Bradley Manning Newslinks 10 July 2013

10 July 2013 —

Key witness in Bradley Manning trial: Guantánamo files just ‘baseball cards’

The Guardian

A key defence witness at the trial of Bradley Manning has told the court that in his expert opinion as a former chief prosecutor at Guantánamo Bay, the assessment files on detainees passed by the young soldier to WikiLeaks would have had no value to …


Bradley Manning’s Lawyers Ask Judge to Drop ‘Aiding the Enemy’ Charge


Bradley Manning’s lawyers want the military judge presiding in his case to

drop several charges that the United States government has levied against

him, including the most serious one: that he “aided the enemy.” On Monday,

the first day of the defense …


Defense Lawyers Portray Bradley Manning as Socially Naive and Weak

Atlanta Black Star

Bradley Manning is escorted by military police from the courthouse at Fort

Meade in Maryland More than a month into the court martial of Pfc. Bradley

Manning, his defense team began presenting its case to the military judge,

attempting to portray …


Defense: Bradley Manning Had No ‘Knowledge’ By Giving Information to …


During the first day of the defense’s case in the trial of Pfc. Bradley

Manning, his defense moved for a finding of “not guilty” on the charge

of “aiding the enemy.” Manning is charged with committing multiple

offenses that relate to releasing United …


As Defense Begins, Witnesses in Bradley Manning Trial Explore Motives for Leaks

Kansas City infoZine

Army Pfc. Bradley Manning is led into the courthouse at Ft. Meade, Md.,

Monday morning. It was the first day of his defense in his court martial.

SHFWire photo by Memet Walker. The courtroom was filled to capacity with

Manning supporters, some of whom …


Defense Witnesses Appear in Bradley Manning Trial

Prensa Latina

09 de julio de 2013, 11:11Washington, Jul 8 (Prensa Latina) U.S. soldier

Bradley Manning, accused of leaking more than 700,000 classified files to

WikiLeaks, had wide access to data that could be easily downloaded,

affirmed today witnesses of the …


A troubling documentary about WikiLeaks, Julian Assange and Bradley Manning

The Independent Weekly

Not when his film includes no new interviews with founder Julian Assange

(who refused to cooperate) or with Assange’s greatest source, Pfc. Bradley

Manning (who was held incommunicado for years prior to his trial, which

began in February). A third …


Bradley Manning Defense Begins With Iraq Video, Request to Drop Charges

Democracy Now

Lawyers for accused Army whistleblower Bradley Manning have opened their

defense at his military court-martial. On Monday, Manning’s attorneys began

by playing the video he leaked of U.S. forces shooting dead Iraqi civilians

from a helicopter in 2007.


Manning leaks ’caused no damage’

Independent Online

iol newsp ic WikiLeaks Manning jun12. Reuters. US Army Private First Class

Bradley Manning enters the courtroom for day four of his court martial at

Fort Meade, Maryland. File photo: Gary Cameron, Reuters. Related Stories.

Defence opens case in Manning …


Manning was upset over Iraqis’ plight: witness

FORT MEADE (United States), July 9: Bradley Manning, the US soldier accused

of espionage, was “upset” about the plight of Iraqi civilians before he

handed over a trove of secret files to WikiLeaks, a witness testified on

Monday. The army private was …


Called of God: Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, et al!


In connection with Edward Snowden and others such as Bradley Manning and

Julian Assange taking great personal risks of whistle-blowing on the foul

acts of our government spying on its citizens and the citizens of other

countries, I am going to suggest …


Manning was troubled over plight of Iraqis: witness

The Japan Times

FORT MEADE, FLORIDA – Bradley Manning, the U.S. soldier accused of

espionage, was “upset” about the plight of Iraqi civilians before he

handed over a trove of secret files to WikiLeaks, a witness testified

Monday. The army private was dismayed over an …


Push to drop ‘aiding enemy’ charge

The Age

Lawyers representing US soldier Bradley Manning opened his defence on

Monday, filing motions that the military judge dismiss the most serious

charges on the grounds that despite five weeks of evidence, the prosecution

had not proved the charges.


