ICH 10 July 2013: Russian Inquiry to UN: Rebels, not Army, Behind Syria Aleppo Sarin Attack

10 July 2013 — Information Clearing House

NSA Blackmailing Obama?

Interview with Whistleblower Russ Tice


Abby Martin talks to Russell Tice, former intelligence analyst and original NSA whistleblower, about how he saw spying orders for including former senators Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama.



Denouncing NSA Surveillance Isn’t Enough — We Need the Power to Stop It

By Norman Solomon

At the core of the surveillance state is the hollowness of its democratic pretenses. Only with authentic democracy can we save ourselves from devastating evisceration of the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments.



Russian Inquiry to UN: Rebels, not Army, Behind Syria Aleppo Sarin Attack


Samples taken at the site where the chemical weapons were allegedly used indicate that it was rebels – not the Syrian army – behind the attack, Russia’s UN envoy Vladimir Churkin has said.



Syria: Nobel Peace Laureate Gives Her Account of What She Witnessed In Syria


Nobel Peace Prize laurete, Mairead Maguire discovered that the people the U.S. are funding are violent groups and do not want peace in Syria.



Exclusive: US Bankrolled Anti-Morsi Activists

By Emad Mekay

Documents reveal US money trail to Egyptian groups that pressed for president’s removal.



Treatment of Palestinians is Apartheid by Any Other Name

By Jonathan Cook

Israel is carrying out a systematic and intentional policy to drive Palestinians off their land to replace them with Jewish communities.



The Decline Of Breadwinner Jobs Has Resulted In The Longest Bread Lines In American History

By Michael Snyder

As the number of good jobs continues to decline, the number of Americans that cannot take care of themselves without government assistance continues to explode. 



How Unchecked Capitalism Has Brought the World to the Brink of Apocalypse — and What We Must Do Now

By Robert Jensen

We have both a moral obligation and practical reasons to work for justice and sustainability.



Can We Really Walk Away From Empire?

By Carolyn Baker

Welcome to the real world that empire never told you about.



Almost 30,000 California Prison Inmates On Hunger Strike

By M. Alex Johnson,

The inmates comprise almost a quarter of the state’s 120,000 prisoners, said that they are out of options to end indefinite solitary confinement for inmates with ties to prison gangs, which they call state-sanctioned torture.



In Case You Missed It

I Thought Solitary Confinement in Iran Was Bad — Then I Went Inside America’s Prisons

By Shane Bauer

We throw thousands of people in prison for the books they read, the company they keep, the beliefs they hold. Here’s why.



In Case You Missed It

Torture Inc. Americas Brutal Prisons


Savaged by dogs, Electrocuted With Cattle Prods, Burned By Toxic Chemicals, Does such barbaric abuse inside U.S. jails explain the horrors that were committed in Iraq?



“You Have Radicalized Hundreds of Thousands of Us”

Model Citizen Bravely Blasts Lawmakers at Texas Abortion Bill Hearing

Must Watch – Video

Texas resident Sarah Slamen brought down the hammer of citizen justice on the Senate Health and Human Services Committee’s anti-choice members with an excoriation for the ages.



Atheists Are the Most Feared Group in America – But Why?

By Chris Finocchio

The percentage of American adults not identifying with any religion in Pew Research polls has grown from barely 15% to nearly 20% in the last five years.



From The Archives

Mos Def and Bill Maher on 9/11


Mos Def stands up for himself and breaks the criticism and propaganda that Bill Maher throws at him.



17 killed in Afghan bombing:

At least 17 people, including 12 women and four children, were killed Tuesday when their vehicle was struck by a bomb planted on the roadside in the western Afghan province of Herat, officials said.



