Wikileaks Newslinks 13 September 2011

13 September 2011 —

Ncube blasts Mugabe for Zim woes, praises Wikileaks
Ncube said the Wikileaks cables released by the whistleblowing website referring to senior Zanu PF officials in the party who are said to have held meetings with Unites States Embassy staff and declared that they wanted the veteran leader “to quit” had …

WikiLeaks and Kristie Kenney
The warning comes in the wake of the WikiLeaks release of sensitive US
State Department cables from several embassies, including the one in
Manila. In some of the cables, US Embassy officials name their sources whom
they freely quote and even provide …

Army generals face possible treason charge after WikiLeaks revelations
The Zimbabwean
This is according to a recently released diplomatic cable from the Harare
Embassy to the US State Department in Washington, leaked by the whistle
blowing group WikiLeaks. According to the cable, the two generals took time
to explain the situation and …

Wikileaks On Reggie Rockstone
Whistle blower website Wikileaks, did not only leak high profile classified
information about Ghanaian politics and politicians, they also released
some information about the entertainment industry in Ghana. Wikileaks,
known for releasing confidential …

Veep Lashes Out At Journalists On Wikileaks
Modern Ghana
He said the recent WikiLeaks cables had accentuated the media warfare and
put the discussion of pressing national issues to the background, saying
that, “nothing in this country matters anymore”. “Reprinting the
judicious gossips from the US Embassy …

More WikiLeaks fun in the Czech Republic
Transitions Online
By Jeremy Druker + September 12th, 2011 The Czech daily Mlada fronta DNES
today publicized its analysis of the recent diplomatic dispatches released
by WikiLeaks that concern the Czech Republic. In total, Wikileaks
publicized 1271 dispatches from …

Wikileaks Leaked US Cables Reveals Truth About Kashmir
Foreign Policy Journal
by David Wolfe The most recent cache of US State Department cables released
by Wikileaks, specifically the cables from the New Delhi Embassy, paints a
clear picture of how India and Pakistan have kept the Kashmir conflict
alive and well for a myriad of …

WikiLeaks bombshell! Uganda’s first lady is behind “Kill The Gays” bill
San Diego Gay & Lesbian News
The cable is among those newly released unredacted by WikiLeaks. It is
signed by the US Ambassador to Uganda, Jerry Lanier. It quotes a 2009
private conversation with Senior Presidential Adviser John Nagenda, who had
just published a column in The New …

Govt ‘stage managing’ attacks for US funds: WikiLeaks
Pakistan Observer
New Delhi—The Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan, who has a
reputation as one of the least corrupt politicians in the country, had
warned the US government against the Pakistani government’s exaggeration of
the terror threat and “stage …

BNP bins WikiLeaks cables
Daily Star Online
The BNP finds “re-emergence of a pattern of discrediting politicians and
the prevailing politics” with the aim of depoliticising Bangladesh in the
cables of US embassy in Dhaka which were leaked recently by WikiLeaks.
Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, …

Nigeria: Wikileaks – El-Rufai Dismisses Reports As ‘Beer Parlour Talk’
Following revelations made by United States diplomats on Wikileaks on
Friday that he aided the award of a contract of $50m to minister of
finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala’s brother during the the second tenure of
former President Olusegun Obasanjo, …

Pionen: Swedish Atomic Bomb Shelter, Now Assange’s WikiLeaks HQ
Industry Leaders Magazine
This is the high security data centre where mysterious WikiLeaks founder,
Julian Assange, has chosen to store his millions of controversial data
files. The Pionen White Mountains data centre, located 100ft below ground,
deep within the bedrock, …

NDC In Crisis Over Wikileaks
Peace FM Online
The ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) has held a crisis meeting at
the Castle to devise ways and means to contain the Wikileaks revelations as
they put the party in a bad light. According to sources, the meeting,
attended by senior government …

Report: WikiLeaks Details US Global Aid to Automakers
By Greg McDonald A Detroit News review of US cables contained in the recent
WikiLeaks cache reveals deep government involvement in a number of American
automotive issues abroad, ranging from recalls and labor disputes, to the
scrapped sale of General …

No-party tag: Is Wikileaks right on PDP?
Nigerian Tribune
The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and its chieftains are having it rough
due to a series of damaging disclosures about shady happenings in the
corridors of power through the whistle-blower organ, the Wikileaks.
Regional Editor (News), Olawale Rasheed, …

Mark says Wikileaks lied about him
Daily Times Nigeria
Senate President David Mark has dismissed an indictment by an American
cable recently released by the whistleblower site, Wikileaks, as “a lie,
a fairy tale and rumour emanating from the market square.” A recent cable
leaked by the Wikileaks shows …

