Wikileaks Newslinks 14-15 March 2012

15 March


US soldier accused in Wikileaks case due in court

The Associated Press

FORT MEADE, Md. (AP) — A US Army private accused of leaking classified material to the anti-secrecy website Wikileaks could soon learn when his trial will start. Pfc. Bradley Manning was scheduled to appear in a military courtroom at Fort Meade, …


Wikileaks has struck again

Ke Alakai

Wikileaks has struck again. The website dedicated to leaking government and

corporation secrets to the public has once again released new information

to the public that has purportedly been received through hackers. The most

recent group of leaks is …


State Department moves to fire diplomat who criticized Iraq reconstruction

Washington Posta

Now the State Department is moving to fire him based on eight charges

ranging from linking on his blog to documents on the whistleblowing Web

site WikiLeaks to disclosing classified information. In his 24 years as a

diplomat, Van Buren was posted …


UN expert criticises Manning’s detention


The UN investigator on torture says imposing harsh conditions of detention

on a US Army private accused of leaking classified documents to the

anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks violates his presumption of innocence. Juan

Mendez said in a report to the …


Foreign investment and the whims of politicians

ABC Online

The record of this meeting is one of the gems in the WikiLeaks diplomatic

cables. Colmer confirmed to the embassy that the Government had changed the

foreign investment guidelines in order to address “growing concerns” about

Chinese investment in …


SXSW Recap: Days 4 and 5

Crave Online

As part of their support of WikiLeaks, they found that Paypal and

Mastercard can be used to donate to KKK and Nazi websites. Now that’s not

okay regardless of WikiLeaks! So if Julian Assange brought attention to

that practice, I’m more concerned with …


The Cost of Defending Your Name Against Cyber Theft

Business Finance Magazine

Late last year, hackers pilfered a reported 5 million internal emails

(which were shared with WikiLeaks) from the company as well as credit card

information from tens of thousands of Stratfor customers. Since then,

Stratfor and its CEO, George Friedman …


We chat with one of the legion of hactivists using the Internet to organize …

San Francisco Bay Guardian

… again at the end of 2010 when Anonymous defended Wikileaks’ release of

secret diplomatic cables, shutting down the websites of Visa, Amazon,

PayPal, and other companies that cooperated with the US government in

trying to freeze Wikileaks’ assets.


The Anatomy of a Gag Order: Thomas Drake and the Justice Department


In a January interview with Michael Hastings of Rolling Stone, WikiLeaks

founder Julian Assange expressed concern that the First Amendment, as we

know it, is under attack. “The US government is trying to redefine what

have been long-accepted …


Name It; Clients Are Called It

New York Times

It certainly appeared that Stratfor, an intelligence firm based in Texas,

was poking fun at its own clients when WikiLeaks released an internal

glossary from the company this year that defined a “Clancy” as

“somebody who has read a lot of Tom Clancy …


UK Home Secretary approves Richard O’Dwyer’s extradition to US

World Socialist Web Site

The EAW has most notoriously been used against Julian Assange, founder of

WikiLeaks. For more than a year, Assange has been held under virtual house

arrest in England, while he fights an EAW for his extradition to Sweden to

face trumped-up sexual …


‘Incursion into Iran will badly affect whole world’


Do you trust Wikileaks, recently citing the words of Turkish Prime Minister

Erdogan saying that military strikes on Iran is favorable for Turkey,

aiming to become leader of the Islamic world? Wikileaks is a tool of

American policy, this is false, …


Spy Blimp Caught Rogue Soldier on Tape After Shooting Spree

Wired News

WikiLeaks became famous after acquiring and distributing a video,

“Collateral Murder,” purporting to show US troops in Iraq killing

civilians. Footage also exists of an airstrike in the western Afghan region

of Garani, even though the military has yet …


Computer security spending up in Europe

Authorities alleged Monsegur and his colleagues took responsibility for

cyberattacks against Visa, Mastercard and eBay Inc.’s Paypal as retaliation

for their refusal to process payments for WikiLeaks, the Journal said. Also

allegedly targeted were the …


The ‘war on drugs’ is the problem, not the solution. It never made sense: now …

Catholic Herald Online (blog)

By William Oddie on Wednesday, 14 March 2012 The perennial question of the

so-called “war on drugs”, I see, has emerged again, in the form of a

debate involving in some way Julian Assange of WikiLeaks fame and Sir

Richard Branson, both of whom, …


A Renewed Push To End Violence In Syria


There have some WikiLeaks cables that basically add up to some speculation

that they might be willing to do that. Certainly, it is a very long and

hard to defend border, mountainous terrains, several hundred miles long.

