ColdType, October 2012: Edward S. Herman, Greg Palast, Philip Kraske, Linda McQuaig, John Pilger, Deepa Kimar and Diana Johnstone

3 October 2012Coldtype

In the October issue of COLDTYPE MAGAZINE – download your free copy today

Cover story this month is Fred Reed’s essay reminding us that playing soldiers is part of the male genome. Really. Helps explain why, despite the efforts of generations of mothers, little boys would still rather play with toy soldiers than their sisters’ dolls. The urge to wage war features strongly in this issue, with essays on the attack on the US embassy in Libya, the race to neutralise Iran’s non-existent nukes, Afghanistan’s 11 years of occupation, the West’s propaganda attacks on Syria and more. Writers include Edward S. Herman, Greg Palast, Philip Kraske, Linda McQuaig, John Pilger, Deepa Kimar and Diana Johnstone.

PLUS: Our second freebie this month is a 28-page excerpt from Stones Against A Mirror, Hugh Lewin’s award-winning book of bombing, friendship and betrayal in apartheid South Africa. Nobel Prize winning author Nadine Gordimer wrote of the book, “This is a fearless exploration into the deepest ground – the personal moral ambiguity of betrayal under brutal interrogation – actual betrayal of the writer by the most trusted associate and closest friend; and the lifetime question of whether one would have betrayed that same friend under such circumstances, oneself.”

In addition, we have six of the best book excerpts from ColdType’s archives, all in pdf format

  1. Hugh Lewin: Bandiet Out Of Jail (Seven Years In A South African Prison)
  2. Polly Toynbee: Hard Work
  3. William Blum: Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II
  4. Norman Solomon: War Made Easy: How Presidents And Pundits Keep Spinning Us To Death
  5. David Pratt: Intifada: The Long Day Of Rage
  6. Granville Williams: Shafted: The Media, The Miners’ Strike And The Aftermath

PS Our mailing lists have been hacked. If you have cancelled your subscription in the past two months, please let us know and we’ll remove your name again. Apologies. – Tony Sutton, Editor

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