Wikileaks Newslinks 21 October 2011

21 October 2011 —

WikiLeaks cables provide limited vindication for Malema
Mail & Guardian Online
The Botswana government gave the United States the green light to explore the possibility of establishing an Africa Command (Africom) base in the country when the issue was raised four years ago, American diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks show. …

WikiLeaks translation group opens cables to S.Koreans
By Choi Woo-ri “I decided to translate the leaked cables after reading an
article from Hankyoreh reporting on President Lee Myung-bak’s attitude on
the United States and Japan that were publicized by WikiLeaks,” said Lee
Dong-hyun. …

WikiLeaks Truck Towed by NYPD During Occupy Wall Street Protests [Video]
The adjacent video show a truck branded with WikiLeaks symbols being towed
away by the New York Police Department during the Occupy Wall Street
protests at Zucotti Park in the Big Apple. The truck comes with decals that
say “Mobile Information …

South Park Review: “Bass to Mouth”
TV Fanatic
It seemed like quite a bit when South Park took on WikiLeaks, our nation’s
celebrity gossip obsession, and the recent outcries over cyber bullying,
all in one fell swoop – while simultaneously resurrecting a character from
nine season ago, to boot. …

State Department Pulls Top Secret Security Clearance From Diplomat Who Linked …
Van Buren, who recently published a book that was critical of the US’s
efforts in Iraq (which he was a part of), wrote a blog post on his own
website that merely linked to a leaked State Department cable on the
Wikileaks site. As we’ve noted many times …

Gadhafi Reportedly Killed: Where Are the Kids?
ABC News
Mutassim served as the country’s national security advisor but came to the
attention of Western audiences most recently when State Department cables
posted on WikiLeaks revealed he had thrown lavish parties in 2009 and 2010
on a Caribbean island …

FIB No. 5—How To Fix A WikiLeak
Network World
In a recent post on its web site, WikiLeaks revealed a secret agreement
between the United States Department of State and Canadian home improvement
celebrity Mike Holmes to block information leaks to the controversial
watchdog organization. …

Julian Assange No. 41 on AskMen’s Top 49 Influential Men List
By Darrick on 2011-10-20T11:24:01 Wikileaks founder Julian Assange appears
at Belmarsh Magistrates court on January 11, 2011 in London, England.
Assange is appearing in court today to fight his extradition to Sweden,
where he is sought for questioning …

Ten Things You Can’t (Easily) Buy With Credit Cards
Fox Business
Donation to WikiLeaks. Visa, MasterCard, Bank of America and PayPal have
said that they will not process donations intended for the whistle-blowing
website WikiLeaks, citing violations of their terms of service. (American
Express and Discover were …

Cybercrime threatens free journalism
Sad stories with unveiling a secret diplomatic correspondences via
WikiLeaks and the active use of social networks to undermine sociopolitical
situation in North Africa and Middle East show that crimes in information
security (or cybercrimes) do not …

“South Park” Season 15, Episode 10: All hail Lemmiwinks
Rochester City Newspaper (blog)
The story centered on South Park Elementary’s new gossip site,
Eavesdropper, mirroring both the online school harassment news and good old
Wikileaks. Principal Victoria and Mr. Mackey are afraid that the site, and
the student mocking of Pete Melman, …

RIM could face legal action over BlackBerry BBX operating system
Basis International has taken legal action to preserve and protect its
“longstanding ownership” of the BBx trademarked operating
system-independent language, database and toolset, it said. Wikileaks –
fearless whistleblowers or irresponsible nuisances? …

Government seeks G-cloud suppliers
In addition to saving money, you can get more out of your apps Wikileaks
– fearless whistleblowers or irresponsible nuisances? Keep up to date with
the latest developments. Read more In a sign the government is looking to
carefully experiment with …

South Park, “Bass To Mouth”: electric horsey sauce acid test
TV Geek Army
The episode takes a bizarre, trippy turn when Stan and Kyle discover that
Eavesdropper is not being published by a student, but by a rat with a blond
wig named Wikileaks. Wikileaks, as it turns out, is the brother of their
former class pet, Lemmiwinks. …

The new conquistadors
Tne Moscow News
According to Daniel Estulin’s book “Desmontando Wikileaks” (Dismantling
Wikileaks), more than half of the money stays in North America. It is
hardly surprising, then, that the past two years have seen the exposure of
400 corruption cases at the FBI and …

Review: Watch The Whistleblower for what it says than how it says it
Daily News & Analysis
After being taken in by the generous pay cheque offered to her by private
defence contractor Democra (based on WikiLeaks-target DynCorp), when she
arrives in war-torn Sarajevo, Bolkovac learns that with local prejudices
and chauvinism reigning supreme, …

Anti-capitalist protesters occupy St. Paul’s Cathedral
Creator of Wikileaks website and well-known activist Julian Assange and
human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell were among the protesters on
Saturday. Assange addressed the crowds on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral.
The world-wide protest was inspired …

‘South Park’ Season 15, Episode 10 Recap – ‘Bass to Mouth’
Yidio TV & Movie News
But “SP” didn’t say much about the practices of TMZ or of Wikileaks.
Rather, it made a continuing gag out of Lemmiwinks and people crapping
their pants. So, we got a “vintage” episode tonight, as opposed to a
new-school “South Park. …