The possibility for physically …


Why Greg Smith’s Goldman letter can’t be shrugged off

Financial News

This instinct to dismiss the letter as nothing more than further evidence

of established wisdom reminds me of the reaction to Wikileaks decision to

publish reams of information relating to the war in Afghanistan in the

summer of 2010.


Veritatem Cognoscere Press Launches Hollow Strength, the New Espionage …

San Francisco Chronicle (press release)

THE DAILY BEAST: Wikileaks Stratfor Emails Roil US Intelligence Community

SPYTALK: CIA Man’s Thriller Gets Inside Iran’s Murderous Rivalries COMEDIAN

MAZ JOBRANI RECOMMENDS: Hollow Strength for Summer Reading Journalists can

contact Veritatem …


Encyclopaedia Britannica Kills Paper Product, Looks To Online Editions

Hot Hardware

Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Google, holidays, Android, Salvia, Julian

Assange, and Wikileaks are all in the top 100. The major question facing

the Encyclopaedia Britannica is whether it can establish itself in the mass

market as a place you visit to …


‘Internet of Things’ will tap anything, everything

Vancouver Courier

The Internet is already the “greatest spying machine the world has ever

seen,” according to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. The lines are

becoming blurry between commercial data-mining, law enforcement snooping,

illegal hacking, …


Google Adds (Even More) Links to the Pentagon

Wired News

Last fall, the Justice Department demanded that the company give up the IP

addresses of Wikileaks supporters. During the first six months of 2011, US

government agencies sent Google 5950 criminal investigation requests for

data on Google users and …


What MPs Know About Assange (Australia)

Democratic Underground

WikiLeaks‘ Global Intelligence Files has since disclosed, in an email dated

26 January 2011, that a sealed indictment for Assange has been issued by a

secret grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia. His defence team await the

issuance of an extradition …


Geek Guide: Internet freedom, now!

The Express Tribune

The treaty, which had been under secret development since 2006, only

captured public attention by chance, thanks to the publication of a secret

discussion paper on whistleblowing website Wikileaks. Critics immediately

noted that the agreement not only …


A different kind of truth

Jerusalem Post

“…transparency, consumer savviness, the WikiLeaks scandal which

trumpeted a new era of transparency and access to information.” These are

usually stated as positives, but one can’t help but detect the skepticism

in her tone.


Wikileaks / Cyprus EEZ: H Turkey is ready even for a military

By aira

revealed that Turkey is ready even for a military confrontation in the

Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus if the extraction of natural gas from Plot

12. “The official policy of Turkey is…


Wikileaks files reveal secret US-Yemen bomb deal : Federal Jack


(BBC) US cables released by the Wikileaks website suggest that Yemen

allowed secret US air strikes against suspected al-Qaeda militants.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh claimed raids were conducted by Yemen’s

military when they were in …


From the field: Nothing like Wikileaks, but a small cache of Bashar …

By arn

You can get sense of the communications strategy of the Syrian President

from this memo in which he is being offered advice about how to address the

question of reform, among other themes. The leaked documents suggest that

the President …


AnonOps Communications: #LulzSec was part of a #FBI play …

By Anonops

Sabu also provided an FBI-owned computer to facilitate the release of five

million emails taken by LulzSec from the Texas-based, global private

intelligence firm Stratfor, which are now being published by WikiLeaks. The

FBI then instructed …


The Dirty War on WikiLeaks | Common Dreams

Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, arriving for an extradition

hearing at the high court in London on 2 November 2011. Photograph: Kirsty

Wigglesworth/ …


Twitter / WikiLeaks: Julian Assange accused by …

Julian Assange accused by Swedish military on state TV of blackmailing

entire nation | Ferrada



Was LulzSec bust part of a play against Julian Assange?


By Taylor Armerding CSO – Last week’s arrests of five LulzSec leaders was

major news in the hacktivist world, but it looks like that takedown may

have been just an intermediate step in pursuit of a more prominent

fugitive: WikiLeaks founder and …


Is this truly the face of “hactivism”? Inside Anonymous’s hack of Stratfor


Wikileaks Leveraged Attack to Post More US-Targeting Espionage Wikileaks

encouraged the attack and has been publishing scores of Stratfor‘s emails

from a 200 GB archive of stolen information. Wikileaks founder Julian

Assange told Reuters, …


“South Park” on Demand

NBC Chicago

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange appeared on the recent 500th episode of

“The Simpsons” as a barbecuing denizen of an off-the-grid community just

outside Springfield. On “South Park” last season, Assange was portrayed as

a rodent named WikiLeaks (evil …


Stratfor CEO: Company is not ‘rogue organization’ critics portray

Austin American-Statesman

The harm was made worse, Friedman said, by the use of stolen company email

messages by the group WikiLeaks to create what he called a false image of

Stratfor‘s business and its clients. “This was a very extraordinary hack,”

Friedman said.