Moyo on WikiLeaks: Politics is not a religion
The Zimbabwe Guardian
PROFESSOR Jonathan Moyo, one of the politicians named in the latest
WikiLeaks revelations, says it is high time individuals exposed by the
cables come out in the open and explain the actual purpose of their
meetings with the United States embassy …

Where is Your Evidence, “Okro Mouth” Kwesi Pratt?
Through the recent expose on Ghana by whistle-blower website Wikileaks,
Kwesi Pratt the talkative greedy stomach journalist, has become one of the
personalities who has been in constant media criticisms. The camouflage
Editor of the Insight newspaper, …

Bureau Recommends: Latest revelations from US cables leaked to Wikileaks
Bureau of Investigative Journalism
The Bureau recommends a Wikileaks revelation that Iraqi interrogators raped
juveniles as a tactic to obtain confessions. The leak is from a US State
Embassy cable marked ‘confidential’ detailing the allegations about an
Iraqi detention complex. …

YSR Reddy’s government was engaged in corruption: WikiLeaks
India Today
The cable, titled “Corruption plagues Andhra Pradesh’s big ticket spending
programmes”, was exposed by WikiLeaks recently. Ironically, YSR’s son YS
Jaganmohan Reddy is now under the CBI scanner on charges of corruption and
illegal acquisition of assets …

Wikileaks: SSS Says Jang Tried To Divert Blam…
The Streetjournal
Findings by Street Journal have revealed that car thieves in Ibadan and
most of the south western part of Nigeria have worked out new strategies
for their illicit trade. Gone… For some time now, the status of the tin
rich city of Jos has changed from …

Mizzima News reports that acording to a 2004 US diplomatic cable recently
released by Wikileaks, a December 4, 2004, letter written by co-owner and
editor Dunkley was circulated to numerous embassies in Yangon asking for
statements of support should …

Mozambique: Wikileaks – Leonardo Simao Vs Todd Chapman By Paul Fauvet
The cable is among the latest batch of confidential documents released by
the whistle-blowing site Wikileaks. Chapman claims Simao told him that
Frelimo is “corrupt and in need of reform”. The former minister also
allegedly accused President Armando …

Nigeria: Wikileaks and Our Leaky Elite
Recent revelations from Wikileaks about the interactions between senior
American diplomats and the leadership of their host countries have
unsettled quite a few countries. From Washington to London, Sydney to the
Vatican and Rabat to Abuja, …

The rage and the WikiLeaks fever
Opinion— The fever that is raging in Nigeria today is “wikileaks”. Yet as
entertaining as these secret communications are the truth is that if you
believe everything that you read in Julian Assange’s “leaks” then you will
believe anything. …

WikiLeaks: Ilham Aliyev Talks On Why He Didn’t Support Georgia Publicly in …
AzeriReport (blog)
September 12, 2011: The new WikiLeaks report sheds light on Azerbaijan’s
position during the Russian invasion of Georgia. The diplomatic cable from
the US Embassy in Baku to the US State Department dated August 22, 2008
shows that the government of …

WikiLeaks May Yet be Our Saving Grace
The rate at which WikiLeaks revelations concerning Nigeria’s high office
holders have been tumbling out, particularly in the last one week, have
left me gasping for breath. As have the content and actors. Tellingly, the
mainstream media have joined in …

Lawyers express mixed reactions over wikileaks’ report on 2007 presidential …
Nigerian Bulletin
Lawyers yesterday expressed mixed reactions over media report credited to
the whistle-blowing website, Wikileaks that the Supreme Court was
compromised to give judgment in favour of the late President Umaru Yar’Adua
in the 2007 presidential election …

Endless Pursuit of Wikileaks Dirt Ship
During the period from the gunship video release by Wikileaks Cryptome has
taken part in over 120 interviews focussed on Wikileaks by email,
telephone, Skype, television, panels, meals, coffees, walks and face-up
conversations with new friends and …

Gibraltar Chronicle
The US cable outlining the meeting with ambassador Holt is among the cache
of documents dumped on the internet a fortnight ago by the whistleblower
website Wikileaks. There are several cables from Madrid to Washington
analysing aspects of the Odyssey …

Wikileaks: Bush administration backed Nicaragua total abortion ban
A senior official in President George W. Bush’s administration backed
Nicaragua’s decision to institute a total ban on abortion, without any
exceptions, in 2006, a new cable released by Wikileaks has revealed. The US
Embassy cables, which Wikileaks …

WikiLeaks Cable: Iraqi Interrogators Rape Juveniles to Get …
By Kevin Gosztola
Iraqi army soldier guards detainees (photo: James Gordon) [Updated – 1:36
PM ET] A US State Embassy cable marked “confidential” and published by.

