Amazon NHS partnership – more questions over backdoor privatisation

16 July 2019 — True Publica

Amazon NHS partnership - more backdoor privatisation?

By TruePublica: There is a lot going wrong in the world today and big tech is driving much of it in its indomitable thirst for ever greater global influence and markets to profit from. In the meantime, the British government is already making many moves to ‘Americanise’ society and continues towards its unpopular privatisation model in healthcare. These are not the musings of TruePublica’s editor. Professionals at the heart of the artificial intelligence community, privacy, civil liberty and healthcare are alarmed the NHS has teamed up with certain tech firms with scant care for patient outcomes especially with the latest announcement of American behemoth Amazon giving health advice.

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How NHS staff are fighting back against the ‘hostile environment’

17 May 2019 — OurNHS

The Daily Mail’s claims of our success are sadly premature – but the “patients not passports” campaign is indeed growing.

James Skinner Akram Salhab

Patients not Passports

With typical hyperbole and disregard for accuracy, the Daily Mail published a headline earlier this month claiming that MPs had ‘caved in’ to ‘left-wing doctors and scrap[ped] plans to stop ‘health tourists’ coming to Britain for treatment they’re not entitled to’. Making no reference to the well documented harm caused by the policy, the piece focused instead on the alleged cost of so called ‘health tourists’ to the NHS, repeating a favourite refrain of a Government and media adept at directing the anger at enforced austerity towards migrants.

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UK ambulance staff quitting in record numbers By Ben Trent

29 May 2019 — WSWS

Tens of thousands of ambulance staff have quit Britain’s National Health Service (NHS).

The figures, uncovered by a Labour Party-led investigation, are staggering. Fully 33,414 paramedics, technicians and office staff have quit their jobs since 2010—the year the Conservatives came to power in coalition with the Liberal Democrats.

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What The Chair of Health and Social Care Select Committees Wrote about Brexit and the NHS

2 January 2019 — True Publica

Boris johnson

Sarah Wollaston is the MP for the Totnes Constituency and Chair of Health and Social Care Select & Liaison Committees. Paul Williams is a GP and the MP for Stockton South and a member of the Health Select Committee. They wrote an opinion piece for the British Medical Journal about Brexit in and the NHS in November. It is worth reading as these are the experts both politically and in practice on the front lines of the healthcare industry in Britain.

There is no version of Brexit which will benefit the NHS—only varying degrees of harm

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Upfront NHS charges one year on – 6 reasons why they harm us all By Ed Jones

23 October 2018 — OurNHS

And what can we do to stop these harmful charges?

Image: Poster in Guys & St Thomas’s Hospital. Credit: Docs not Cops

 When you’re expecting a baby the last thing you want to be thinking about is whether you can afford over £6,000 to go into hospital for the labour. For most people in England this isn’t yet a consideration but for the past year it has been the reality for many migrant women.

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medConfidential Bulletin, 7th September 2018

7 September 2018 — medConfidential

Once more, a big thank you to everyone who confirmed to us receipt of the letter about the ‘conversion’ of your Type-2 objection to the National Data Opt-out. We are also grateful to those who shared the letter of apology for the appalling TTP error that led to 150,000 patients’ opt-outs not being honoured, and their confidential information being sold for three years.

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NHS data-sharing U-turn is welcome – but more to do to scrap the ‘hostile environment’By Peter Pannier

11 May 2018 — OurNHS

Image: Medact

Recent attention to the Windrush scandal has focused attention on the many ways migrants are deterred from accessing healthcare. The government has this week announced it will be suspending “with immediate effect” the controversial memorandum of understanding (MOU) under which NHS Digital shared NHS patients’ details with the Home Office.

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The great British drug rip-off By Morten Thaysen

5 November 2017 — OurNHS

Drug prices are soaring, crippling our NHS. And Big Pharma’s defence (‘research is expensive’) omits one crucial fact… 

As he became ‘the most hated man on the Internet’ last year, ‘pharma-bro’ Martin Shkreli repeatedly claimed that by hiking the price of HIV drugs he wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary. Squeezing health services and patients for every last penny is just how the pharmaceutical industry works. And that’s perhaps the only thing he was right about.

While multinational drug companies have turned themselves into one of the most profitable industries in the world, they have peddled the lie that they’re charging eye-watering prices for their life-saving products because it costs a fortune to research and develop them. What they didn’t tell us is that much of that research is publicly funded in the first place.

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15 January 2018 — The Peoples Assembly

Emergency Demonstration
12pm, Saturday 3 February 
Assemble Gower Street Central London WC1

Share and invite your friends here: Facebook Event
Download and submit the Model Motion for support here.

The People’s Assembly and Health Campaigns Together have teamed up again to respond to the worst NHS crisis in history.

We’re calling on everyone; all campaigns and local groups, all round the country – to come down to London and demand proper funding, beds and full staffing levels on fair pay.

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Video: Public Sector Pay: Theresa May doesn’t want you to see this…

15 September 2017 — 38 Degrees

Will Theresa May pay our nurses, firefighters and police properly? The public sector pay cap has been all over the news this week: there’s been announcements, votes, and talks of strikes. [1] But what’s actually been decided?

Watch this video to find out, then share with your friends so everyone knows!

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