s peace treaty with Egypt
Ha’aretz – Army brass call for beefed up Egyptian security presence in Sinai.

Assad: Syria capable of dealing with protests, I am not worried
Ha’aretz – Syria President Assad gives interview broadcast on Syrian TV in fourth public appearance since protests erupted in March, reiterates commitment to reforms.

Israel Aerospace Industries unveils unmanned aircraft GHOST
Ha’aretz – IAI showcases GHOST at Washington exhibition; GHOST is able to provide intelligence imagery to soldiers in real time.

Turkey wants to delay publication of UN report on Gaza flotilla
Ha’aretz – UN investigative committee into 2010 Gaza flotilla raid which killed nine Turkish activists due to present findings to UN chief on Monday, and publish the report on Tuesday.

What Million Missing Israelis?
Ha’aretz – BY: Yogev Karasenty and Shmuel Rosner

Victims of south Israel terror attacks laid to rest
Ha’aretz – Families mourn victims of Thursday’s coordinated terror attack; man killed in Be’er Sheva rocket attack leaves behind two daughters, pregnant wife.

Israel allows Google to operate controversial Street View
Ha’aretz – Google Street View has come under harsh criticism for publicizing images that included people’s faces and license plates, collecting personal information when they mapped out wireless networks.

Jerusalem police raises alert level after warnings of terror attack
Ha’aretz – Roadblocks put up throughout the city, security forces carry out security checks on passing cars in fear of terror attack.

Hamas: Gaza militant groups agree to cease-fire with Israel
Ha’aretz – Official in Gaza says Egypt helped broker cease-fire to go into effect on Sunday evening, which would end the three-day round of violence with Israel.

Arab League condemns Israel air strikes on Gaza
Ha’aretz – League calls on UN to take steps to halt Israel strikes; Jordan slams Israel for attacks on strip, killing of Egyptian policemen.

IAF strikes Gaza after 24-hour break as rockets rain down on southern Israel
Ha’aretz – Israel had waited 24 hours to give the situation a chance to calm; Grad rocket hits school in Be’er Sheva; Egyptian official says temporary cease fire will come into effect on Sunday night.

Timeline / Three days of rocket strikes on southern Israel
Ha’aretz – A day after a series of coordinated attacks, militants in the Gaza Strip began firing barrages of rockets and mortar shells at Israel’s southern communities.

Spain expresses support for independent Palestinian state
Ha’aretz – Foreign Minister says he hopes an upcoming summit of European Union foreign ministers will ‘give Palestinians hope that a state could become reality.’

Netanyahu must not escalate the situation in the south
Ha’aretz – The prime minister must not succumb to seductive calls for a show of power in Gaza; Hamas wasn’t behind Thursday’s attacks, nor does it seek to increase tensions with Israel.

Opposition MKs urge IDF action in Gaza as rockets keep falling on southern Israel
Ha’aretz – Kadima lawmakers call for launch of extensive operation in Gaza after Thursday’s terror attacks, weekend in which more than 100 rockets struck Israel.

Rocket hits Be’er Sheva school as at least nine rockets fired at south Israel
Ha’aretz – Iron Dome intercepts three rockets aimed at Ashkelon, another targeting Be’er Sheva, day after barrage kills one and leaves several wounded.

Syrian president to address nation; UN humanitarian team arrives for inspection
Ha’aretz – State television says Basher Assad to address ‘process of reforms and American pressure’; at least 2,000 civilians killed in past four months.

Israel’s Iron Dome shoots down 3 rockets over Ashkelon; Grad strikes Be’er Sheva
Ha’aretz – Tensions rise in southern Israel after Grad rocket directly strikes home in Be’er Sheva on Saturday night, killing one person and seriously wounding four.

Jerusalem Post

Egged driver identified as 8th victim
Jerusalem Post 22 Aug 2011 – 56-year-old Yitzhak Sela, killed instantly when a suicide bomber blew himself up next to his empty bus, laid to rest in Beersheba.

Beersheba rocket victim Yossi Shusan buried in Ofakim
Jerusalem Post 22 Aug 2011 – Thousands mourn victim of Grad attack who leaves behind wife in ninth month of pregnancy.

Protesters outside Cairo embassy call for envoy’s ouster
Jerusalem Post 21 Aug 2011 – “Egyptian Spiderman” becomes national hero after scaling 21 stories to remove Israeli flag; witness tells ‘Post’ troops did nothing to contain crowd.

IAF ‘wiped out PRC’s most important’ leader
Jerusalem Post 21 Aug 2011 – Abu Awad’s friends predict his death will ‘complicate” efforts to secure the release of Gilad Schalit, who he played a major role in abducting.

Assad dismisses West’s calls to resign, downplays unrest
Jerusalem Post 21 Aug 2011 – In televised address, Syrian president warns any military action taken against Syria would have greater consequences on those who carry it out.

Rebels enter Tripoli, crowds celebrate in Libyan capital
Jerusalem Post 21 Aug 2011 – After 6-month civil war, fall of Tripoli comes quickly; Muammar Gaddafi’s whereabouts unknown, as two of his sons are captured by rebels.

Israel, Hamas attempt truce after 3 days of mutual attacks
Jerusalem Post 21 Aug 2011 – Hamas calls on Palestinian groups to abide by cease-fire agreement but Popular Resistance Committees says it “won’t stop the resistance.”

Libyan rebels reach Tripoli, no sign of resistance
Jerusalem Post 21 Aug 2011 – Sky television says fighters only 8 km from city center, were being welcomed by civilians; Gaddafi calls residents to take up arms.

Heart attack saves man from rocket attack
Jerusalem Post 21 Aug 2011 – Meir Dimri was with his wife in the hospital when rocket struck his home, shattered windows and killed his dog, Ze’ev.

Memorial ride for cyclists killed in accident draws 2,000
Jerusalem Post 21 Aug 2011 – Organized by the Israeli Cycling Federation, the ride was a protest against unsafe road conditions and dangerous driving culture.

Should Israel apologize to Turkey?
Jerusalem Post 21 Aug 2011 – The incident produced an unprecedented crisis in relations between Turkey and Israel, impeded the US alliance with the two non-Arab states.

