Video: Mahdi Nazemroaya on yet another “TNC” — this time in Algeria By Dennis South

13 September 2011 — Mathaba

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya who recently returned from Libya where he witnessed the NATO and rebel atrocities, talks about the dangers to Algeria of yet another so-called Transitional National Council being imported by the globalist elites. Mathaba reader Dennis South offers additional informed comment.

At the bottom of this page you will see a link to all of the submissions that I have made to Mathaba. Please read the recent submissions that I made about Algeria. There are three of them. Also, please read the following submission which summarizes ground operations in Bani Walid, Sirte, and Tripoli on September 10, 2011: Russian report: Libyan Defense Forces control Bin Walid, Sirte, and 75% of Tripoli. This article mentions a battle between Algerian forces and Islamist forces in the Libyan city of Ghadames, where the Algerian forces crushed the Islamist forces. Ghadames is a Libyan city that Algeria entered on, I think, August 25th, to help Gaddafi protect that city from the Islamists.

In this video, Mahdi Nazemroaya states that there has been a TNC formed, by the West, in both Syria and Algeria amongst the Islamists. Mahdi focuses his attention mostly on Algeria throughout the video. Mahdi believes that France has been ‘co-opted’ into the United States.

The French have long known that there is a lot of uranium in North Africa. Many corporations, of various European countries, have made an ‘amalgamation,’ joining together in anticipation of working together to obtain North African resources. ‘Rivalry has turned into cooperation,’ is how Mahdi puts it. The long term goal is to change North African societies and redefine the boundaries.

Mahdi notes that the Al-Qaeda presence in North Africa is the result of a project that the French and Americans spent many years working to create and control. Dr. Webster Tarpley has been telling people for years that Al-Qaeda is an invention of the CIA, and is used as the CIA’s army.

I posted an article at Mathaba, calling on the formation of a North African entity. I then re-examined that idea, as I thought about the importance of tribal life, such as the life of the Tuareg’s, and the importance of maintaining and respecting tribal life–something the West certainly does not do–rather than incorporating it into some big entity.

But now, after watching events (as best I can, anyway) over the last few days, I am now wondering, again, about the importance of a North African federation. I called it, The Great Socialist North African Jamahiriya.

What I see happening now is precisely what I’d speculated: There isn’t any choice. Not really. Somehow, the various tribes and subtribes, and all other people in North Africa, have to begin the process of uniting, and fast, in order to save itself, and all of Africa, from the designs of the U.S. to colonize all of Africa. This is the big, bold, and long-range project for the U.S. They will rob their citizens of every penny in order to effect their plans.

I submit, again, that Libya, under Colonel Gaddafi, has strongly proven, through its Jamahiriya system of government, that a North African political ideology can come from the sands of the Maghreb. And that system is the Jamahiriya.

There is the expression, ‘Don’t re-invent the wheel?’ For 42 years, the Jamahiriya system has proven itself to be powerful. And during this last 7 months, in particular, it has demonstrated, before the entire world, its strength and resilience. For, it has stood up to the most powerful military alliance in human history, NATO, and is still fighting.

And do not fool yourself: It is not the Libyan Defense Forces that is the most powerful force fighting for Libya. It is the Jamahiriya that is the most powerful force, with the Libyan Defense Forces being one extension of the Jamahiriya.

Military analysts, political theorists, and intelligence specialists are standing aghast, wondering how could a tiny–almost microscopic–country of 6,000,000 people, one-million of whom are refugees in Tunisia, withstand the power of the strongest military alliance in human history.

This last 7 months should be a big wake-up call for Algeria, as well as for the other countries of North Africa. You have your system of government that will elevate you to the position of one of the strongest entities of the world–but only if you unite.

I call on Algeria, Egypt, Morroco, Western Sahara, Libya, and Tunisia to begin the process of unifying. When it comes to Africa, the northern countries are united: They want to make slaves out of Africans, whether Arab or black. In unity there is strength! Maybe one day we can all shout, ‘Long live The Great Socialist North African Jamahiriya!’

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