Korea: WikiLeaks Reveals More on South Korean Policies, Rather …
By Lee Yoo Eun
Leon V. Sigal from 38 North site posted an interesting analysis on the
WikiLeaks cable traffic between Seoul and Washington. The author stressed
the cables shed less light on North Korea than they do on South Korea’s
policy toward the …

Wikileaks Business Address – Virtual Globetrotting
Wikileaks Business Address – Virtual Globetrotting. … Description:
Hanover Square 16 in Mayfair serves as more than an accommodation address
for Wikileaks. Rödl & Partner provides audit, accounting, tax, legal and
business consulting …

Charles Frith – Punk Planning: The Book of Aquarius – Wikileaks of …
The Book of Aquarius – Wikileaks of Alchemy. Book Of Aquarius · Jay
Weidner is an hermetic scholar and the most learned person I know of in
Alchemy. Lately he has been saying in interviews that the Book of Aquarius
is the real deal in terms …

WikiLeaks on Hrant Dink’s Conversations With US Officials – Massis …
By admin
WikiLeaks website published a cable presenting excerpts from conversations
of chief editor of Armenian Agos newspaper Hrant Dink with U.S. officials.
In particular, the cable classified by U.S. Consul General in Istanbul
Deborah Jones …

By Yaadinfo Jamaica
Jamaica. TIME: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 20:44 UTC. Valentino ¶1. (U) Senior
Superintendent Renato Adams, the controversial former head of the disbanded

Box Turtle Bulletin » Ugandan Presidential Aide Confirms Wikileaks …
By Jim Burroway
Wikileaks on Uganda’s Homosexuality Bill: Museveni “Surprised” and
Buturo “Obsessed” · Ecuador Closes 30 Ex-Gay Clinics · The Daily …
Wikileaks: Vatican Lobbied Against Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill · More
On Ugandan First Lady’s …

WikiLeaks and Kristie Kenney – | WikiLeaks News
By WLNews
WikiLeaks and Kristie KenneyInquirer.netThe warning comes in the wake of
the WikiLeaks release of sensitive US State Department cables from several
embassies, including the one in Manila. In some of the cables, US Embassy
officials …

Random Acts of Blindness? Air Force List of WikiLeaks Banned …
By Micah L. Sifry
Thanks to some dogged nudging by the good folks at*, we now
have an authoritative list of the websites blocked by the U.S. Air Force
because of the WikiLeaks disclosures. The list of 45 sites primarily covers
various WikiLeaks …

US ambassador explains corruption in cable released by WIKILEAKS
By Admin1 reported that U.S. ambassador to Brazil, Thomas Shannon, said the
country suffered from.

WikiLeaks cable: Iraqi interrogators rape juveniles to get …
By admin
A US State Embassy cable marked “confidential” and published by
WikiLeaks reveals details on the detention of juveniles held in “Site
4? in a Iraq Interior Ministry (MOI) detention complex. The juveniles
allege sexual abuse by Iraqi …

Army generals face possible treason charge after WikiLeaks …
By admin
Army generals face possible treason charge after WikiLeaks revelations. The
Zimbabwean Chingono and Satuku told Ray the current Zimbabwe situation
could end in conflict if not carefully managed, with Ray writing: ?To think
that there …

NDC In Crisis• Over Wikileaks | Daily Guide Newspaper
By Nicholas
The ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) has held a crisis meeting at
the Castle to devise ways and means to contain the Wikileaks revelations as
they put the party in a bad light. According to sources, the meeting,
attended by senior …

Wikileaks: NK Edition by Alex Melton North Korea News …
By marcusnoland
Back in November of last year, WikiLeaks was the topic of many
conversations and the scourge of many a politician and government
representative. 250000 plus leaked cables later, WikiLeaks is back in the
headlines as the entire unredacted …

“…Wikileaks: Al Jazeera Deletes Content that Disturb US …
By admin
A confidential US cables from US embassy in Doha, Qatar where Aljazeera
head quarter is located and was published recently on Wikileaks -. –
reveals that Al Jazeera Managing Director Wadah Khanfar has agreed to US
government request …

US Embassy and Zimbabwe political parties speak on WikiLeaks …
By Vladimir Mzaca
The WikiLeaks cables highlighted that all the Zanu PF officials who met
with the Americans wanted to see change in Zimbabwe. The most senior Zanu
PF politician according to the cables to want a progressive life after
President Mugabe’s …

AFP: WikiLeaks releases mystery file
WASHINGTON — WikiLeaks released a mysterious encrypted file on Wednesday
after telling its followers on Twitter to stand by for “an important
announcement. …

WikiLeaks shows cracks in India’s climate stand – Times Of India
NEW DELHI: The differences of opinion in the higher echelons of the
government about India’s international climate change stance has now come
out in the …

Are Wikileaks and Anonymous Hackers All There Is Left We Can Rely …
Their ability to bring powerful giants to heel is as compelling as the
mythical Robin Hood’s battle with a haughty medieval aristocracy.,_with_trust_in_business_and_government_at_rock_bottom/

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