FAIR: When Is a Mandate Not a Mandate?

9 November 2012 — Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

Different standards for different elections–and parties

When it comes to explaining election results, there’s no precise way to determine whether voters gave the winner a “mandate”–defined by Oxford as “the authority to carry out a policy, regarded as given by the electorate to a party or candidate that wins an election.” That makes it interesting to see how media use the expression–and which presidents they think earned one. Continue reading

ICH November 8, 2012: US Says Iran Fired on US Drone Over Gulf

8 November 2012 — Information Clearing House

US Says Iran Fired on US Drone Over Gulf


Associated Press

Little said the U.S. informed the Iranians that it would continue to conduct such surveillance flights in international airspace.



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VTJP Palestine/Israel News & Articles 8 November 2012: No Show Trial for Israel in Turkey

8 November 2012 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Palestinian Child Killed By Military Fire In Khan Younis
IMEMC – Palestinian medical sources reported that a Palestinian child was killed, on Thursday evening, after Israeli soldiers opened fire at Palestinians east of Khan Younis city, in the southern part of the besieged Gaza Strip. … 

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