Bradley Manning Newslinks 4-5 July 2013

5 July 2013 —


5 July 2013

Missourians rally in support of Snowden and whistleblowing


As the National Security Agency domestic-spying controversy unfolds nationally, community members from across Missouri have rallied in support of whistle blowers like Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden. Manning is accused of leaking classified …


People Who Pretend To Be Your Friend: Collaborators And Traitors – OpEd

Eurasia Review

People Who Pretend To Be Your Friend: Collaborators And Traitors – OpEd.

July 4, 2013. By Robert J. Burrowes. Some people have accused Bradley

Manning and Edward Snowden of being traitors. But this obscures a deeper

and more important question.


WikiLeaks documentary focuses on Julian Assange


“I know he’s read it because he’s released an annoted transcript of the

film, it’s a badly inaccurate transcript which miss all of Bradley

Manning’s words. I think it’s because they used an audio recording of a

screening and Manning’s words are printed …


Mining PGP Key Servers

Statements in the Bradley Manning trial describe forensics to establish his

online behavior and correspondents. Edward Snowden is reported to have

advised his correspondents to use PGP for security. The Bradley forensics

and Snowden advice suggests …


Information and deception

The Canberra Times

It’s hardly surprising that this incredulous confession gave Gibney the

name for his film – We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks – a

thoughtful documentary about Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, secrets,

lies, power and the poorly understood nature …


How the Far-Left Celebrates the Fourth

Sunshine State News

… down Main Street. Carrying “Free Bradley Manning” signs and protest

banners, and pretending to videotape the crowd for government purposes, the

demonstrators were well received by the local crowd. (Even this

conservative thought they were great fun.).


Justice for Bradley Manning ACTION – Care2 News Network

By Nancy C.

Remind General Buchanan that Bradley Manning’s rights have been trampled –

Enough is enough!


Prosecution Case vs. Bradley Manning Threatens First Amendment …

The prosecution rested its case Tuesday in the court martial of Bradley

Manning, the Army private who has admitted to leaking 700,000 documents

exposing US …


Sentencing period begins for Bradley Manning | Young Americans …

With the fourth week of the trial of first class private Bradley Manning

over, it’s expected that the final, sentencing, period will commence

shortly. Three years ago …


London Pride 2013 | Queer+ Friends of Bradley Manning

This was our biggest London Pride yet! A huge thanks to all those who came

and joined us in supporting Bradley Manning, we had a great day and handed

out …


Prosecution Rests Its Case In Trial of Bradley Manning – The Ledger

FORT MEADE, Md. | Prosecutors rested their case against Pfc. Bradley

Manning on Tuesday after presenting evidence from 80 witnesses, trying to

prove the …


In Court with Bradley Manning | War Is A Crime .org

Instead, Bradley Manning, a private who joined to pay for college, sent to

a Forward Operating Base outside Baghdad, is facing charges for which the

U.S. …


Bradley Manning – Rogue Valley Community Press

The military trial of Army Private First Class Bradley Manning continues at

Fort Meade in Maryland. Manning stands accused of violating the Espionage

Act and …


4 July 2013

Taking Pride in Bradley Manning (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Huffington Post

