Iran Newslinks 25-26 February 2012: US Intelligence agencies don't believe Iran is trying to build a nuke

26 February

Ovadia Yosef, Israel`s Sole `Responsible Adult,` Publicly Opposes Iran Attack
occupation magazine – articles Today at 23:59
The titular head of the leading Mizrahi political party, Shas, has publicly stated his opposition to an Iran attack (Hebrew). Rabbi Ovadia Yosef is not just the spiritual leader of Orthodox Mizrahi Jews, he’s also the godfather of its political movement. His senior cabinet representative, Eli Yishai, will therefore oppose any effort to attack Iran. Yisahi is also one of the eight most senior cabinet members who will have the decisive vote on whether to attack. Shas is one of the largest of the governing coalition members aside from Likud, and therefore commands a great deal of authority.

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Call for Proposals: ‘Real Democracy and the Revolutions of our Time’

26 February 2012Making Connections

2nd Anarchist Studies Network Conference: ‘Making Connections
Loughborough University (UK)
3-5 September 2012

Not since the 1960s has there been such global interest in the prospects and possibilities of revolution. From the Middle East to the metropolises of Europe, South Asia, and the Americas, large number of people have taken to the streets in protest against the economic and political corruption that has become increasingly visible in the wake of a failed project of neoliberal globalisation. Many are also posing deeper questions not just about neoliberal economics and the governments under its ideological sway, but about capitalism and the state system that sustains it.

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Greek Lessons: Democracy versus Debt-Bondage By David McNally

26 February 2012The Bullet • A Socialist Project e-bulletin No. 602

It is a truism to say that democracy began with the Greeks – less so to say that it originated in popular rebellion against debt and debt-bondage. Yet, with the Greek people ensnared once more in the vice-grip of rich debt-holders, it may be useful to recall that fact. For the only hope today of reclaiming democracy in Greece (and elsewhere) resides in the prospect of a mass uprising against modern debt-bondage that extends the rule of the people into the economic sphere.

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Information Clearing house Newsletter 24 February 2012: U.S. Knows Iran Not Building Nuclear Bomb

24 February, 2014 — Information Clearing House


U.S. Does NOT Not Believe Iran is Trying to Build Nuclear Bomb

By Ken Dilanian

Iran continues to enrich uranium at low levels, U.S. officials say they have not seen evidence that has caused them to significantly revise that judgment. Senior U.S. officials say Israel does not dispute the basic intelligence or analysis.


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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 24 February 2012: How Khader Adnan Exposed the Irrationality of Administrative Detention

25 February 2012 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Detainee Shalabi Enters Her Eighth Day Of Hunger Strike
IMEMC – Female detainee, Hana Ash-Shalabi, entered her eighth day of open-ended hunger strike at her cell at the Ha-Sharon Israeli prison, protesting her illegal detention and the administrative detention order served against her without charges. … 

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Ethnic Cleansing of “Invented” People By MIKO PELED

30 February 2012 — Dialogue Review

Note: The following article is reprinted from Issue No. 30 (February 2012) of “Dialogue: Review of Discussion Between Arab and Jewish Activists of Palestine, In Defense of the Right of Return, For a One-State Solution.” To order a copy of this latest issue of “Dialogue,” please contact The Organizer at or call 415-641-8616. You can also visit Dialogue’s website at Dialogueis published quarterly in Paris in Hebrew, Arabic, French and English.]

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Progressives Embrace Humanitarian Imperialism – Again! By John V. Walsh

012 — Dissident Voice

DemocracyNow! Hosts a Non-debate on Syria

“Foreign Intervention in Syria? A Debate with Joshua Landis and Karam Nachar” promised the headline on DemocracyNow! on 22 February. Eagerly I tuned in, hoping to hear a thorough exposé of the machinations of the US Empire in Syria on its march to Iran.

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Video: 'Iranian oil – not nukes – bothers the West'

25 February 2012RT

Iran insists it is only seeking a peaceful energy supply, while the West suspects Tehran is building an atomic bomb. And yet, some believe it is all about the oil. Again.

Conn Hallinan, a columnist at the Foreign Policy in Focus magazine, says the West’s concern over Iran‘s nuclear program is merely a pretext to take control of its vast energy resources.

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