6 October 2011 — PCHR

Today, 6 October 2011, former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni visited the United Kingdom. Ms. Livni was Foreign Minister during Israel’s 27 December 2008 – 18 January 2009 offensive on the Gaza Strip (Operation Cast Lead. OCL). Significant evidence was collected indicating her individual criminal responsibility for war crimes and other international crimes committed during this period.

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The BBC is, and Always Has Been, Part of the Problem By Tom Mills

3 October 2011 — New Left Project

Activists and scholars campaigning for a more democratic and humane media face a daunting task.  Outnumbered and outgunned by corporate lawyers and lobbyists, we must of course use our limited time and resources wisely and pick our fights carefully.  Mindful of this reality, I have great sympathy with Des Freedman’s argument that to allow the ‘BBC question’ to enter into the debates around Leveson will simply play into the hands of the commercial media.  But this is a tactical question which should not distract from the simple reality that the BBC is part of the problem and one which we are going to have confront if we are to succeed in our broader goals. 

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Video: Bronx Hip-Hop Duo Rebel Diaz, Live From Occupy Wall Street March

6 October 2011 — Democracy Now!

The hip-hop brother duo Rebel Diaz attended the Occupy Wall Street march in Lower Manhattan yesterday, and stopped to tell Democracy Now! why they came down from the South Bronx to join thousands of others demanding change. As they walked along Broadway towards Zuccotti Park — the heart of the protest encampment — they performed a song written about the occupy movement spreading across the United States. It’s called “We the 99 Percent.” Continue reading

Speculation in Agricultural Commodities: Driving up the Price of Food Worldwide and plunging Millions into Hunger By Edward Miller

5 October 2011 — Global Research

CFTC treads water on world hunger

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has again delayed the introduction of position limits required under the Dodd-Frank Act. These limits are intended to prevent speculation in (among other things) agricultural commodities, speculation which, many critics argue, have driven up the price of food worldwide and plunged millions into hunger.

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Read/download 'The Occupied Wall Street Journal'

6 October 2011 — Links International

October 4, 2011 — Occupy Wall Street MediaOccupy Wall Street (#OccupyWallStreet) is the beginning of a whole new kind of democracy: a bottom-up people’s democracy led by the 99%. It is a bold vision for the future that is beginning to inspire the nation. However, to pull it off, we’re going to need a robust people’s media unbeholden to corporate money. If we want people’s democracy then we’ve got to build a people’s media — the two are inseparable.

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Wikileaks Newslinks 6 October 2011

6 October 2011 —

Zimbabwe: Wikileaks Won’t Divide us – ZANU-PF
ZANU-PF will not be divided by revelations by whistle blower website Wikileaks on how some of its members engaged with the “enemy” and is going for its December National People’s Conference a united party, spokesperson Cde Rugare Gumbo said yesterday. …

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The 99% Occupy Wall Street By Pham Binh

6 October 2011 — The Bullet • Socialist Project E-Bulletin No. 551

The entrapment and arrest of 700 peaceful Occupy Wall Street (OWS) activists on the Brooklyn Bridge has created a huge wave of support for their movement. The number of daytime occupants in Liberty Plaza doubled or tripled from 100 the week prior to 200-300 this past Monday and Tuesday. These people are the core who maintain the occupation of the plaza, making it possible for several hundreds and sometimes thousands to hold rallies in the late afternoon and participate in the open mic speakouts and General Assembly meetings in the evening.

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Libya: NATO Provides the Bombs; The French “Left” Provides the Ideology By Pierre Lévy

5 October 2011 — MRZine

Last April, former Le Monde diplomatique director Ignacio Ramonet published (in Mémoire des Luttes) a text entitled “Libya, the Just and the Unjust.”  The war had been started a few weeks earlier, inaugurated by French aircraft which had the honor of dropping the first bombs on Tripoli.  On March 19, “a wave of pride swept through the Elysée palace,” Le Monde reported.  At the time, experts and commentators had no doubt that within a few days or a few weeks at the very most the country would be rid of the “tyrant,” thanks to the anticipated popular uprising, facilitated by the aerial nudge from the coalition, aglow in the sage aura of Bernard-Henri Lévy.

