Media Lens: ‘People Will Die’ – The End Of The NHS. Part 2: Buried By The BBC

25 April, 2012 — Media Lens

In Part 1 of this alert, we exposed the sham of UK ‘democracy’ in opening the door to the corporate ransacking of the National Health Service.

Every day, researcher Éoin Clarke runs a check on the number of parts of the NHS that have been ‘carved up and offered to privateers that day. The sad news is that the NHS sell off is indeed accelerating.’ Clarke has identified 81 NHS contracts worth a total of more than £2 billion that are set to be privatised, or have recently been so.  He adds that there are over 2,300 ‘chunks of the NHS that private companies can now bid for.’  Amazingly, ‘cuddly’ Richard Branson’s Virgin now controls 18 NHS contracts across 15 English counties.

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The NHS saved me so now we have to save the NHS!

30 April

A pathetic excuse I know for no new posts but I had a heart attack last week and got out of hospital yesterday. Story to follow coincidentally? the Media Lens piece soon. Not so much on my experiences with the wonderful, beautiful NHS workers who saved my life and took such loving care of me but precisely WHY the NHS is so important, vital and central to all our lives and why we HAVE to save it for all!