Afghanistan: UK forces in Helmand ‘made matters worse’, says report:

Study says ‘ignorant’ troops alienated local people and the Taliban are likely to try to retake the Afghanistan province



Pakistan: President’s security officer among three killed in Karachi blast:

President Asif Ali Zardari’s chief security officer, Bilal Sheikh and two others (Sheikh’s driver, fruit vendor) were killed in a suicide blast targeting his double cabin vehicle near the Binoria Town Mosque in the Gurumandir area of the city on Wednesday.



Twelve Killed Across Iraq, including four women in Mosul:

In Mosul, two soldiers were killed and two more were wounded in an I.E.D. blast. Three women were killed during a home invasion. Gunmen killed a woman.



Syrian rebels disperse food protest with gunfire:

Syrian rebels fired into the air to disperse a protest by civilians in a rebel-held district of Aleppo against a blockade preventing food and medicine reaching government-held areas of the northern city, residents said on Wednesday.



Syrian rebel blockade in Aleppo leaves thousands hungry: activists: –

Syrian rebels have intensified their blockade of government-held areas in the northern city of Aleppo, where residents now face severe food shortages, opposition activists said on Tuesday.



Syrian rebels lose hope on promised US military aid:

Members of the Syrian opposition said on Tuesday that they had given up hope that the United States would deliver promised military aid to rebels as war planes and artillery smashed the central city of Homs.



Saudi arms will arrive soon: Syria rebel chief:

The new president of the main Syrian opposition group says he expected advanced Saudi weapons will arrive in the country soon and change their military situation, which he described as weak



Russia says Syrian rebels made sarin nerve gas used in Aleppo attack:

Russia’s UN ambassador said Tuesday that Russian experts determined that Syrian rebels made sarin nerve gas and used it in a deadly chemical weapon attack outside Aleppo in March.



Inquiry on Aleppo chemical attack met international standards, unlike West’s – Lavrov:

Russia’s inquiry into the use of chemical weapons on Syrian territory was carried out in full accordance with international standards, unlike a similar evaluation by Western countries, says Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.



Al-Qaida in Syria is most serious terrorist threat to UK, says report:

Intelligence and security committee report warns of catastrophic consequences should militants get hold of chemical weapons



Two dead after militants attack security checkpoint in Sinai:

The official says the gunmen stormed the post in an area called Sadr Haitan in central Sinai early Wednesday. He says six people were wounded in the attack. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to brief the press.



Egypt: interim presidency appoints PM and vice-president:

Egypt’s military-backed interim presidency appointed the economist Hazem el-Beblawi as prime minister and the internationally known opposition leader, Mohamed ElBaradei, as vice-president.



Egypt’s Brotherhood rejects cabinet offer:

The Muslim Brotherhood has rejected an offer to join Egypt’s transitional cabinet, as new interim Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi announced he would start work on forming an interim government once he meets liberal leaders.



Egypt orders Brotherhood chief held, Mursi in ‘safe place’:

Egypt on Wednesday ordered the arrest of the Muslim Brotherhood’s supreme leader Mohammed Badie over violence in Cairo that left dozens dead while charging another 200 people over the bloodshed, judicial sources said.



Amnesty slams Egypt army’s ‘disproportionate’ use of force:

Amnesty International said on Wednesday it had evidence pointing to the “disproportionate” use of lethal force by Egyptian security forces, and called for them to be reined in to avoid “disaster”.



In talking about Egypt, Obama officials won’t even mention the word ‘coup’ :

U.S. officials went to great lengths Monday to avoid calling Egypt’s abrupt regime change a coup, a label that could force a suspension of aid to the stalwart Arab ally at a time when the U.S. appears to be losing leverage in conflicts across the Middle East.



Israel urged U.S. not to halt aid to Egypt, says top American official:

During intensive Washington-Jerusalem coordination talks, Israeli leadership warned U.S. officials military aid cut to Egypt would likely impact negatively on Israel’s security.



Rival groups in Egypt reject transition plan:

Muslim Brotherhood says proposed timetable would take country “back to zero” while opposition bloc NSF denounces decree.



