ICH 26 November 2012: Chris Hedges: Stand Still for the Apocalypse

26 November 2012 Information Clearing House


Mashaal: I Accept a Palestinian State on ’67 Borders


Hamas leader says he’ll move to a peaceful path contingent on the “end of the occupation” and Palestinian statehood.



The Palestinians’ Only Option

By Alan Hart

The next step should be winding up the Palestine Authority and handing total responsibility for the occupation back to Israel.



Blind Support of Israel Leads to Unexpected Consequences

By Ron Paul

As long as Israel can count on its destructive policies being underwritten by the U.S. taxpayer it can continue to engage in reckless behavior.



Kristol’s Thanksgiving Meditation

Makes Central Role of Israel in Neo-Conservatism Clear

By Jim Lobe

If Bibi Netanyahu wants to expand settlements, invade Gaza, attack Iran, the U.S. should remain, in his words, “loyal and steadfast.”



Where’s Our Humanity For Gaza?

By Sara Roy

The US government will probably cut funding to the Palestinians if they pursue United Nations observer membership.



Is This Presidential Memorandum Aimed At Israel-firsters Or U.S. Whistleblowers?

Presidential Memorandum

To promote the development of effective insider threat programs within departments and agencies to deter, detect, and mitigate actions by employees who may represent a threat to national security.



Pat Buchanan: Dismantle The American Empire

By RT – Video

From the time of the Cold War the US has military bases all over the world. Today, running a budget deficit of 10 per cent of its GDP, America simply cannot afford to continue “to carry this enormous burden.



Stand Still for the Apocalypse

By Chris Hedges

Report paints a world convulsed by rising temperatures is a mixture of mass chaos, systems collapse and medical suffering like that of the worst of the Black Plague.



Fire Kills 112 Workers Making Clothes for US Brands


The 100-plus workers who died in a fire late Saturday at a high-rise garment factory in Bangladesh were working overtime making clothes for major American retailers, including Wal-Mart, according to workers’ rights groups.



Black Friday: American Wage Slaves Fight Over Chinese Slave Goods

By Patrick Henningsen

It’s a victory for worldly goods, over humanity, as people worship brands like gods.



Did Syria drop cluster bombs on a playground near Damascus?:

Syrian jets hit a playground outside of Damascus with cluster bombs, killing 10 children, according to Syrian opposition activists. A video purports to show the carnage. Syria denies that it uses cluster bombs.



Fighters take Palestinian training camp: Pro-rebel activists say:

“Rebels stormed a Popular Front-General Command (PFLP-GC) training camp in the Rihan area of Damascus province, after violent clashes with local fighters,”



Russian PM slams ‘unacceptable’ recognition, support for rebels:

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev slammed as “unacceptable” the recognition and support by France and other states of the Syrian opposition battling the government of President Bashar Al Assad.



Syrian Kurds form unified army, call for federalism :

“Kurdish forces represented in the People’s Council of West Kurdistan and the Kurdish National Council arrived in Erbil to pave the way for the unification of fighters inside Syria’s Kurdish regions, to establish a popular army as an alternative to the armed militias that have run the security situation in Syria for a number of months”.



Iraqi Kurds send more troops into standoff with Iraq army:

Iraq‘s Kurdish region has sent reinforcements to a disputed area where its troops are involved in a standoff with the Iraqi army, a senior Kurdish military official said, despite calls on both sides for dialogue to calm the situation.



Fugitive Iraqi VP Hashemi leaves Turkey for Qatar:

Sunni vice president Hashemi, who was given three death sentences by an Iraqi court after it found him guilty of ordering his bodyguards to attack Shiite pilgrims, took refuge in Turkey, fueling tensions between Turkey and Iraq.



Hamas, Palestinian Authority to release prisoners:

Officials from Hamas and the Palestinian Authority have announced that they will release prisoners in order to start off reconciliation talks on a positive foot.



Hamas lends support to Abbas’s UN statehood bid:

Mashaal calls PA president to back bid in unexpected change of heart; Hamas spokesman Abu Zuhri says group backs any political gain Abbas can achieve at UN “without causing harm to the national Palestinian rights.”



Israel successfully test fires David’s Sling:

Israel has successfully test fired the David’s Sling missile defense system, bringing the country’s multi-pillared air interception capabilities one step closer to the potential to intercept all enemy fire, the country’s military has announced.



Thousands march in London for Gaza and freedom for Palestine: report and pictures:

The demonstrators were united in their determination not just to protest at this latest outrage by Israel but to call for an end to the siege of Gaza and for justice for all Palestinians.