Assad says security forces can control protests
Jerusalem Post 21 Aug 2011 – Syrian president says measures have been taken as protests have become “more militant,” shows confidence that uprising will end.

Assad says security forces can control Syrian protests
Jerusalem Post 21 Aug 2011 – Syrian president tells national TV measures have been taken as protests become “more militant,” shows confidence uprising will end soon.

Candidly Speaking: Tough decisions on terror
Jerusalem Post 21 Aug 2011 – Israel’s fraying ties with Egypt reflect the rising influence of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt’s wake-up call
Jerusalem Post 21 Aug 2011 – The Egyptian reaction to the tragic deaths of the policemen deployed to secure Sinai should wake up Israelis to the new reality in Egypt.

A welcoming committee
Jerusalem Post 21 Aug 2011 – The conservative talk show host, Glenn Beck, is back in Israel as he gets ready to hold three pro-Israel rallies.

Palestinians can still negotiate after the UN declaration
Jerusalem Post 21 Aug 2011 – Despite the overblown Israeli hype, Palestinians are not holding their breath as to what will happen in September.

Do UNRWA schools encourage terror against Israel?
Jerusalem Post 21 Aug 2011 – Teachers involved in terror attacks, curriculum that incites hatred, all suggest UN body’s slogan ‘Peace starts here’ is totally misleading.

Gilad to ‘Post’: Israel not interested in new Cast Lead
Jerusalem Post 21 Aug 2011 – Head of Defense Ministry’s Diplomatic Security Bureau denies reports of crisis with Egypt, says Israel would consider Egyptian troops in Sinai.

Hamas would agree to immediate ceasefire with Israel
Jerusalem Post 21 Aug 2011 – Hamas urges Egyptian intelligence chief to secure ceasefire with Israel; Popular Resistance Committees reject notion.

‘Iran cuts funding for Hamas due to Syria unrest’
Jerusalem Post 21 Aug 2011 – Funding cuts come after Islamist group fails to show public support for Assad during Syrian uprising, diplomats say.

Police raise terror alert in Jerusalem after attack threat
Jerusalem Post 21 Aug 2011 – Alert also issued for Ma’aleh Adumim; patrols increased; check points set up between Har Hatzofim and Ma’aleh Adumim, along Route 443.

Barak: IDF won’t tolerate rocket attacks from Gaza
Jerusalem Post 21 Aug 2011 – Defense minister says third Iron Dome battery to be installed within weeks, states that gov’t would allow Egyptian soldiers in Sinai.

Analysis: Google+ gives Facebook a run for its money
Jerusalem Post 21 Aug 2011 – Venture capitalists say Google+, which has picked up more than 25 million users since launching in June, is headed down the right path.

‘Seven Iraqis killed in Turkish air strike’
Jerusalem Post 21 Aug 2011 – Qalat Dizah mayor says Turks hit pickup with seven people; Ankara has launched air strikes following PKK guerrilla attacks in Turkey.

Aharonovitch: Rocket attacks on South will continue
Jerusalem Post 21 Aug 2011 – Public security minister says citizens should act accordingly; Deputy PM: Gov’t mulling possibility of ground invasion in Gaza.

Jordan warns: Escalation in Gaza threatens entire region
Jerusalem Post 21 Aug 2011 – Jordanian minister’s comments come as Hamas, Arab League approach int’l bodies to stop “Israeli offensive” in Strip.

Escalation in pictures: Photos from the South
Jerusalem Post 21 Aug 2011 – Aftermath of strikes in Gaza; Grad rockets in Beersheba; relatives mourn victims of violence; armored vehicles patrol border.

‘The four of you will be together forever’
Jerusalem Post 21 Aug 2011 – 1,000 say goodbye to two sisters and their husbands, killed near Eilat.

Libyan rebels say they control parts of Tripoli
Jerusalem Post 21 Aug 2011 – Push is being called the final showdown with Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, but rebels appear to be isolated in a few neighborhoods.

The Guardian

Israel rocket attacks: ‘how do you know which way to go?’
The Guardian 21 Aug 2011 – Yossi Shushan ran into the path of a Grad rocket in Be’er Sheva, an Israeli town accustomed to attacks from across the border When the wail of sirens started over the desert city of Be’er Sheva…

Ceasefire talks intensify as Israeli PM orders continuation of Gaza air strikes
The Guardian 21 Aug 2011 – Hamas official quoted as saying a truce had been endorsed by all militant groups, but no official announcement has been made Efforts to end the cycle of attack and counter-attack between Israel and Gaza have intensified…


Video: Press Conference Moussa Ibrahim after Rebels Entered Tripoli – August 21, 2011
Uruknet August 21, 2011 – Moussa Ibrahim speaks of 1300 people killed from 12.00 noon until 23.00 on August 21 with 5000 wounded. He expressed his fear that many families who are well-known people supporting Gaddafi are afraid that they will be killed by the Rebels to settle scores. They either need to fight or get killed. He mentioned…

Qaddafi plea: ‘Save Libya,’ after son’s capture Moussa Ibrahim: 1,300 people had been killed in fighting in Tripoli on Sunday.
Uruknet August 21, 2011 – Embattled Libya leader Muammar Qaddafi has made a second appeal for his people to “save Tripoli” from a rebel offensive, in an audio message played on state television on Sunday. “It is the obligation of all Libyans. It is a question of life or death,” he said. Colonel Qaddafi had made a similar appeal…

Open Letter to NATO Commanders and Political Leaders
Uruknet August 21, 2011 – Just what exactly do you think you are doing in Libya? Did anyone elect you? Did you heed the Libyan Government’s call for a democratic election? Since when is attacking civilians with US Apache helicopters in your Rules of Engagement? How do you explain the wanton strafing of civilian structures with military hardware? Why…

7 injured as Israeli forces raid northern Gaza
Uruknet August 21, 2011 — Israeli forces launched another round of fierce airstrikes on the northern Gaza Strip Sunday afternoon causing explosions which rattled Gaza City. Gaza medical official Adham Abu Salmiya said Israeli warplanes fired two missiles at a Hamas military site in Beit Lahiya injuring seven Palestinians including three children. The attack came hours after an Israeli…

