The Dirty War on the NHS

11 December 2019 — Off Guardian

Philip Roddis

I saw this film last night at a one-off screening in Derby. It’s all you’d expect of a John Pilger documentary. Polished and professional? Well of course, but more importantly:

Hard hitting, its straight-from-the shoulder interrogations of power a far cry from the posturing of mainstream interviewers who, doubtless in all sincerity – albeit of the self serving kind – mistake Paxmanesque aggression for the real deal.[1]

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8 November 2019 — John Pilger


The new John Pilger film, The Dirty War on the NHS, will be released in cinemas in the UK on 1 December and broadcast on the ITV Network on 17 December.

The film’s launch will straddle an extraordinary period in Britain, especially an election campaign which, for the first time for years, offers voters a genuine choice. The film’s theme, the privatisation and destruction of the NHS, is already a major election issue.

“The Dirty War,” says Pilger at the beginning of the film, “is about democracy. Above all, it is a warning.”

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REPORT: NHS privatisation – real expenditure 26 per cent, not 7 per cent

7 November 2019 — LSE Politics and Policy – True Publica

David Rowland is the Director of the Centre for Health and the Public Interest. Prior to this he worked within healthcare professional regulation in the UK as the Head of Policy at three national regulators and has developed significant expertise in social care policy, NHS workforce issues, regulation, safeguarding, whistleblowing and patient safety.

Political parties are making all sorts of claims to save the NHS from its current financial strangulation and the privatisation drive, mainly because a general election is due and the NHS is inevitably used a political football. This report really is quite explosive, not least because the general public has been ‘hoodwinked’ into believing that only 7 per cent of the NHS budget is spent on private contractors. However, are claims of eradicating privatisation unachievable given its current scale and depth?

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Amazon NHS partnership – more questions over backdoor privatisation

16 July 2019 — True Publica

Amazon NHS partnership - more backdoor privatisation?

By TruePublica: There is a lot going wrong in the world today and big tech is driving much of it in its indomitable thirst for ever greater global influence and markets to profit from. In the meantime, the British government is already making many moves to ‘Americanise’ society and continues towards its unpopular privatisation model in healthcare. These are not the musings of TruePublica’s editor. Professionals at the heart of the artificial intelligence community, privacy, civil liberty and healthcare are alarmed the NHS has teamed up with certain tech firms with scant care for patient outcomes especially with the latest announcement of American behemoth Amazon giving health advice.

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How NHS staff are fighting back against the ‘hostile environment’

17 May 2019 — OurNHS

The Daily Mail’s claims of our success are sadly premature – but the “patients not passports” campaign is indeed growing.

James Skinner Akram Salhab

Patients not Passports

With typical hyperbole and disregard for accuracy, the Daily Mail published a headline earlier this month claiming that MPs had ‘caved in’ to ‘left-wing doctors and scrap[ped] plans to stop ‘health tourists’ coming to Britain for treatment they’re not entitled to’. Making no reference to the well documented harm caused by the policy, the piece focused instead on the alleged cost of so called ‘health tourists’ to the NHS, repeating a favourite refrain of a Government and media adept at directing the anger at enforced austerity towards migrants.

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UK ambulance staff quitting in record numbers By Ben Trent

29 May 2019 — WSWS

Tens of thousands of ambulance staff have quit Britain’s National Health Service (NHS).

The figures, uncovered by a Labour Party-led investigation, are staggering. Fully 33,414 paramedics, technicians and office staff have quit their jobs since 2010—the year the Conservatives came to power in coalition with the Liberal Democrats.

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What The Chair of Health and Social Care Select Committees Wrote about Brexit and the NHS

2 January 2019 — True Publica

Boris johnson

Sarah Wollaston is the MP for the Totnes Constituency and Chair of Health and Social Care Select & Liaison Committees. Paul Williams is a GP and the MP for Stockton South and a member of the Health Select Committee. They wrote an opinion piece for the British Medical Journal about Brexit in and the NHS in November. It is worth reading as these are the experts both politically and in practice on the front lines of the healthcare industry in Britain.

There is no version of Brexit which will benefit the NHS—only varying degrees of harm

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Upfront NHS charges one year on – 6 reasons why they harm us all By Ed Jones

23 October 2018 — OurNHS

And what can we do to stop these harmful charges?

Image: Poster in Guys & St Thomas’s Hospital. Credit: Docs not Cops

 When you’re expecting a baby the last thing you want to be thinking about is whether you can afford over £6,000 to go into hospital for the labour. For most people in England this isn’t yet a consideration but for the past year it has been the reality for many migrant women.

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