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23 June 2012Strategic Culture Foundation

US shopping for «lily pads» in Central Asia
22.06.2012 | 10:24 | Melkulangara BHADRAKUMAR

The hidden agenda of the United States’ invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 lay enveloped by the fog of the war for most of the past ten-year period… Even now, when the topic of discussion is the withdrawal of the US forces from Afghanistan by end-2014, it is being overlooked in much of the world opinion that something like 50000 troops will stay back for an indefinite period in the region, including combat troops and air power. But then, the argument goes that 50000 US troops cannot be expected to turn the tide of the war when three times that number (during the ‘surge’ in 2010) couldn’t succeed, after all. So, where is the need of a hidden agenda?..


Terrorists arrested, hopes renewed

22.06.2012 | 00:00 | Kourosh ZIABARI

The announcement by Iran‘s intelligence ministry that it has arrested 20 people associated with the terrorist operations in which two of the country’s nuclear scientists were assassinated received the Western mainstream media’s meaningful silence…


Greece and the EU: Harmony or Truce?

21.06.2012 | 11:43 | Pyotr ISKENDEROV

The recent rerun in Greece gave the EU a sense of certainty Europe had lacked for quite some time… Nevertheless, the current state can be described as a truce rather than as regained harmony, and the tendency of EU fragmentation along geographic lines or into distinct groups of heavyweights on the one side and their smaller peers on the other will surely persist…


The Mortal Combat in the Land of Pharaohs

20.06.2012 | 00:00 | Igor IGNATCHENKO

It’s absolutely clear that, at least, a part of US political elite strives to make the Middle East plunge into a protracted wide-scale war in the times of world economic crisis… Trying to achieve the goal of creating an Arab Caliphate based on the Sharia law “from Spain to Indonesia” the Muslim Brothers play the spare fuse role in the US led game of exacerbating the Middle East situation… The Muslim Brothers coming to power in Egypt would result in turning it against Russia and China. The North Caucasus, Transcaucasia, Central Asia and Chinese Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region would become the radical Islamists targets…


Who Might Have Planted Drugs into Ecuadoran Diplomatic Pouch and Why. An Attempt to Unravel the Plot

19.06.2012 | 00:00 | Nil NIKANDROV

Unexpectedly, the Italian police demanded to open Ecuador’s diplomatic suitcases during a routine customs procedure in Milan.  Staff from TNT EXPRESS WORLDWIDE SPAIN… Ecuadorian opposition and media figures notorious for their ideological connections to and financial transactions with the U.S. Embassy promptly seized the chance to demand a deeper inquiry into the scandal… A fairly typical CIA and DEA scenario is unfolding, and that in itself is the best illustration of the objectives behind the scandal involving Ecuador and the jars with cocaine.


Media Under Assault in America

18.06.2012 | 00:00 | Wayne MADSEN

The Fourth Estate has never been under as much pressure in the United States as it has been under the Obama administration. On the 40th anniversary of the Watergate scandal that brought down the Nixon administration, thanks to a vigorous and independent U.S. press, many journalists have openly wondered how today’s corporate-controlled and increasingly-beleaguered independent media would have handled the Watergate affair. Many journalists have rightly concluded that today’s press would have given Nixon and his administration a free pass and there would have been no investigation, impeachment, or presidential resignation…


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