In the Widest Military Operation since 2004, IOF Arrest Dozens of Palestinian Civilians in Hebron
Uruknet August 21 2011 – In conjunction with the current escalation in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) launched in the early morning of Sunday, 21 August 2011, a large-scale military campaign against many neighbors and streets and dozens of houses in Hebron. During this campaign, IOF arrested at least 50 Palestinians, mostly members and activists of…

Video: Images from local Gaza TV, nigth 19th August 2011. Is Israel Using Banned and Experimental Munitions ?
Uruknet August 20, 2011 – These are images from local Gaza TV, nigth 19th August 2011. It seems we seeing the use of same illegal and/or experimental weapons as in 2008…

Reconciliation talks: US duped by fake interlocutor in talks, says Taliban
Uruknet August 21, 2011 – The Taliban have raised doubts about the identity of a key interlocutor that US government officials say they have engaged with in countries as far afield as Qatar and Germany earlier this year. A spokesman for the Taliban Zabiullah Mujahid said that the Americans may have been duped by an impostor – just as…

Obama bans war criminals, except our own
Uruknet August 20, 2011 – By executive order on Aug. 4, President Barack Obama refused entry to the United States of war criminals and human-rights violators (jurist.org, Aug. 4). He ignored, as he often does, the deeply documented factual evidence of war crimes committed by the Bush-Cheney administration along with grim proof that the Obama administration also violates our…

Gaza: There was no calm before the storm
Uruknet August 21, 2011 – For the last two days Gaza has been under heavy attack by the Israeli military. The calm has been shattered. That is what the international press would have you believe. Perhaps they should meet Hamouda Al Najjar from Khuzzaa. He was shot in the leg on August 15th, 2011, during the time that most…

Buried alive
Uruknet August 20, 2011 – Few months ago, the European Court of human rights confirmed the admissibility of a complaint made by Babar Ahmad, Haroon Rashid Aswat and Syed Talha Ahsan. Their extradition to the US was prevented since the stringency of the conditions at ADX Florence (a “supermax” prison) for what might be the rest of their lives,…

Feasting After A Bloodbath
Uruknet August 20, 2011 – Gaddafi and the Libyan government and loyal patriotic soldiers with real Libyan families – and real Libyan families, for hat matter – get bombed relentlessly over cartoonish, transparent, fear-mongering rumors that could have been dispelled by the slightest examination. No examination was carried out. In contrast, the rebels are occasionally pleaded with to please…

Three days in a Syrian prison
Uruknet August 20, 2011 – …. My wounds were still hurt, and my head, neck, back knees and legs were in pain too. In addition, I had many dreams about my time there. I woke up many times thinking that they entered the cell, or they want to count us and so on…. Before the revolution, I didn’t have anything…

Attacks on Gaza continue: “I’ve never seen shrapnel wounds like this before.”
Uruknet August 20, 2011 – The spokesperson for Emergency in Gaza, Adham Abu Salmiya told media that Israel is using new kinds of weapons in its most recent attack on the confined coastal enclave. Doctors are reporting that they have seen an increase in amputations and new kinds of injuries. Maha Elbanna, a Palestinian-American journalist based in Gaza City,…

Syria News – August 20, 2011 (Warning: Graphic Videos)
Uruknet August 20, 2011 – Homs: -At 10:00 am, security forces stormed the Zafarana area near Rastan. Seven people were killed. Among them were Mahmoud Ayoub, a teacher, and his cousin Ahmad Ayoub, killed when an army division shelled their house using RPGs and tanks. Latakia: Ahmad Zanikh ,72 years old from Boustan Samakeh,was martyred today after being wounded…

Damn it or fear it, the forbidden truth is an insurrection in Britain
Uruknet August 20, 2011 – On a warm spring day, strolling in south London, I heard demanding voices behind me. A police van disgorged a posse of six or more, who waved me aside. They surrounded a young black man who, like me, was ambling along. They appropriated him; they rifled his pockets, looked in his shoes, inspected his…

Refugees in Lebanon react to Abbas visit
Uruknet August 20, 2011 – … “Why did he come? He inaugurated the embassy and left?” asked “Abu Shadi” [“The father of Shadi”]. “Did anything change after opening the embassy? Will they give us passports? We’ve been here for 60 years, will we be able to own property or get passports and travel to other countries?” … “I don’t recognise Mahmoud…

IDF Spokesperson: We DIDN’T say PRC was behind Eilat attack
Uruknet August 20, 2011 – …Lia Tarachansky asked IDF Spokesperson Lt. Colonel Avital Leibovitz for evidence that the PRC was, indeed, responsible for the Eilat terror attack. Liebovitz responded that the Israel “did not say that this group was responsible for the terror attack.” ….The simple yet difficult to answer question remains open, who is responsible for the Eilat…

Israeli killed by Gaza rocket
Uruknet August 20, 2011 — An Israeli man was killed and at least four people were seriously wounded Saturday evening by rockets fired from Gaza, Israeli media reported. The Popular Resistance Committee’s military wing claimed responsibility for the attack on Beersheva, where a total of seven projectiles landed. The An-Nasser Salah Addin Brigades said it fired two Grad missiles…

Daily Star

Hamas official: Gaza militants agree to cease-fire
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 Gaza militants agreed to a cease-fire with Israel to stop spiking violence, a Hamas official said Sunday, after a deadly attack on Israelis near the Egypt-Israel border set off a three-day round of Israeli airstrikes and…

Egypt, Israel try to defuse mounting diplomatic tension over killings
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 Egypt and Israel sought to defuse a diplomatic crisis Sunday over the killing of five Egyptian security personnel during an Israeli operation against cross-border raiders, but crowds of Egyptians protested angrily at the Israeli embassy in…

Assad dismisses calls to quit, refuses to bow down to West
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 President Bashar Assad scoffed at Western calls to quit over his deadly crackdown on dissent in an interview with Syrian state television Sunday.While withholding comment, we tell them that their words are worthless, Assad said.