The US Is Sending Another Carrier To Patrol Off The Coast Of Iran:

When the aircraft carrier USS John C Stennis returns to the placid blue waters of the Gulf with her strike force of 70 jets in the next few days, she will be ready for action off the coast of Iran.



Commander: No Warship Allowed to Approach Iran’s Territorial Waters:

Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said Iran has a close watch on foreign warships’ movements in the regional waters, adding that the Navy has so far prevented warships from approaching the country’s borders.



Teen protester killed, 40 injured in clash in Egypt:

Security officials say rioters have stormed a Muslim Brotherhood headquarters building in northern Egypt, and a teenager protester was killed.



“Morsi Must Go” Chant Thousands of Egyptians: Video –

Mass Protests Across Egypt demand President Morsi reverse power grabbing decree and many call for his resignation



Egypt’s interior ministry claims protesters shot each other:

“The police forces are the victims”, the senior official insisted, explaining that protesters attempting to reach state buildings have repeatedly attacked the police.



‘Judges for Egypt’ declares support for Morsi’s constitutional decree:

Hundreds of judges hold meeting on Saturday to support Morsi’s controversial constitutional declarations, charge judges who oppose the president are former regime loyalists



Gunmen attack police station in Nigerian capital, kill 2:

The attack came a day after two suicide bombs killed at least 11 people in a church in a military barracks in northern Nigeria,



DR Congo’s M23 rebel leader heads to Uganda for withdrawal talks:

M23’s reported connections with Uganda and Rwanda complicate a resolution in eastern Congo.



6 killed in attack on Pakistan Shiites gathering, 90 injured Police foil major terrorist attack in Karachi:

A bombing claimed by the Taleban killed at least six people and wounded some 90 others at a Shiite religious procession in northwestern Pakistan on Sunday, police said, as the minority Muslim sect observes the annual Ashoura holiday.



Explosion kill NATO occupation force soldier in southern Afghanistan:

A NATO soldier was killed following a roadside bomb explosion in southern Afghanistan on Monday.



US to keep 10 000 occupation force troops in Afghanistan: report:

The administration of President Barack Obama aims to keep around 10 000 US troops in Afghanistan after formal combat operations in that country end in 2014, The Wall Street Journal reported late on Sunday.



UK to halve its troop presence in Afghanistan:

Phased withdrawal comes amid doubts over Afghans’ ability to maintain their country’s security.



Afghanistan: Another province goes to the Taliban:

Logar, a strategic province that neighbors Kabul and is home to an all-important copper mine, is increasingly under Taliban control as NATO sources begin to withdraw.



Afghans protest against death sentence for soldier who killed French troops:

Students protest at death sentence for Abdul Saboor when western troops are not executed for civilian death



Obama ‘drone-warfare rulebook’ condemned by human rights groups:

President Barack Obama’s administration is in the process of drawing up a formal rulebook that will set out the circumstances in which targeted assassination by unmanned drones is justified, according to reports.



Military suicides ‘out of control’:

Libby Busbee pounded on the window of her son’s maroon Dodge Charger as he sat in the driveway of their home earlier this year. Locked inside his car, Army Spc. William Busbee sat with a .45-caliber gun pointed to the side of his head.



Time is running out: the Doha climate talks must put an end to excuses:

The evidence of climate change is clearer than ever. The poor countries have done everything asked of them. Now the rich nations must face their responsibilities



Alleged Walmart Shoplifter Killed in Security Altercation Over Two DVD Players:

An alleged Walmart shoplifter died in the store parking lot early Sunday morning after three employees allegedly attacked him for stealing two DVD players from the super store early Sunday morning.



Judge stops school from expelling girl who refused to wear tracking device:

A Texas high school student will be allowed to continue going to class for now despite her refusal to cooperate with a program that forces pupils to be mandatorily tracked with computer chips.



Texas Schools Teaching Boston Tea Party As Terrorist Act:

The most historical instance of protesting against taxation without representation is now being taught in Texas schools as a terrorist act.



Police Install Camera Focused on Back Yard of Woman’s Home:

The police department went in and installed a wildlife camera in a tree in a privately owned vacant lot right next to her property. And they focused the camera on her home-the back yard of her home, and specifically her bedroom window.



California Man Jailed Four Days for Recording Cops :

A California man was jailed for four days for attempting to record police officers on a public street.



You Think You’re Getting Social Security But You’re Not, Says Multimillionaire Banker:

What should the U.S. do about the so-called “fiscal cliff”? Who better to ask than Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, “one of the world’s most influential bankers”?



Protesting Greek municipal workers occupy town halls:

Greek municipal workers occupied hundreds of town halls across the country for a fifth day on Thursday to protest against public sector layoffs demanded by European Union and International Monetary Fund lenders.



Cost Of War


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,883


Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,230


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001




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