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Updates on Libyan war/Stop NATO news: October 6, 2011

6 October 2011 — Stop NATO

  • Sirte: Hospital Repeatedly Hit By NATO Bombardments
  • Rasmussen: NATO Ready To Build Libyan Proxy Armed Forces
  • Iraq: NATO Deal To Allow U.S. Troops To Remain
  • Spain: U.S. Expands Missile System To Both Ends Of Mediterranean
  • NATO Chief: Interceptor Missile System Fully Operational By 2018
  • Germany: Over 1,000 U.S. Paratroops In Massive Jump For NATO Conventional Warfare
  • Syria’s National Transitional Council Mirrors Libyan Prototype
  • Three NATO Oil Tankers Destroyed In Balochistan
  • U.S. To Deploy First Drone Cargo Aircraft To Afghanistan
  • Afghan War: Turkey Extends NATO Command In Capital

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Diplomatic Blowback By Craig Murray

5 October 2011 — Craig Murray

Here is something you won’t find in any western media. Part of the actual Russian speech or ‘Explanation of Vote’ for their veto of the UN Resolution on Syria. It is worth reading. It is my own translation from the website of the Russian mission to the UN. There will be an official UN translation circulated in New York, but there will not be major differences: Continue reading

Greece Newslinks 3-6 October 2011

6 October 2011 —

6 October 2011
Greece government workers stage protest strike
San Francisco Chronicle
As Greece struggles to avoid a catastrophic default, demonstrators in Athens expressed outrage over their misfortune and bewilderment at a crisis that shows no signs of easing. “Nobody knows what’s going on. Every day they say something different. …

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Syria Newslinks 5-6 October 2011

6 October 2011 —

6 October 2011

UN Veto Spurs New Syria Push
Wall Street Journal
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, which borders Syria and is seen to have some economic and diplomatic leverage, said his country would move ahead with sanctions despite the failure of the UN measure, which was vetoed by Russia and China …

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4 October 2011

Below is a translation [by Richard Silverstein] of part of this publication. The original Hebrew: – Yael Kahn


Image from publication, 'The True Right' with caption: 'Nazileftist smashed with blows.'

If all I did in this post was tell you about the suffering of Israeli peace activists who were beaten and brutalized at a pogrom at Anatot a few days ago, I would be telling you little that was newsworthy or that you didn’t know already. I’ve already reported here that senior Israeli police officers not only stood by and did nothing while bones were broken and one settler attempted to knife a protester, but that the police actually directly beat up the activists who’d come to support a Palestinian farmer whose land had been stolen by the settlement.

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 5 October, 2011: Erdogan: Israel a nuclear threat to the Middle East

5 October 2011 , 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Quartet To Meet Next Sunday to Discuss Peace Process
IMEMC – Wednesday October 05, 2011 – 14:28, The U.S State Department confirmed that representatives of the International Quartet will meet next Sunday in Brussels to discuss the frozen Israeli-Palestinian peace process and ways it can be pushed forward, the Palestinian Ma’an News Agency reported on October 5.

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The Wolf Report: AWS

5 October 2011 — The Wolf Report: Nonconfidential analysis for the anti-investor


There’s nothing like a banker to bring out the best in somebody, and there’s nothing like an enclave of bankers, a virtual village of bankers to bring out the best in everybody. That best, of course, is the gut-hatred of the pin-headed, bb hearted, pin-striped class of bankers, who in both head and heart encapsulate all that makes capitalism what it is today, what it was yesterday, and what it will be tomorrow—vicious, venal, and obsolete.

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Information Clearing House Newsletter 5 October, 2011: Chomsky on "Occupy Wall Street" and Israel's Collapse

5 October 2011 — Information Clearing House

Global Revolution
Live from Occupy Wall Street

Video Stream – Chat – Twitter
This channel will feature live streams from global non violent revolution spreading across the globe, with broadcasts from Wall Street Occupation in NYC.

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