Good riddance
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 Euphoric Libyan rebels enterd the capital Tripoli Sunday and moved close to the center with little resistance as Moammar Gadhafi’s defenders melted away. The opposition’s leaders said Gadhafi’s son and one-time heir apparent, Seif al-Islam, had…

Police raze 165,000 sqm marijuana field in Bekaa
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 Lebanese police eradicated 165,000 square meters of marijuana fields over the weekend in the Bekaa, east Lebanon, the Internal Security Forces said in a statement.

Authorities arrest escaped prisoner in Khalde
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 Lebanon’s Information Branch arrested a prisoner who escaped from Baabda Justice Palace last June, a statement released by the Internal Security Forces said Sunday.

Woman in labor, unborn son die in car crash
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 Residents of the southern village of Arb-Salim in the Iqlim al-Tuffah area were grief-stricken Saturday following the news of the death of a woman and her unborn baby as she was making her way to hospital.

Health minister urges responsible dialogue
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 Health Minister Ali Hasan Khalil called on various Lebanese groups to espouse open responsible dialogue because this was the only way out of Lebanon’s multiple crises.

Rai: Lebanon must regain pioneering role
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rai highlighted Sunday that Lebanon needed to regain its pioneering role in the region as an island of stability and security during these difficult circumstances…

Nasrallah to give speech during Al-Quds Day event
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 Hezbollah’s secretary-general, Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah is expected to tackle recent developments in a televised speech Friday at 5 p.m. during a ceremony marking Al-Quds Day, the state-run National News Agency reported.

Families of Ain al-Hilweh mobilize against gun violence
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 After recent violent clashes, residents of the refugee camp of Ain al-Hilweh are taking new measures to protect themselves and their homes from gunbattles.

Soueid attacks Hezbollah over Lassa land dispute
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 A March 14 official accused Hezbollah Sunday of seeking to establish a new security zone in the district of Jbeil by encouraging illegal construction by Shiite residents in the area.

Doctors help Sidon’s residents quit smoking
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 A few meters away from the dozens of cafes scattered along the seaside boulevard near the old city of Sidon, doctors set up a tent to treat smokers and guide them in overcoming their addiction to…

UNIFIL: No indication Paris will downsize contingent
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 The U.N. said Sunday there is no indication that Paris is planning to reduce its contingent of peacekeepers in Lebanon.There is nothing that indicates that [France] will change the number of French peacekeepers in UNIFIL [United…

Diplomatic woes pile up for isolated Israel
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 Israel was expecting a diplomatic tsunami to strike in September, but the problems have come sooner than expected, leaving it ever more isolated in the Middle East.

Suicide bombers kill at least 12 in south Yemen
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 Two suicide bombers killed at least 12 people in separate attacks targeting pro-government tribesmen in Yemen’s volatile south Sunday, local officials and tribal sources said.

Turkish airstrike kills 7 Iraqi civilians
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 Seven Iraqis were killed in a Turkish airstrike in Iraq’s semi-autonomous northern Kurdish zone Sunday, a local mayor and witnesses said, the first civilian casualties reported during Ankara’s bombing campaign against Kurdish rebels.

Arab League calls for global pressure on Israel
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 The Arab League condemned the Israeli raids on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip Sunday and called on the international community to put pressure on the Jewish state to halt the strikes.

Iran cuts Hamas aid over failure to back Assad
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 Iran has cut back or even stopped its funding of Hamas after the Islamist movement, which rules the Gaza Strip, failed to show public support for Syrian President Bashar Assad, diplomats said Sunday.

Libya’s former No. 2 urges tribe of Gadhafi to disown leader
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 Libya’s defected former No. 2 Abdessalam Jalloud has urged the tribe of strongman Moammar Gadhafi to disown the embattled tyrant, in a statement aired Sunday on Al-Jazeera news channel.

U.S. hikers’ lawyer to appeal Iran spy sentence
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 The lawyer for two Americans convicted of spying in Iran said Sunday he would appeal their eight-year sentence, which shocked their families who had hoped to see them freed after more than two years already spent…

Russia in talks to build more nuclear plants in Iran
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 Russia has put forward proposals to build new nuclear power plants in Iran after the completion of the Bushehr project, local media reported Sunday quoting the Islamic Republic’s atomic chief.

Syrian opposition to launch national council
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 Opponents of Syrian President Bashar Assad met in Istanbul Sunday to launch a national council to coordinate the fight against the government in Damascus as a U.N. humanitarian team arrived in the Syrian capital.

If Libyan rebels force Gadhafi’s fall, can they fill the power vacuum?
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 Now that Tripoli has risen, the main uncertainty is not whether Moammar Gadhafi’s rule will survive, but whether the rebels can prevent Libya descending into chaos after he has gone.

Sudan to allow U.N. South Kordofan mission
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 Sudan says it will allow six U.N. agencies to take part in a government-organized mission to South Kordofan, where the U.N. human rights office has called for a probe into alleged war crimes and crimes against…

UAE elections: What substance behind the democratic veneer?
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 In a dark auditorium, rows of men in traditional white robes and women swathed in black watch silently as computer-animated characters take their turn at electronic voting machines in a film aimed at educating them on…

Gaddafi seeks talks, calls for ceasefire – govt
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 Muammar Gaddafi’s government is ready for immediate negotiations with rebels seeking to oust him, and has asked NATO to convince the rebel forces to halt an attack on Tripoli, a spokesman said on state television on…

Rebels enter heart of Tripoli, crowds celebrate
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 Rebels waving opposition flags and firing into the air drove into Green Square, a symbolic showcase the government had until recently used for mass demonstrations in support of the now embattled Gaddafi. Rebels immediately began calling…

Gaddafi presidential guard surrenders – TV reports
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 Muammar Gaddafi’s presidential guard has surrendered to Libya’s rebels, Al Arabiya reported on Sunday, citing the rebel National Transitional Council.

Libyan rebels enter Tripoli, crowds celebrate-Sky
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 Crowds of ecstatic Libyans greeted the advancing rebel army in the capital Tripoli on Sunday, Britain’s Sky news reported, saying opposition forces were now about eight kilometres from the centre of the besieged city.

