ACTA: “Usurps Congressional Authority”, “Threatens Numerous Public Interests”, “Backroom Special Interest Deal”, a “Masquerade”

30 January 2012 — Global ResearchWashington’s Blog

SOPA, PIPA, ACTA … What’s Next?

We just beat back SOPA and PIPA with the web blackout. Now everyone is talking about ACTA. But – because ACTA is complicated, and is just starting to receive coverage – most are not sure exactly what ACTA really is, or why we should be concerned about it. We’ll give you an executive summary of what you need to know.

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Anonymous calls for anti-ACTA rallies, Poland suspends bill — RT

4 February 2012Anonymous calls for anti-ACTA rallies, Poland suspends bill — RT

A wolf in sheep’s clothing – that’s how ACTA opponents have described the international copyright treaty. Thousands are to protest in Sweden on Saturday while in Poland the legislation has been suspended after attacks on government websites.

­Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said on Friday that a wider discussion should be held before the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement comes into force. The talks should involve both Internet users and privacy protection agencies, Tusk added. Ratification of the document has been postponed pending the results of those talks.

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Information Clearing House Newsletter 4 February 2012: Day of Mass Action to Stop War on Iran

4 February, 2012Information Clearing House

NO war – NO sanctions – NO intervention – NO assassinations

An Attack on Iran Must be Stopped
By Andrew Murray
As the US and UK gear up for another senseless war in the Middle East, one thing is certain – it will end in disaster.

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