Venezuela Newslinks 22 April 2019

22 April 2019 22:20 — The New Dark Age

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With US on the Warpath, Iran’s Press TV the Latest Target for Google’s Political Censorship


US Aggression Against Venezuela and How do You “Eat” That

5 April 2019 — Orinoco Tribune
As a result of different requests from friends of Venezuela in the US and also as a simplification exercise Orinoco Tribune’s staff decided to make an easy to follow timeline about the more than documented United State Aggression/Sanctions against the Bolivarian Revolution, starting with Hugo Chavez and continued/magnified with Nicolas Maduro.

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Venezuela Newslinks 19 April 2019

19 April 2019 17:45 — The New Dark Age

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The Commune is the Supreme Expression of Participatory Democracy: A Conversation with Anacaona Marin of El Panal Commune

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Venezuela Newslinks 17 April 2019

17 April 2019 21:00 — The New Dark Age

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Venezuela sanctions serve warning to ‘external actors’ like Russia against helping Maduro – Bolton

Venezuela: A Cocaine Super-Highway to the US?

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Defiant Resistance: The Venezuelan Crises and the Possibility of Another World By Jeremiah Gaster

13 April 2019 — Socialist Project

Bob Dylan once said, “Let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late.” February 23rd, 2019, was the day that Juan Guaidó, the self-proclaimed President of Venezuela, had “authorized” “humanitarian aid” to enter Venezuela, an attempt to force the Maduro government, and thus the Venezuelan people, to their knees. There is great urgency as an ever-increasing escalation of violence is being perpetuated by those who would destroy Venezuela, including several attacks on Venezuela’s electrical grid over the last few weeks. But let me be clear: the Venezuelan poor are resilient, and any change will be on their terms. Most importantly, Venezuelan politics is collective, and there is a deep form of solidarity across communities along with an abiding interest in building a different form of politics. In short, if one does not unearth this collective politics, one cannot understand what is happening in Venezuela.

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Venezuela Newslinks 14-16 April 2019

16 April 2019 20:50 — The New Dark Age

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What I saw in Venezuela revealed a horrifying gap between reporting and reality

Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela? What Crisis?

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Venezuela Newslinks 14-15 April 2019

15 April 2019 — The New Dark Age

US Military Attack on Venezuela Mulled by Top Trump Advisors and Latin American Officials at Private DC Meeting

Venezuela has not yet transferred debt payment to Russia, says deputy minister

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Hands Off Venezuela: Pence Bullies Venezuela at UN Security Council. U.S. Peace Council Contradicts Western Media Distortions By Carla Stea

14 April 2019 — Global Research

In a March 26 United Nations press briefing strong on fact and devoid of bigotry, the United States Peace Council, headed by Bahman Azad, just returned from their recent visit to Venezuela, presented an eyewitness account of realities on the ground in Venezuela.  Their factual information drastically contradicted Western media distortions and propaganda intended to discredit the government of President Maduro.  The panel included Dr. Margaret Flowers a pediatrician and co-Director of Popular, Attorney Kevin Zeese, also co-director of Popular, Sara Flounders of the International Action Center and  founder of the organization No War on Venezuela.

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