Sit-in held in Tripoli in solidarity with Syrian protesters
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 Civil Society organizations held a sit-in in the north port city of Tripoli Sunday in support of the Syrian people and said international and Arab communities bore responsibility at the humanitarian level toward the Syrians, the…

Mother, unborn die on way to hospital
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 Residents of Arb-Salim in the Iklim al-Touffah were grief stricken Saturday following the news of the death of a woman and her unborn baby as she was making her way to hospital.

Detainee who escaped in June arrested: ISF
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 Lebanon’s Information Branch arrested a prisoner Friday who escaped from Baabda Justice Palace last June, a statement released by the Internal Security Forces said Sunday.

1 wounded in gunfight in southern refugee camp
Daily Star 21 Aug 2011 A quarrel over the weekend erupted into a gunfight in the southern Palestinian refugee camp of Bass, reported the National News Agency.

YNet News

Libyan rebels enter Tripoli, arrest Gaddafi’s son
YNet News, 21 Aug 2011 – Libyan rebels moved into the capital Tripoli on Sunday and came within two miles of the city center, as Muammar Gaddafi’s defenders melted away. The rebels later … ….

Rockets fired despite ceasefire reports
YNet News, 21 Aug 2011 – Terror groups in Gaza fired a barrage of Qassam rockets at Israel’s south Sunday evening just 20 minutes after a ceasefire declared by Hamas was to go into effect. One of … ….

Peres hosts Ramadan dinner
YNet News, 21 Aug 2011 – President Shimon Peres held a dinner marking the Arab holy month of Ramadan at his residence in Jerusalem Sunday evening, inviting Egypt’s deputy ambassador to … ….

Assad warns against military intervention
YNet News, 21 Aug 2011 – Syrian President Bashar Assad said Sunday his regime was in no danger of collapse and warned against any foreign military intervention in his country as the regime tries … ….

Jerusalem on high terror alert
YNet News, 21 Aug 2011 – Jerusalem Police went on high alert Sunday following warnings that terrorists were planning to carry out attacks in the capital. Throughout the city, officers set up … ….

Watch: Jon Voight visits terror victims
YNet News, 21 Aug 2011 – Hollywood actor Jon Voight visited Soroka Hospital in Beersheba Sunday in an effort to cheer up victims of the recent violence from Gaza — Thursday’s terror attacks as … ….

Barak warns enemies to be ‘decapitated’
YNet News, 21 Aug 2011 – Defense Minister Ehud Barak visited an Iron Dome battery in the south on Sunday, and said the IDF would continue to go after those who are attacking Israel. “The IDF … ….

Report: Gaza groups agree on ceasefire
YNet News, 21 Aug 2011 – Hamas official says Egypt told militant groups Israel will only halt airstrikes….

7 Iraqis reported killed in Turkish air raids
YNet News, 21 Aug 2011 – News agency affiliated with Kurdish rebels says five children, woman among dead….

Report: Iran cuts Hamas funding
YNet News, 21 Aug 2011 – Diplomats: Intel reports show cuts due to group’s failure to express support for….

Eighth terror victim identified
YNet News, 21 Aug 2011 – Yitzhak Sela, 56-year-old bus driver, is final victim to be identified after….

‘Escalation in south draws eyes away from Assad’
YNet News, 21 Aug 2011 – Egypt blame Israel for officers’ deaths, but Al-Sharq Al-Awsat claims Syria….

Gaza groups out to challenge Hamas?
YNet News, 21 Aug 2011 – Analysts say splinter terror groups firing at south to embarrass Hamas and….

Arab League, Jordan condemn Israel ‘escalation’ in Gaza
YNet News, 21 Aug 2011 – Arab League denounces Israeli air assaults on Gaza, says UN must take action to….

‘Ground operation in Gaza possible’
YNet News, 21 Aug 2011 – Knesset’s Defense, Foreign Affairs Committee tours rocket-riddled south. MK….

Egyptian becomes hero after removing Israeli flag from embassy
YNet News, 21 Aug 2011 – Ahmad A-Shahat says he ‘insisted on climbing on the roof and take down the flag….

Spain supports Palestinian bid for statehood
YNet News, 21 Aug 2011 – Spanish foreign affairs minster hopes EU foreign ministers’ meeting Sept 2 will….

IAF strikes Gaza as rockets continue to pound south
YNet News, 21 Aug 2011 – Gaza terror groups’ relentless rocket fire at western Negev communities,….

Highway 12 terror victims laid to rest
YNet News, 21 Aug 2011 – Thousands take part in funereal of four victims of Thursday’s terror attack near….

Palestinian Information Center

Health ministry warns of medical crisis as Israeli attacks escalate
PIC – Spokesman for the health ministry Ashraf Al-Qudra warned that 310 types of medicines and medical consumables are no longer available in the Gaza Strip.

Haneyya discusses means of ending Israeli aggression with Egyptian intelligence
PIC – Palestinian premier in Gaza Ismail Haneyya discussed with Egyptian intelligence chief Murad Muwafi means of ending the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

World asked to take decisive stance against Israel’s aggression on Gaza
PIC – Ismail al-Ashqar, chairman of the PLC security committee, has called on the world community to take a decisive stance against Israel’s recent escalation against the Gaza Strip.

Two Israelis die, 10 wounded in resistance retaliatory strikes
PIC – Two Israelis died and ten were wounded in the Palestinian resistance’s retaliatory strikes on Saturday evening to the Israeli occupation forces’ bloody attacks on the Gaza Strip.

Israeli flag replaced at embassy in Cairo
PIC – An Egyptian young man managed to take down the Israeli flag waving on the Israeli embassy in Cairo and replace it with an Egyptian flag.

Awad: Gov’t made international contacts to halt the aggression on Gaza
PIC – The Palestinian government in Gaza has made a series of regional and international contacts to curb the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, minister of foreign affairs said on Sunday.

A gang of Jewish settlers attack Palestinian boy with iron bars
PIC – A 10-year-old Palestinian boy sustained moderate wounds after he was assaulted with iron bars by some 15 masked Jewish settlers near the West Bank settlement outpost of Ramat Migron.