I have to admit I have a crush on Bradley Manning, and not just because

he’s cute and gay and from Oklahoma. He gets mega-crush status because he’s

not just a crush but my personal hero. Bradley Manning is a 25-year-old,

openly gay United States Army …


Bradley Manning Prosecution Rests Case, Leaving Holes

In These Times

Yesterday, the government rested its case against whistleblower Bradley

Manning, and the defense will begin arguments on Monday, July 8. Manning, a

U.S. army private who leaked state documents and intelligence to WikiLeaks,

is accused of 21 serious …


Prosecution case vs. Bradley Manning threatens First Amendment rights to free …

World Socialist Web Site

The prosecution rested its case Tuesday in the court martial of Bradley

Manning, the Army private who has admitted to leaking 700,000 documents

exposing US military atrocities and other crimes to the WikiLeaks web site

in April of 2010. The prosecutor …


July 4th reprieve for Bradley Manning after prosecution rests

The People’s Voice

As the nation readies itself for its annual celebration of freedom, the

modern U.S. government seeking to severely punish hero whistleblower,

Bradley Manning, rested its case prosecuting him for 21 charges, including

‘aiding the enemy’ which carries a …


Military prosecutors rest case against Bradley Manning with argument for …

Free Speech Radio News

This week, military prosecutors rested their case against Army Private

Bradley Manning, who faces 22 charges in relation to leaking government and

military documents to the anti-secrecy group Wikileaks. Prosecutors

attempted to show that some of the …


Bradley Manning Gay Pride Contingent Blocks Military Recruiters

Bay Area Indymedia

On June 30th, 2,000 marched in a lively Bradley Manning contingent at Pride

Sunday, acting in defiance against the Pride board’s decision to exclude

Manning as Grand Marshal and welcome military recruiters. After the parade

about 100 members of the …


Military Prosecutors Wrap Case Against Bradley Manning With Closed Testimony

Democracy Now

Military prosecutors have wrapped their case in the court-martial of Army

whistleblower Bradley Manning. The final prosecution witness testified

Tuesday in closed session as part of an effort to argue that Manning leaked

documents that would be used by …


1 charge dropped as government rests case against leaker Manning

Big News

FORT MEADE, Md. — The U.S. government ended its case against Pfc. Bradley

Manning by dropping a charge that his disclosures to Wikileaks aided a

“classified” enemy. Before dropping the charge during Tuesday’s

court-martial session at Fort Meade, Md., …


Blowing a whistle, for nation’s sake

Lompoc Record

Between the trial of Bradley Manning and the shocking revelation about the

NSA’s PRISM program, whistleblowers have dominated the news lately.

Possibly the next great estate for our democracy, whistleblowers are

becoming increasingly important in an …


Watchwords: ‘Free’ an ambiguous word

Montreal Gazette

The slogan he first uttered in the 1980s has become a byword in hacker

circles — Bradley Manning, who delivered hundreds of thousands of secret

U.S. documents to WikiLeaks, used it to justify his actions. It’s unlikely,

however, that Manning meant by …


Government classifying less new information than ever, but it’s hardly making …

The Verge

In the wake of WikiLeaks and the Bradley Manning case, the US government’s

penchant for locking away seemingly mundane information by declaring it

classified has been roundly criticized by activists and concerned citizens

pushing for more transparency.


Movie review: We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks

Perth Now

No, We Steal Secrets is also the strange, sad tale of US Army Private

Bradley Manning. At only 22, this low-level analyst leaked the 750,000

restricted documents that propelled WikiLeaks to worldwide notoriety. A

lonely, gender-conflicted soul who was …


Mid-Missouri Peace Coalition holds rally against government surveillance

Columbia Missourian

The primary focus of the rally was to support government whistle-blowers,

such as Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, who have released large amounts

of classified government information. Manning is currently on trial for

charges under the espionage …


Is the EU-US fallout over spying claims lip service or real diplomatic crisis?

Press TV

Edward Snowdon has joined names like Bradley Manning and Julian Assange –

to experience first-hand the consequences of telling the world what America

doesn’t want you to know. He’s now enemy number one. His American passport

revoked – he’s now …


Newscast for Wednesday , July 3 , 2013

Free Speech Radio News

For the latest on the court martial proceedings at Ft. Meade, Maryland,

we’re joined by journalist Kevin Gozstola. He’s covering the Bradley

Manning trial for He is also co-author of Truth and

Consequences: The US vs. Bradley Manning.


A changing world and a lost opportunity for India

Daily News & Analysis

The world got truly excited when Bradley Manning transferred thousands of

State Department communications to Wikileaks. There was a virtual

electronic mine for people to trawl through. For once, the governments of

the world were exposed to unlimited …


Historic Pride celebrates marriage

Bay Area Reporter

In response to the Pride board of directors’ April announcement and

recession of grand marshal status to gay Army private Bradley Manning,

currently facing court-martial for leaking classified documents to

WikiLeaks, a large contingent of supporters, …


Rhizome | Sketching Bradley Manning

As the Bradley Manning trial presses on at Fort Meade, Maryland, artist

Clark Stoeckley (of Wikileaks Truck fame) documents the proceedings in

sketches. So far …


DOMA Win, Pols, A Bit of Rain, Bradley Manning in the Mix …

A soldier in captivity in contingent protesting Bradley Manning’s

prosecution. | DUNCAN OSBORNE. BY DUNCAN OSBORNE | Accra Zuberi was

cheering as the …


Huge contingent in SF Pride demands “Free Bradley Manning!”

Over 1000 demand the release of accused whistle-blower Bradley Manning at

spirited contingent in the San Francisco Pride parade.


Prosecutors rest their case at Bradley Manning trial – News

Bradley Manning is accused of giving intelligence to WikiLeaks, knowing it

would be published online and seen by U.S. enemies.

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