WESTERN PSY-OPS AGAINST SYRIA: When Mrs Assad’s “Shopping” Becomes a “Crime Against Humanity” By Finian Cunningham

27 March 2012 — Global Research

Michelle Obama, the fashion style icon wife of US President Obama, is to have travel sanctions imposed on her by member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, including Russia, China and SCO associate state Iran.

Mrs Obama’s annual six-figure budget for designer clothes and accessories is seen as an affront to moral decency at a time when her husband is overseeing foreign wars of aggression, mass murder in several territories using aerial drones, and ordering the assassination of individuals such as nuclear scientists in Iran.

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World On The Brink Of Third World War By Nadir Mir*

27 March 2012 — Stop NATO – The Nation

US geostrategy has been embroiled in Afghanistan and Iraq; now it seeks to extend the war to Iran-Pakistan. Of course, the real war is against Russia and China, the opposing alliance. Washington sees China rising, Russia resurgent, the Islamic world defiant (with the Arab Spring likely to turn anti-Western) and Israel endangered, besides Western economic decline.

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Syrian Victims: When Truth Is the First Casualty of War By Ross Ruthenberg

27 March 2012 — Global Research

The Western mainstream media continuously beat the war drums for Libya-like treatment of Syria, using body count statistics to attempt to paint the year-old Syrian conflict as a humanitarian disaster crying out for NATO and its allies to bomb the government’s military forces into submission. Ironically, under the guise of “responsibility to protect”, the NATO powers and their Gulf Arab proxies are supplying weapons, training and logistical support to the armed “opposition” forces.

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 27 March 2012: Germany Brings Cold War to Middle East

27 March 2012 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Israeli border patrol kill two men along Egypt border
IMEMC – Just after Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu toured the route of a border fence under construction between Israel and Egypt Tuesday, Israeli border patrol agents shot and killed two men on the border. …

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