Video: Chavez Dead – VP Accuses "Historical Enemies"

6 March 2013The Real News Network


Venezuela‘s Vice President Maduro announces the death of President Hugo Chavez, says they believe Venezuela‘s enemies are responsible 





President Hugo Chavez died on Tuesday March the 5th 2013 in Caracas Venezuela, the news sent political shockwaves all across Latin America and the World.


Nicolas Maduro acting as provisional president spoke to the people:


We came here to the Military Hospital in Caracas, to follow up on the health of our President  Commander. And the moment we where paying company to his daughter, brothers and family; we then got the hardest and most tragic information we can transmit to our people& Hugo Chavez Frias died today, March the 5th at 4:25pm .


The Venezuelan Defense Department Secretary Diego Molero Bellavia also spoke and announced special measures for the transitional period ahead.


Here with me are a few member of the Armed Forces, we are now being deploy to guarantee the safety and sovereignty of all Venezuelan Citizens; we are also united on the purpose of having our Constitutional Precepts keept and observe the will of our leader Hugo Chavez Frias.


Chavez died at 16:25 local time, only 2 hours before Nicolas Maduro declares that  the historical enemy inoculated the disease that ultimately killed former President Hugo Chavez.


We have absolutely no doubt, and the right moment in history will come; when a scientific commission can investigate (and prove) that this disease was used to attack Commander Chavez.


He publicly said as much and we have no doubt that was the case; (we think) that the  historical enemies of our homeland found the way to harm the health of our Commander.


Millions mourning Hugo Chavez death in Caracas and all over Latin America


For the real News this is Oscar leÛn

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