Snowden, Bradley and the Lives of Others

Havana Times

I believe that Snowden, just like young Bradley Manning, merely awoke from

his dreams about the “heroic grandeur of the United States.” These men

have come to the realization, or, better, have discovered, that they have

lived under the lies of a regime …


Defense takes the stage in Manning trial

FORT MEADE, Md.– Oklahoma Army Private Bradley Manning never meant to

harm national security; that’s what his defense team is trying to prove as

the case enters its second day. Monday, Manning’s lawyers opened their

defense by showing the video …


In Texas, likely Perry successor biding his time


A former Guantanamo Bay prosecutor says secret detainee assessments that

Army Pfc. Bradley Manning gave to WikiLeaks did not threaten national

security.More . Secret threat assessments of Guantanamo Bay detainees

that Pfc. Bradley Manning gave …


Leaked Gitmo ‘baseball cards’ had little value – WikiLeaks trial witness

The Star Online

Leaked Gitmo ‘baseball cards’ had little value – WikiLeaks trial witness.

Ian Simpson. U.S. Army Private First Class Bradley Manning (C) is escorted

out after a day of testimony at his court martial trial at Fort Meade,

Maryland, July 8, 2013. REUTERS …–WikiLeaks-trial-witness.aspx


Harvard prof who praises WikiLeaks is star defence witness at Manning’s court …

Montreal Gazette

Yochai Benkler is the star defence witness Wednesday in the trial of Pfc.

Bradley Manning at Fort Meade, near Baltimore. Benkler has praised the

anti-secrecy website as a new-media watchdog. He calls the prosecution of

Manning part of a broader attack …


Witness in Manning case likens leaked Gitmo files to ‘baseball cards’

Voice of Russia

FORT MEADE, Md. (VOR) — Defense lawyers for accused WikiLeaker Bradley

Manning on Tuesday questioned an investigator-prosecutor familiar with

leaked documents regarding detainees at Guantanamo who compared the files

the baseball cards that …


On Independence Day, Santa Cruzans Support Whistleblowers Manning and …

Bay Area Indymedia

At this year’s Fourth of July anti-war demonstration in Santa Cruz,

community members called for the release of all political prisoners,

including Bradley Manning, Lynne Stewart, and Edward Snowden. The event is

held annually at the corner of Ocean and …


Witness: Leak of Guantanamo Files by Manning Posed no Threat

Reason (blog)

Witness: Leak of Guantanamo Files by Manning Posed no Threat. July 9, 2013.

A former Guantánamo Bay prosecutor says secret detainee assessments that

Army Pfc. Bradley Manning gave to WikiLeaks did not threaten national

security. Retired Air Force …


Gitmo Briefs Likened to Baseball Cards

Courthouse News Service

MEADE, Md. (CN) – Prosecutors tried Tuesday to undermine testimony from a

former chief prosecutor at Guantanamo Bay who compared the detainee

assessment briefs Pfc. Bradley Manning share with WikiLeaks to “baseball

cards.” Published as the …


Denouncing NSA Surveillance Isn’t Enough — We Need the Power to Stop It

Center for Research on Globalization

So is supporting Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and other whistleblowers

— past, present and future. But those vital efforts are far from

sufficient. For a moment, walk a mile in the iron-heeled shoes of the

military-industrial-digital complex. Its …


Edward Snowden: Whistleblower, Traitor or Both?


Bradley Manning, is a solider with top secret clearance who copied nearly

one million classified documents and cables and released them to Julian

Assange, the owner/founder of Wikileaks, an internet publisher. Manning is

on trial for releasing …


VIEW: Snowden and the zombies —Kurt Jacobsen and Sayeed Hasan Khan

Pakistan Daily Times

The real reason, apparent after Edward Snowden’s and Bradley Manning’s

revelations, for the popularity of all those dumb zombie films is that

every value that Westerners grew up cherishing since the Second World War

is now dead or dying, reduced to …


Bradley Manning Trial Report, Day 16 | Peace . Gold . Liberty

By legalizeliberty

the former Guantanamo Bay chief prosecutor whom the defense qualified as an

expert yesterday, testified about the Detainee Assessment Briefs (DABs)

that Bradley Manning released and that WikiLeaks published as the GITMO



Defense seeks dismissal of some charges against Bradley Manning …

Lawyers for Bradley Manning, who gave reams of classified documents to the

anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks, asked judge to dismiss some of the charges.


Defense witness calls Pfc Bradley Manning his ‘go-to guy’ –

Army Pfc. Bradley Manning didn’t mean to harm national security but thought

Americans should know how wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were waged, his

lawyers …


Defense For Army Pfc. Bradley Manning Opens Their Case | WAMU …

Army Pfc. Bradley Manning is charged with aiding the enemy by causing

hundreds of thousands of classified documents to be published on the

secret- sharing …


Bradley Manning Trial Prosecution: Bin Laden, Al-Qaida Reveled

FORT MEADE, Md. (AP) — Al-Qaida leaders reveled in WikiLeaks’ publication

of reams of classified U.S. documents, urging members to study them before


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