No Wonder China is Nervous as Obama Pivots By William Engdahl

22 November 2012 — William Engdahl

The US Military Posture Change

china1Part I: China a Military Threat?
To read the mainstream Western media, one would conclude that China has become an economic giant now intent on flexing its military muscle and making a massive arms buildup to do so. China’s designated new President, Xi Jinping, has just won both the top Communist party post from predecessor Hu Jintao as well as the head of the powerful Central Military Commission, giving Xi a full takeover of party and armed forces.

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What went wrong with ‘real socialism’?

22 November <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>2012 — Climate and Capitalism

<strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>Michael Lebowitz.The Contradictions of “Real Socialism”: The Conductor and the Conducted   012

reviewed by Roy Wilkes

If you don’t know where you want to go, suggests <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>Michael Lebowitz, then no road will take you there. Our class cannot overthrow the rule of <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>capital unless we have some idea of what we want to replace it with. But therein lies a problem.

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VTJP Palestine/Israel News & Articles 21 November 2012: Zionist drones and warplanes pollute Gaza’s skies immediately after 9 pm “cease-fire”

21 November 2012 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Ceasefire Takes Effect; Egypt Takes Responsibility Of Maintaining It
IMEMC – Egyptian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Kamel, stated in a press conference with U.S. Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, in Cairo, that the ceasefire between Israel and the resistance in Gaza started on 9 at night Wednesday. Clinton thanked Egypt’s President Mohammad Morsi for his role. …

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