ColdType, February 2012: John Pilger, Sherwood Ross, David Swanson, Chellis Glendinning, Glenn Ford

1 February 2012 — Coldtype

In this month’s 74-page COLDTYPE MAGAZINE
Cover story this month is an 8-page photo-essay, by London journalist Jack Laurenson, on the reasons why campaigners are battling to get Dow Chemicals out of this year’s Olympic Games. 

We’ve also got stories on the strange aftermath of the Haiti earthquake, the creation of the world’s first bunker state, the sinking of the petrodollar, how killing Iraqis has made us all safer, and the lunacy of the US republican presidential campaign. Plus much more.
In addition, this month sees our first – but not last – piece of fiction,  and a stinging piece of political satire.

Writers include old favourites including John Pilger, Sherwood Ross, David Swanson and Alan Maas and new regulars (we hope) such as Chellis Glendinning, Glenn Ford and our short story author, the cryptically named PuzzleMonkey. – Tony Sutton, Editor   

PLUS: FOUR full-length, and FREE, e-books by Danny Schechter 

Danny Schechter,
 the News Dissector, is acclaimed as one of the most politically astute writers of the past generation. This month we’re giving away FREE downloads of his last four e-books, all originally published in association with

  • Embedded: Weapons Of Mass Deception
  • Squeezed: America As The Bubble Bursts
  • The Crime Of Our Time
  • Occupy: Dissecting Wall Street

Hope you enjoy; if not please contact me at

Tony Sutton, Editor

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