Saudi Arabia and UAE to lend Egypt up to $8 billion:

The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia will give Egypt money in the wake of its political and economic crisis. The UAE will provide Cairo with $1 billion and lend it a further $2 billion, while Saudi Arabia will give Egypt a $5 billion aid package.



The Egyptian army and Palestinian Authority join forces to punish Gaza:

Since being installed into power through a military coup, anti-Morsi elements have stepped up their campaign of scapegoating, baselessly accusing Palestinians of serving as armed mercenaries for the Muslim Brotherhood.



Egypt’s coup does not bode well for Palestinians:

Hamas is indeed in trouble. In a very short time, it has lost major regional allies. Iran, Syria and Hezbollah no longer support the group, because of its position on Syria. The Muslim Brotherhood, which lifted Hamas’s years-long international isolation, is gone from electoral politics.



Amnesty accuses Israel of judicial bullying:

Rights group issues scathing attack on trial of Palestinian women over weekly protests against West Bank settlement.



Iran claims to have mobile S-200 SAMs:

Iran has produced a mobile version of the S-200 (SA-5 ‘Gammon’) surface-to-air missile (SAM) and upgraded the system to shorten its reaction time and improve its performance against individual fighters, air defence chief Brigadier General Farzad Esmaili has told Iranian media organisations.



Senate Set to Confirm New FBI Head Who OK’d Waterboarding, Defends Mass Spying, Indefinite Detention:

Former Bush administration Deputy Attorney General James Comey refused to criticize the broad, ongoing collection of the phone records of Americans and defended the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens deemed to be enemy combatants.



The NSA Has Inserted Its Code Into Android OS, Or Three Quarters Of All Smartphones:

Over a decade ago, it was discovered that the NSA embedded backdoor access into Windows 95, and likely into virtually all other subsequent internet connected, desktop-based operating systems.



NSA spied on Latin America for energy and military intel:

Colombia is a top priority for the US, registering the most spy activity, with Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil following closely behind. In addition, Argentina, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Paraguay, Chile, Peru and El Salvador are under surveillance, though to a lesser degree.



Mexico demands information on US spying operations:

Mexico has demanded Washington to provide “broad information” about a leaked report that it was among Latin American nations monitored by US spy agencies.



Glenn Greenwald: Snowden: I never gave any information to Chinese or Russian governments:

As a new poll shows widespread American approval for him, the NSA whistleblower vehemently denies media claims



Poll: Most Americans call Snowden a whistle-blower, not a traitor:

In a Quinnipiac University poll released this week, a majority of respondents – 55 percent – say Snowden, the computer analyst who leaked top-secret National Security Agency documents, is a whistle-blower. Just 34 percent sided with numerous members of Congress calling Snowden’s actions treasonous.



Key witness in Bradley Manning trial: Guantánamo files just ‘baseball cards’:

Former chief prosecutor Colonel Morris Davis says WikiLeaks detainee files contained information already available publicly



Experts: Obama’s plan to predict future leakers unproven, unlikely to work:

President Barack Obama has ordered federal employees to report suspicious actions of their colleagues based on behavioral profiling techniques that are not scientifically proven to work, according to experts and government documents.



Man arrested after crashing car into U.S. embassy in Australia:

 Emergency services, including a bomb disposal squad, were at the scene as a precaution after the incident occurred at about 6 p.m. (0700 GMT) Detectives were talking to the 30-year-old arrested man, a police spokesman said. No injuries were reported.



Unapproved GM rice found in US exports to over 30 countries:

A new report has revealed that the rice supply in at least 30 countries may have already been contaminated with genetically modified strains from US exports, thereby threatening worldwide contamination.



Wal-Mart Will Not Open D.C. Stores if Forced to Pay Living Wages, Claims ‘Business Discrimination’:

Poor giant Wal-Mart is threatening to abandon plans to open three locations in Washington, D.C. if the city enacts a living wage bill targeting superstores for fair pay



Cost Of War


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,801


Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 2,348


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001



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