Israel threatens to strike Gaza painfully
PIC – Minister of internal security Yitzhak Aharonovich threatened to deal a painful strike to Hamas Movement in response to the wave of counterattacks launched by the Palestinian resistance lately.

Hamas demands Arab League to act against Israel’s crimes in Gaza
PIC – The Hamas Movement demanded the Arab League to take decisive and concrete decisions to confront Israel’s aggression against the Gaza Strip and its violation of Egypt’s sovereignty.

Health Ministry: Israel continues to attack civilians directly
PIC – The Gaza Health Ministry has confirmed that Israeli forces are continuing to attack civilians directly as the number of civilian casualties goes on the rise.

Israel arrests over 50 Hamas supporters in Al-Khalil
PIC – 21/08/2011 – 10:31 AM


Israeli Warplanes Launch New Series of Strikes on Gaza

Medical Source Says All Bodies of Palestinians killed in Gaza Ripped Apart, Charred

Israeli Police Announces State of Alert in Jerusalem

Israeli Police Prevents Afternoon Prayer in Al-Aqsa Mosque

Prevention of Aggression on Gaza Less Costly than Dealing with its Effects, says Human Rights Center

Meeting of Palestinian Factions Postponed, Says Official

Arab League Condemns Israeli Aggression on Gaza

Israeli Airstrikes Injure Seven Palestinians, including Child in Gaza

Fayyad’s Office Denies US Threats to PA

Teenager Prisoner Sexually, Physically Assaulted to Admit Charges Against him

Israeli Prison’s Administration Serves Spoiled Food to Palestinian Prisoners

Presidency Condemns Israeli Escalations in Gaza and West Bank

Intifada Palestine

Dubious Evidence Israeli Bus Attackers Based in Gaza
Intifada-Palestine: 21 Aug 2011 – Following deadly terror attacks on Israel, Israeli Air Force attacks kill 9 in Gaza despite lack of evidence connecting attackers to the Strip Two terror attacks shook Israel on Thursday and Friday. The attackers fired on an Israeli bus, set of… more

Intifada-Palestine: 21 Aug 2011 – Editors Note: Below is an article from young journalist and activist Vera Macht who is actually in Cairo, trying to get back to Gaza again, where she lived until April 2011. Some of you may remember her touching writings about daily… more

Will Obama Pull the Plug on NATO’S ‘Imminent Liberation of Tripoli’?
Intifada-Palestine: 21 Aug 2011 – ‘ US armed ‘coalition of the willing” cannot afford another humiliation from its point of view, given Iraq and Afghanistan, so NATO has no plans to stop the bombing until one of three events occur. Those three in order of NATO…more

Syria: Obama Threatens U.S. Military Intervention
Intifada-Palestine: 21 Aug 2011 – By Sara Flounders / Global Research.ca President Barack Obama on Aug. 18 demanded that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad step down, saying that the Syrian leader’s days are numbered. The governments of Britain, France and Germany joined in this demand. This statement is… more

Los Angeles Times

Israel apologizes for Egyptian soldiers’ deaths
LA Times 20 Aug 2011 – Israel’s expression of regret at the deaths of three troops last week in the Sinai comes after Egypt threatened to recall its ambassador. The exchange signals growing unease between key U.S. allies. Eager to head off a diplomatic crisis with its most important peace partner,…

Syria accused of covering up damage at Palestinian refugee camp
LA Times 21 Aug 2011 – Syrian authorities are directing a massive cleanup at the Ramel camp ahead of a visit by U.N. inspectors, sources say. The camp was hit by gunfire and rockets during a crackdown on protesters. Syrian authorities preparing for a United Nations inspection are covering up damage…

In Libya, the tide is turning against Moammar Kadafi
LA Times 20 Aug 2011 – Libyan rebels have made gains in recent days that suggest Moammar Kadafi is losing his grip on power, though a fight for Tripoli, which the rebels say they have attacked, is likely to be protracted. Dramatic gains by rebels in recent days suggest for the…

Iran sentences 2 Americans to 8 years in prison, TV report says
LA Times 20 Aug 2011 – Shane Bauer and Joshua Fattal are convicted of illegal entry into Iranian territory and espionage. They were arrested in July 2009 along the Iran-Iraq border while on what they say was a hiking trip. Iranian authorities imposed a harsh, eight-year sentence on two Americans arrested…

New York Times

Surveillance and Coordination With NATO Aided Rebels
New York Times 21 Aug 2011 – American aerial surveillance in and around Tripoli proved to be a major factor in helping to tilt the balance of power.

Efforts Seek to Restore Calm Between Israel and Hamas
New York Times 21 Aug 2011 – Egypt and the United Nations were trying to restore an informal cease-fire after days of airstrikes from both sides.

Assad Says He Rejects West’s Calls to Resign
New York Times 21 Aug 2011 – President Bashar al-Assad of Syria dismissed calls for him to step down and declared that Syria’s ailing economy could overcome international sanctions.

Airstrike Kills 7 in Northern Iraq
New York Times 21 Aug 2011 – Seven Iraqis traveling in a civilian pickup truck were killed in an airstrike in Kurdistan, local officials said.


Romney refuses to bash Muslims because as a Mormon he knows what it’s like to be an attacked minority (says Eli Lake)
Mondoweiss – Writes an anonymous friend : Eli Lake and Bob Wright have a fascinating discussion at bloggingheads. I’m only a dozen minutes into it, though I’d imagine the whole thing makes for interesting viewing. But I had to clip this and send it to you. For the first…

Congressman says, I’m going to Israel, and his site is flooded with ragefilled comments about ‘sucking teat of AIPAC’ to serve ethnocratic, apartheid state
Mondoweiss – Hark, my fellow Americans. This is amazing, and a sign of the sea change in Israel’s image, and also a bit scary, too. Pat Meehan is a Republican congressman from Pennsylvania, 55, chairman of the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence. In a post…

IDF cites int’l law against use of white phosphorus in ‘inhabited areas’—then removes the tweet

Mondoweiss – From Didi Remez: “Here’s the tweet blaming Hamas for violating int’l law by firing White Phosphorous, which “IDF Spokesperson deleted.”

