The NHS saved me so now we have to save the NHS!

30 April

A pathetic excuse I know for no new posts but I had a heart attack last week and got out of hospital yesterday. Story to follow coincidentally? the Media Lens piece soon. Not so much on my experiences with the wonderful, beautiful NHS workers who saved my life and took such loving care of me but precisely WHY the NHS is so important, vital and central to all our lives and why we HAVE to save it for all!

Bush’s Tower of Babble by William Bowles

3 November 2011

“[W]e got a leader in Iran who has announced that he wants to destroy Israel. So I’ve told people that if you’re interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing them from have [sic] the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon” — president Bush in a White House press conference, September 5, 2006

‘Iran’, ‘Israel’, ‘Destroy’,’Nuclear Weapon’, ‘WWIII’, ‘Knowledge’, ‘Prevention’ — Bush

Talk about using loaded words! Israel is both literally and figuratively, loaded. The other of course is nuclear. Note however that in this instance, Bush talks not about Iran actually building nuclear weapons, now he’s talking about Iran gaining the knowledge to build one.

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The Macintosh Computer – Archetypal Capitalist Machine? By William Bowles

October 1987 — InvestigatingImperialism

Pre-amble: This essay was written in 1987 before the domination of Microsoft, at a time when I thought that the people running Apple computer had their act together. How wrong can you be! In other respects however, many of the ideas and concepts advanced in this essay have come to pass in a most fundamental way. I might add that unknown to me between 1987 and as late as 2002, this essay has been reprinted many times, the latest being as part of an anthology titled ‘Engineering Culture‘, Autonomedia, NY, 2005.

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