Assange: Pentagon Attempts To Quash Coverage With “Espionage” Charges


… Ross The Pentagon is attempting to quash coverage of its activities by

alleging that any reporter seeking classified information is collaborating

with the source and guilty of conspiracy to commit espionage, WikiLeaks

founder Julian Assange says.

See all stories on this topic:


Where’s Osama buried?

TNT Magazine

And, last week, a major domino in a new conspiracy theory – a new ‘big

lie’ – appeared to fall, when Wikileaks reproduced emails from a shadowy

security firm questioning whether Osama bin Laden’s body was actually

buried at sea.


Jester hacker brags of mobe attack on Anonymous, baby-kisser


“Enemies” of the hacker listed as targets included @AnonymousIRC,

@wikileaks, @anonyops, @barretbrownlol (the Twitter address of sometime

Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown) and @RepDanGordon (Rhode Island State

Representative Dan Gordon) and others.


Anti-Anonymous hacker threatens to expose them

The Jester said his script cross-checked each harvested Twitter user name

against a “hit list” of Twitter accounts associated with Anonymous news

sites and chat rooms, Islamist recruiting sites and WikiLeaks. “His payload

checking Twitter names for the …


US Subjected Manning to Cruel, Inhuman, Degrading Treatment


The United States government subjected Bradley Manning to cruel, inhuman

and degrading treatment following his arrest in May 2010 in Iraq on

suspicion of leaking hundreds of thousands of secret State Department

cables and other documents to WikiLeaks, …


Iraq’s Tribal Chiefs Step Into the Breach With Swift Justice

New York Times

The United States military steadfastly defended the actions of its

soldiers, but a United Nations investigation — the results of which were

published last year by WikiLeaks — cited evidence that the residents had

been handcuffed and then killed.


You are naked on the Internet (blog)

It’s a simple privacy setting, but it can trip up even advanced users, as

Wikileaks’ Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange learned last year when his

publicly-accessible OKCupid profile was discovered. Even something as small

as a unique turn of phrase could …


Stop Being an Anthropologist

Inside Higher Ed

In my case this amounted to a recursive loop from the hype surrounding new

media – Arab Spring, Anonymous, Wikileaks, SOPA, PIPA, and Occupy – to

departments requesting applicants with expertise in social media and

political movements.


Prime Minister Wants Sanctions to Go

The party’s secretary-general Mr Tendai Biti was quoted by whistleblower

website Wikileaks in consultation with the EU that he supported a gradual

removal of sanctions to ensure that his party retains leverage over

Zanu-PF. Meanwhile Mwenezi East House …


Afghanistan: When Even the Danes Turn on the War

New York Times (blog)

In a confidential memorandum, subsequently published by WikiLeaks, he

noted: “Danish public support regarding NATO’s engagement in Afghanistan,

however, is slipping, jarred by continuing casualties and the perception

that other Allies are unwilling to …


2012: The Year of the Dissolving Diva

The Atlantic

While defiant—anything named for WikiLeaks then was bound to be—it was

also accessible, filigreed with dance loops, raucous if unchallenging, and

containing at least three viable pop songs. One of them, “Bad Girls,” was

gussied up by Timbaland …


Kony Baloney

Slate Magazine (blog)

The other important thing to point out is more troubling: The Kony 12

episode, to me, is another in the continuing list of events—including

WikiLeaks releases, the so-called “Twitter” revolutions of the Arab

Spring and China’s burgeoning …


Massacres are the inevitable result of foreign occupation

The Guardian

British soldiers are currently on trial for filming their abuse of Afghan

children, while US WikiLeaks files record 21 separate incidents of British

troops shooting dead or bombing Afghan civilians. The line between

deliberate and accidental killings …


Che does Ireland, &c.