TV Review: SOUTH PARK – Season 15 – “Bass to Mouth”
Assignment X
The episode gets weirder from here when it’s discovered that the person
getting these scoops is a gerbil named Wikileaks – the brother of
Lemmiwinks. The Frog Prince returns as well as a couple other spirits –
and the episode gets progressively weirder …

Monoblogue by Neil Berliner: Rahm Emanuel Sentenced! | Stage Time Magazine …
Stage Time Magazine
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has started a Facebook page for his legal
defense fund. You can donate with confidence, because he’s promised not to
release your credit card number or your personal information. CostCo posted
a record $312 million …

Peter Van Buren Gets Favorite Whistleblower Retaliation Career-Ender: Pulling …
Government Accountability Project (blog)
The government suspended his top-secret security clearance – which he has
held for 23 years – over LINKING (not LEAKING) to a WikiLeaks document on
his blog and . . . surprise, surprise . . . publishing a book critical of
the government. …

Unleashing the inner beast: the warped ways of dictators
Sydney Morning Herald
WikiLeaks released diplomatic cables last year revealing some of the
Zimbabwe president’s bizarre behaviour. “In both meetings with our EU
interlocutors, they told the same illustrative anecdote: during the
delegation’s meeting with Mugabe, a strong, …

Inside the Man United Machine
So lucrative is the United brand that Than Shwe, until March the head of
Myanmar’s military government, once considered making a $1 billion bid to
buy the club, according to a US diplomatic cable released in 2010 by
WikiLeaks. …

Liberal-led coalition confident of winning Moroccan poll
Reuters Africa
The Islamist PJD has been cited in confidential US diplomatic cables leaked
by Wikileaks as the party with the largest popular following in Morocco.
“We offer the best possible representation of the Moroccan people … This
is not a coalition that aims …

The importance of gold to Chinese investors
«Market Leader» – news and previews making you rich.
According to Wikileaks, this article was published in a confidential report
from the US Embassy to the US State Department in Washington. This means
that it is big-time politics, consequently – serious. We may witness the
start of another serious …

It is now machine vs man!
Pakistan Observer
Remember, the Wikileaks episode? It is now Machine versus Man. Having got
that off the chest, a line or two about technological contraptions in
general may not be out of place. Machines, as everyone is aware or at least
should be aware, …

New on DVD this week
But that plot strand gives way to segments about WikiLeaks, the Judith
Miller scandal and the Times’ strategies for handling digital competition.
The most fascinating scenes revolve around media reporter David Carr as he
breaks a major story involving …

The crazed compulsions of Gaddafi – every bit the Bond villain
Fairfield City Champion
… dislike or fear of staying on upper floors, reportedly prefers not to
fly over water, and seems to enjoy horse racing and flamenco dancing”, Gene
Cretz, the US ambassador to Tripoli, wrote in 2009, according to cables
released by WikiLeaks. …

Argentina’s Cristina Kirchner cruises towards re-election
The Guardian
And a startling US diplomatic cable released last year by WikiLeaks asked
telling questions about the president’s constitution and mental health.
“How is Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner managing her nerves and anxiety?”
the cable asked. …

George W. Bush to get smart on his Get Smart visit to Denver
Westword (blog)
But when he learned that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was on the summit
schedule, Bush cancelled. No leaks, Wiki or otherwise, should stop this
visit. Bush is slated to be at Get Smart headquarters in Curtis Park at
7:30 am; the Colorado group …

FLASHBACK – McCain In 2009: Qaddafi Is ‘An Interesting Man’
On his August 2009 visit there, McCain issued a now-infamous tweet: A
diplomatic cable about the visit released by the transparency group
WikiLeaks this year explained that in meetings with Qaddafi and his son
Muatassim, Libya’s national security chief …

Extreme secrecy, as usual, shrouds this act, but it underscores how often the …
Leaks and whistleblowers are the only real avenue remaining for citizens to
know what their government does, and it’s why the Obama administration is
so obsessed with persecuting whistleblowers, crushing WikiLeaks, and now
even trying to imprison one …

Beyond WikiLeaks – The Era of Forced Transparency Continues …
By Richard Levick
In late 2010, WikiLeaks’ documents dumps dominated news cycles and created
some embarrassing moments for major government and corporate institutions.
In 2011, it is WikiLeaks’ progeny that are grabbing headlines. With
high-profile …

9GAG – Wikileaks X Facebook
Wikileaks X Facebook. rangzranger | 1 day ago 4061. Love. Comments. Report
post | Unknown sauce. Returded Panda. hav0k182. Priceless words of Ste…
chrissu. Republicans. poppysmicpogoni. Just Schumacher and Ve… gorsmaster

How to Fix a WikiLeak « Factoids From the Future
By futurefactoids
In a recent post on its web site, WikiLeaks revealed a secret agreement
between the United States Department of State and Canadian home improvement
celebrity Mike Holmes to block information leaks to the controversial
watchdog …

WikiLeaks Vs Facebook [PIC]
WikiLeaks Vs Facebook: Way to prioritize, America. ..

Twitter / WikiLeaks: Has Blackberry been disabl …
Has Blackberry been disabled by intelligence to stop Occupy Wall St
spreading to EU, MENA. Recall statements post London riots about BBM.

U.S. Order Targets WikiLeaks Supporter’s Mail: Report …
The U.S. government obtained secret court orders to force Google Inc and a
small Internet provider to hand over information from email accounts of a
WikiLeaks …

What is Eurogendfor and what is it doing in Greece? – The Official …
What is Eurogendfor and what is it doing in Greece?

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