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The ridiculous burdens borne by Gaza medical patients
By Rami Almeghari, Cairo, 30 November 2011
Though EI correspondent Rami Almeghari’s family has finally accessed medical treatment for his ailing wife, unlike other less lucky families in Gaza, the obstacles they have encountered are absurd.
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The SOPA Scoop: Anti-Piracy Bills Enrage Web Freedom Groups, Divide Congress

30 November 2011 — Truthout

Mike Ludwig, Truthout: “Misuse of copyrighted content is a fact of life on the Internet. Everyday, YouTube users upload homemade videos with copyrighted songs and peers share files that could have originated from a torrent site like Pirate Bay. Now, imagine that the US government granted itself sweeping legal authority to shut down alleged pirate sites and intervene when web sites host any kind of content that infringes a copyright. Imagine web users facing felony charges for streaming copyrighted content without permission. Two bills aimed at fighting Internet piracy are currently making their way through Congress and would give the Justice Department such authority.”
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UK Public Sector Strike Newslinks 29-30 November 2011: 2 million strike

30 November 2011 — williambowles.info

30 November 2011
Strikers Show The Tories Who’s Boss: 2 Million Out To Save Their Pensions
Morning Star Today at 17:32
Tory attempts to belittle public-sector industrial action rang pathetically hollow today as millions of workers joined the fight against government-imposed pension cuts.

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BA Report – US Africa Offensive / Occupy FCC / War Criminals / Decolonize Occupations – November 30

30 November 2011 — Black Agenda Report • News, commentary and analysis from the black left

Africa Lies Naked to Euro-American Military Offensive

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford
As the U.S. and its NATO allies move southward to further consolidate their grip on Africa, following the seizure of Libya and its vast oil fields, most of the continent’s leadership seems to welcome re-absorption into empire. “Africa is the most vulnerable region in America’s warpath, a continent ripe for the plucking due to the multitudinous entanglements of Africa’s political and military classes with imperialism.” AFRICOM is already in the cat-bird seat, placed there by Africans, themselves.

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Iran Newslinks 30 November 2011

30 November 2011 — williambowles.info

UK withdraws diplomatic staff from Iran after attack
BBC News
Britain is withdrawing its diplomats from Iran following the attack on its embassy in the capital, Tehran, on Tuesday, diplomatic sources say. The Foreign Office said “some staff” are leaving “for their own safety”, but has not confirmed if all its …

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Libya Newslinks 30 November 2011

30 November 2011 — williambowles.info

Qaddafi’s Daughter Urges Libyans to Topple Interim Government
Fox News
Libya’s new leaders, who received the backing of the US, France, Britain and other countries in their fight against Qaddafi, appear eager to assure the world of their commitment to democracy and human rights. Interior Minister Fawzy Abdul-Ali …

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Kadima’s Black Flags and Israel’s Image Problem By Dan Freeman-Maloy

30 November 2011 — The Bullet • Socialist Project E-Bulletin No. 575

Israel is currently experiencing an internationally visible collapse of its ‘liberal democratic’ camp, raising significant problems for a state whose underlying theocratic and apartheid features have historically been partially covered from international view by liberal democratic pretenses.

Given that the governments of Greece and Italy are apparently being seized for direct political rule by the financial system, one might suggest that dispensing with democratic niceties is the international order of the day. Perhaps, then, Israel won’t find itself all that isolated after all. But it might. In any case, developments in Israel and the commentary that they have triggered should provide the opportunity to forcefully brush aside any lingering illusions about Israeli establishment ‘moderation.’ Such illusions are little more than an unfortunate hangover from years gone by, when Israeli colonial rule found unlikely allies even among ostensible Western progressives.

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Dirty warfare ignored by mainstream as Egypt votes

30 November 2011 — RT

Cairo : Election officials take away ballot boxes from a polling station near Tahrir square at the end of the voting day in Cairo on November 29, 2011. (AFP Photo / Odd Andersen)

Millions of Egyptians have voted in the first parliamentary election since the fall of President Mubarak. But many doubt whether it will change much, with the army generals who took over from the ousted president still holding the reins.

Authorities report unexpectedly high turnout reaching an estimated 70 to 80 per cent over the two days of voting. Some lines to the polling stations were several kilometers long.

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Decolonizing Our Occupations By Jared Ball

30 November 2011 — Black Agenda Report

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by editor and columnist Jared Ball

White privilege, the legacy of 500 years of European military and economic suppression of the rest of the planet, is manifest even in movements that purport to be transformational, like Occupy Wall Street. Beneath the politics of economic reordering lie notions that the ‘new’ and overwhelmingly white movement somehow supersedes the centuries-old aspirations of Europe’s primary victims.

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