National Review Online

From documents dumped by WikiLeaks, it seemed so. And why are we neutral as

between Britain and Argentina on the matter of the Falklands? Why do we

insist that Britain negotiate? What’s there to negotiate about? And why

does our State Department refer …


The Pacific Solution didn’t work before and it won’t work now

ABC Online

On the December 10, 2010, the Sydney Morning Herald reported from Wikileaks

that a ‘key Liberal Party strategist’ told a US diplomat in Canberra in

November last year, that the issue of asylum seekers was ‘fantastic’ for

the Coalition and ‘the more …


Kony 2012: the reaction

The Guardian (blog)

From my perspective, I am joining the dots between Kony2012, Wikileaks and

Obama’s 2008 online campaign. All three developments are part of a

fundamental power shift. Kony has engaged my two teenage children like no

other social cause and, …


2012 Elections


(He said nice things about Wikileaks, and he seems to vote for limiting the

executive branch’s surveillance and domestic intelligence-gathering powers

just as often as he votes to expand them.) He is married to Mary Bono Mack,

California congresswoman …


The mainstream media? It doesn’t exist anymore

Globe and Mail

What do we call The New York Times or The Guardian newspaper when they work

with the whistle-blowing site WikiLeaks? Earlier this month, after the

right-wing publisher Andrew Breitbart died suddenly, some of his obituaries

suggested he’d shaken up the …


Why Is President Obama Keeping a Journalist in Prison in Yemen?

The Nation.

But Shaye was later vindicated when Wikileaks released a US diplomatic

cable that featured Yemeni officials joking about how they lied to their

own parliament about the US role, while President Saleh assured Gen. David

Petraeus that his government …


Santorum Snatches Deep South Primary Wins

Yahoo! News UK

So that’s good news for Obama (not that I’ma fan anymore after Guantanamo

broken promises, NDAA, Wikileaks bank blockade and otherclamping down on

freedoms and free information) – but nevertheless, Obama’s better than the

uber-corrupt GOP (Ron Paul …


Stop being U.S. puppet

The Record (New Westminster)

A document leaked by Wikileaks, for example, summarizes a meeting in Ottawa

on March 17, 2003, in which Canadian, British and American diplomats met to

discuss Canada’s support for the imminent assault on Iraq. It confirms

Canada’s commitment of armed …


Hack or hoax? Jester brags of QR code smartphone attack against Anonymous

Computerworld (blog)

The Register reported, “‘Enemies’ of the hacker listed as targets included

@AnonymousIRC, @wikileaks, @anonyops, @barretbrownlol (the Twitter address

of sometime Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown) and @RepDanGordon (Rhode

Island State Representative …




Scientology, Hackers Invade PayPal, the horrific Playstation debacle, the

infamous Wikileaks explosion, and several compelling anecdotes in between,

We Are Legion may be “pro-hacker,” but (again) it certainly does seem like

this “legion” of “anonymous” …


Stratfor CEO: WikiLeaks ‘makes war more likely’ | The Raw Story

By Stephen C. Webster

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Speaking to an audience on Tuesday at this year’s South

by Southwest convention, Strategic Forecasting CEO George Friedman

suggested that by publishing archives of U.S. diplomatic cables, the

anti-secrecy group …


The war on WikiLeaks is now trial by media in Sweden by John …

By dandelionsalad

War by media, says current military doctrine, is as important as the

battlefield. This is because the real enemy is the public at home, whose

manipulation and deception are essential for starting an unpopular colonial

war. Like the invasions of …


UN torture chief accuses US of cruel and inhuman treatment towards …

By Legal Help

[JURIST] The UN Special Rapporteur on torture Juan Mendez [official

website] last week formally accused [text, PDF] the US government of cruel,


UN torture chief accuses US of cruel and inhuman treatment towards …

By admin

[JURIST] The UN Special Rapporteur on torture Juan Mendez [official

website] last week formally accused [text, PDF] the US government of cruel,

inhuman and degrading treatment towards Pfc. Bradly Manning [advocacy

website; JURIST …


WikiLeaks: Stratfor emails say Chavez betrayed FARC to appease …

The extradition to Venezuela of alleged drug trafficker Walid Makled

occurred in the context of an intense diplomatic chess game where President

Hugo Chávez …


Wikileaks Reveals that NATO Troops Operate inside Syria

Damascus, Mar 9 (Prensa Latina) Recent revelations by Wikileaks on the

presence of NATO troops in Syria coincide with rumors in journalistic and

academic …


Rogers’ “Cybersecurity” Bill Is Broad Enough to Use Against …

The language is so broad it could be used as a blunt instrument to attack

websites like The Pirate Bay or WikiLeaks. Join EFF in calling on Congress

to stop the …


Is Stratfor spying on you? Wikileaks. – UK Indymedia

Private American spy agency Stratfor outed by Wikileaks. Audio of Julian

Assange, Yes Men, Bhopal charities, Spanish & Italian Press reveal

privatization of …


Uniforms and WikiLeaks in the Discussion of the Anwar al-Awlaki …

More interesting still came when PJ Crowley cited this WikiLeaks cable,

reporting on a January 2, 2010 meeting between Ali Abdullah Saleh and David

Petraeus …

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