‘A Splendid Little War” — Jingoism and Gaza
Mondoweiss – With an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire tentatively set for Sunday night, will Israel resist the ‘seductive calls for a show of power in Gaza” (as one Haaretz op-ed puts it)? After excoriating the Egyptians for not doing enough to secure the Sinai, Israeli diplomats and editorialists are now…

Former aide to Netanyahu offers Arab proverbs, one about a falling camel, in ‘Washington Times’
Mondoweiss – The Washington Times runs an op-ed by a former Netanyahu adviser named Michael Prell that relates some Arab proverbs to explain that the Arab world has no respect for Obama. Sort of reminds me of Amos n Andy… the Arab world has a fundamentally different view…

Shabak Blames IDF for Eilat Terror Attack
Tikun Olam – Until yesterday night, I thought I knew or understood most of the facts of the Eilat terror attack. That changed with Anshel Pfeffer’s article in Haaretz (Hebrew) which reveals a huge fissure developing between Shabak and the IDF over the terror incident. Israel’s intelligence service claims…

Adam Holland: Negro’s Greatest Friend
Tikun Olam – After I wrote the post Whorin’ and Schnorrin’ , I noticed that a British Christian pro-Israel blogger, Adam Holland, unleashed a broadside against it. I’m always prepared for attacks against my work and my views. But I prefer attacks that at least possess a semblance of coherence….

Misc 2

Egypt: Country Recalls Israel Ambassador After Police Killed in Sinai
allAfrica.com 21 Aug 2011 – Egypt is to withdraw its ambassador to Israel in protest at the killing of five police officers on the border during Israeli retaliation for Palestinian attacks. Israeli planes attacked Gaza for the third day running while rocket attacks from the enclave wounded three Palestinians.

Concerns over Israel-Gaza unrest
BBC 21 Aug 2011 – International concern is growing over the upsurge of violence between Palestinian militants and Israeli forces, as cross-border attacks continue.

Syria government ‘will not fall’
BBC 21 Aug 2011 – Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says his government is in no danger of falling, despite months of mass anti-government protests.

US ‘disappointed’ as hikers jailed
BBC 21 Aug 2011 – US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she is “deeply disappointed” by the eight-year sentences given to two US hikers for spying in Iran.

VIDEO: ‘If there is violence, it should be met’
BBC 21 Aug 2011 – President Bashar al-Assad tells Syrian State TV that ”the solution in Syria remains a political one, but if there is violence, it should be met”.

Netanyahu and the Border Incident: The Return of the Generals
Sabbah report 21 Aug 2011 – With a sigh of relief, Netanyahu returned to his usual stance. Here he was, surrounded by generals, the he-man, the resolute fighter, the Defender of Israel.

Five reasons Israel should cease its attacks on Gaza
Sabbah report 21 Aug 2011 – Or does the PRC Israel accuses really refer to the Peoples’ Republic of China, because a teeshirt at the scene was made there? Clearly the Gaulloise cigarette butt and the empty coke bottle on the roadside suggest that the putative Gazan/Chinese terrorists were working in collaboration…


Fresh olives and the sound of bombs
Umaymah Hewitt, Middle East Monitor (MEMO)8/19/2011
Gaza is under fresh attack from Israel following an incident near Eilat in which seven Israelis were killed and 40 injured. Although those responsible “crossed the border from Sinai”, the Israeli government claims that it was carried out by “terrorists from Gaza”. As usual, swift “full force retaliation” took place, leaving six Palestinians dead in the first wave early on Friday morning, 19 August.
This is the disconnected, disaffected news I have seen in Britain. Up until a month ago, I would have responded in the standard manner on hearing it, with somewhat feeble exclamations of protest and a few Facebook and Twitter posts. I would have perhaps even signed a petition or two.
But now I have visited Gaza. I have crossed the Rafah border, walked upon the Holy Land in the Holy Month of Ramadan, dug my toes into the soft sand, trailed my fingers through the warm sea, touched the olive trees, befriended my Palestinian brothers and sisters, and left my heart there.
I knew then, instantly, that my entire outlook on the Palestinian issue has changed: it is no longer simply a ‘situation’ faced by the Palestinian people, on my laptop screen, safely distant, thousands of miles away. It is now scarily real and deeply personal. I’ve always proclaimed my support for Palestine; but now, I am genuinely terrified by the horrific prospect of my friends and their families being harmed and killed.
I find it hard to describe the Palestinian girls and young women I met in Gaza. The words ‘strong’, ‘courageous’, ‘resilient’ just aren’t enough. My Gazan sisters are inspirational. Their radiant smiles, warm hugs and bright laughter belie the staggeringly awful times they’ve had to endure, and are still going through. They are beautiful, in every single sense of the word. more.. e-mail

Israel’s next Lebanon offensive?
Lucy Fielder, Beirut, Al-Ahram Weekly8/18/2011
Israel’s commencement of drilling for offshore gas near disputed waters raises the spectre of a future resource war with Lebanon.
As if Lebanon and Israel needed further cause for conflict, the discovery of offshore gas deposits has prompted a volley of accusations.
Israel has started drilling a gas field close to its border with Lebanon, which the latter believes may straddle the frontier. Armed Shia party Hizbullah, which backs the government, has warned Israel against “theft”. Israel has vowed to protect its gas fields, and this week The Jerusalem Post reported that Israel had deployed drones to protect its rigs from Hizbullah attack. For resource-poor Lebanon, the bounty beneath the bed of the Eastern Mediterranean could prove a curse as much as a blessing unless international mediation proves prompt, effective and neutral.
A key part of the problem is that demarcation of the maritime borders and economic zones has not yet occurred, complicated by the fact that the two countries remain officially at war. Since mutual negotiation over the boundary seems a remote prospect, energy experts say the United Nations is the best hope for a peaceful resolution. Israel submitted maps in July to the UN, but its definition of the border contradicted that of Lebanon, which handed its maps to the UN in November.
Hizbullah has adopted a tough stance. “Whoever harms our future oil facilities has their own [facilities] and consequently will face the same damage. They know that Lebanon is capable of such damage,” Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah told a rally in late July to mark the fifth anniversary of the 2006 war with Israel. more.. e-mail

