The Lowdown: What’s the limit on care now?

28 May 2020 — The Lowdown

The NHS Support Federation

This week we can reveal that almost a billion pounds worth of debt is weighing down local commissioners as they start to plan care for the next year – with 7 million patients now on growing waiting lists. This week, we also follow-up on the under the radar plans to bring in major NHS changes without proper public scrutiny, look at the mental health services that are crying out for better support and publish a call to nationalise care homes.

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Into the heart of the NHS – an American backed spy programme at the centre of Brexit

28 May 2020 — True Publica

By Rob Woodward: Palantir is a special ops company. It is considered at best as a controversial and highly opaque company that has long sought to sell governments an unmatched power to sift and exploit information of any kind for any purpose. Its billionaire owner Peter Thiel, the co-founder of PayPal, through Palantir has worked for years to boost the global dragnet of the NSA and its international partners and was in fact co-created with American spies.

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The Covid Nazification Of The National Health Service

26 May 2020 — The Truth Barrier

Worship Dance
For The NHS At The London Summer Olympics 2012

Dr Kevin P Corbett MSc PhD

The deadly coordinated command-and-control known in 1930s Germany as Gleichschaltung was the key characteristic of 1930s totalitarian domination of German society. This process was later termed by historians as ‘Nazification’. Since January 2020, the United Kingdom (UK) government has similarly introduced a system of coordinated command and control over all aspects of its National Health Service (NHS). The aim is to bring the NHS into line with its ‘Covid-19’ contagion propaganda. This is providing an industrial-scale means for exerting mechanical and biological power over the population, as well as over the occupational lives of all UK health care professionals (HCPs).

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NHS ordered to hand over security keys of NHS data to GCHQ

1 May 2020 — True Publica

NHS ordered to hand over security keys of NHS data to GCHQ

By Rob Woodward – TruePublica: Britain’s NHS has become the latest target for big tech to stick its money funnel into and harvest our most personal and private data. It was bad enough that the state illegally and secretly stole our privacy, captured our secrets, recorded our conversations, filmed our private moments, took images of our children and invited in the biggest crooks on the planet to exploit the swag. But now, there’s a plan to capitalise, abuse, manipulate and profit from our physical and mental vulnerabilities.

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COVID-19 exposes the weakness of Brexit

30 April 2020 — True Publica

By TruePublica: There’s an irony being played out – a cruel one really. The COVID-19 crisis has unearthed some stark truths about how our country should be governed. One of those truths was just how important our key workers really are. Right now, the most dangerous job and most dangerous place in the country to practice it is to be a frontline medic in a hospital. This is closely followed by all other key workers that keeps the infrastructure of daily life moving. It is only in the face of a crisis that threatens us all do we remember this.

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Coronavirus Fact-Check #4: “Why are so many healthcare workers dying?”

27 April 2020 — Off Guardian

Media reports paint a picture of healthcare workers being hit very hard by the pandemic, but the statistics suggest otherwise

The deaths of doctors, nurses and other medical workers has been a major talking point since the pandemic began.

It started in Italy, where a website was set up listing the deaths of doctors who “died on the frontlines”.

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The Anti-lockdown Strategy

21 April 2020 — Dr Malcolm Kendrick

by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

Unfortunately, it seems that COVID-19 has infected everyone involved in healthcare management and turned their brains into useless mush.

Lockdown has two main purposes. One, to limit the spread of the virus. Two, and most important, to protect the elderly and infirm from infection – as these are the people most likely to become very ill, end up in hospital, and often die. [In my view, if we had any sense, we would lockdown/protect the elderly, and let everyone else get on with their lives].

However, the hospitals themselves have another policy. Which is to discharge the elderly unwell patients with COVID directly back into the community, and care homes. Where they can spread the virus widely amongst the most vulnerable.

This, believe it or not, is NHS policy. Still.

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The Lancet: “When this is all over the NHS England board should resign in their entirety”

16 April 2020 — True Publica

The Lancet: "When this is all over the NHS England board should resign in their entirety"

The Editor in Chief of The Lancet, Richard Horton, is incandescent with fury over the way the government has failed to correctly and properly manage the COVID-19 crisis. The following paragraphs clearly demonstrate that frustration and anger and that the world’s oldest, and best known general medical journal has every intention of keeping up the pressure on the government to save lives and then ask questions when the crisis has subsided.

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15 April 2020: The Dirty War on the NHS — Live Q&A TONIGHT 8:30pm (UK time)

15 April 2020 — John Pilger

Tonight, there will be a live Q&A with two of the film’s main contributors — Professor Allyson Pollock and Dr John Lister, hosted by Simran Hans (film critic at the Observer) at 8.30pm (UK time), which will be beamed live to your homes via Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Curzon Home Cinema.

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Worshiping and Defiling Britain’s NHS

13 April 2020 — Counter Currents

Tories worshipping Britain’s National Health System are akin to fanatical carnivores who suddenly extol the virtues of vegans.  Has the grave response to COVID-19 signalled a change of heart?  In the case of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, it was all heart, quite literally.  It might have stopped beating and that scruffy, buffoonish essence of a man, a compulsive hand shaker with those who had contracted the coronavirus, might have been snuffed out.  But in a message on social media, he was grateful.

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