Profile of MK Danny Danon, Israel’s Rising Star of the Right
Jack Weston, Alternative Information Center7/31/2011
A key promoter in Israel’s recently passed anti-BDS and other anti-democratic legislation, Knesset Member Danny Danon is a rising star of the Likud party. Jack Weston profiles the man who some say wishes to be prime minister of Israel.
A joint proposal by Israeli Knesset Members Danny Danon (Likud) and Faina Kirschenbaum (Yisrael Beitenu) to investigate funding and land purchases by leftist organizations was rejected by Israel’s Knesset on 20 July. After government crackdowns on activists involved in the “Welcome to Palestine” campaign, and the recent passing of anti-boycott legislation in the Knesset, this is a small victory for the left. MK Danon and MK Kirschenbaum’s move to probe left-wing organizations is over for now, but their message is clear. “These are political organizations outside the consensus,” Danon said. And to him, this is unacceptable: “Funding from the EU for [left-wing] organizations that fight against Israel, it is something we should stop. I think they are not part of the system.”
Danon was born in Ramat Gan and now lives with his wife and three children in Moshav Mishmeret. Chairman of the Immigration Absorption and Diaspora Affairs Committee and Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, Danon expresses a strong will to preserve Israel as a democratic state. Recent remarks, however, tell a different story however: “We [Israel] are very democratic. Even too democratic…We have a strong democracy, it should be a strong democracy, but we have to set some limits.”
Political speech is one limit Danon seems to be referring to. In a recent interview, Danon asserts that leftist opposition to the recently passed anti-boycott legislation, deemed undemocratic by many, is hypocritical. As the democratically chosen representative of the Israeli people, Danon said, Likud has the right to pass this law, which bans public advocacy for “a boycott against the state of Israel[1]. more.. e-mail

History in the Making: Egypt’s Military for Democracy
Palestine Chronicle: 21 Aug 2011 – By Hasan Afif El-Hasan In the last three decades, important changes have taken place in the world including new means of communications that made it possible for people to be culturally plugged into distant places and continents without leaving their homes. Far from solving their problems in isolation, nations are profoundly influenced by one another. Movements and tactics of struggle migrate across social and physical boundaries. In this world of transnational and trans-cultural contact, the merits of democratization and social movements have crossed national boundaries including those of the Arab World. The Arab states have a public image as the land of dictatorships, presidencies for life, cronyism and corruption where capitalists get rich through exchange of favors for bribes between state and business. And in the international arena, the Arab states have become irrelevant even in dealing with life and death issues of their own national causes. Arab governments have…more

Mubarak’s Trial: On Revolution and Revenge
Palestine Chronicle: 21 Aug 2011 – By Nath Aldalala’a The Trial of the ‘Pharaoh on the Nile’ captured the imagination of the street in Egypt and beyond. For the second time the ousted leader Hosni Mubarak appeared in court on Monday 15th August and this seemed for many to symbolise the successful conclusion to the popular protests that lasted over the last six months. However, the point I would raise is that the trial does not serve the cause of justice and furthermore, it will have a negative impact on the immediate political future of Egypt. The slogans of “down-down with regime” voiced during early stages of the protests remained collective and adamant only until the overthrow of Mubarak. The fall of the regime meant that the core demand of the protestors has been met. This should have been followed with a second phase focusing on political, economic and social issues and thus begin the process…more

Can Obama Ignore Anti-AQAP Protests?
Palestine Chronicle: 21 Aug 2011 – By James Gundun — Washington, D.C. It’s a contest that no revolutionary wants to enter: most ignored. Although Western backing hasn’t generated decisive victory for Libyans or Syrians, these revolutionaries would presumably pass on swapping with their Bahraini and Yemeni peers. The dual-core of Saudi Arabia’s counterrevolution exemplifies America’s double-standard towards manipulable regimes, and Yemenis understand this much about Washington’s relationship with the murderous Ali Abdullah Saleh. However their realization doesn’t fully alleviate the pains of international isolation, especially after largely peaceful demonstrations defied Western notions of extremism. Yemenis have been left to wonder what could possibly attract international support if not six months of bloodshed. Soon the question will shift to how long the Obama administration can ignore demonstrations against al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). Ideally President Barack Obama and his national security team would have no need to ignore Yemenis, but within the ugly world of geopolitics,…more

Seeking Palestinian Statehood: Sovereignty or Paralysis?
Palestine Chronicle: 21 Aug 2011 – By Issa Khalaf It’s been since May that we’ve heard Fatah-Hamas reconciliation via an interim unity government leading to elections in 2012, is imminent. Actually, reconciliation has been impending since 2007. Nothing materialized by way of joint governance, certainly not even coordinated security, as the PA is apparently on track to seek Palestine recognition at the UN next month‚Äîwithout ‘national unity.’ Abbas and company plan West Bank-only local council elections in October, preoccupy themselves with blocking sermons of unsympathetic imams, continue to work closely with Israeli security forces, and conduct repression and censor as usual against journalists, activists, dissidents, and even political satire. Hamas, meanwhile, is determined to maintain its Gaza fiefdom and enforce its version of socio-political Islam. Just like mini-state 1, lifeline courtesy of donors, mini-state 2 uses public resources to award and punish, co-opt and repress, dispense favors, money, and positions, depending on one’s political allegiance, and…more

Israel’s Convenient War on Gaza
Palestine Chronicle: 21 Aug 2011 – By Richard Lightbown Two terror attacks in southern Israel on Thursday 18 August caught the army by surprise despite having received a large number of warnings. The official story is that members of the Popular Resistance Committee in the Gaza Strip entered Egypt through tunnels from the Strip and travelled nearly 200 kilometres to near the north of Eilat where the crossed the border. Significantly, no organization in Gaza has claimed responsibility for the attack. The driver of the first of two buses attacked was reported in Haaretz as saying that two of the gunmen were dressed in Egyptian army uniforms. The second bus was blown up by a suicide bomber. Fourteen people were killed and 31 wounded. In addition Israeli forces shot five gunmen while Egyptian border police killed two more. Many of the attackers, perhaps as many as ten, escaped. It appears that an Israeli military helicopter attempted…more

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