Wikileaks / Bradley Manning Newslinks 16 July 2013

16 July 2013 —

WikiLeaks trial: judge hears dismissal arguments


Instead, he gave them to WikiLeaks in an attempt to “spark reform” and provoke debate. He said Manning had no way of knowing whether al-Qaida would access the website and said a military report from 2008 showed the government didn’t even know.


Snowden Has No Chance to Win Nobel Prize – WikiLeaks

RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, July 15 (RIA Novosti) – US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden has

been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, but he has no chance of winning

it, WikiLeaks, an anti-secrecy group that has been assisting the former

intelligence contractor, said …–WikiLeaks.html


Snowden Applies for Asylum in 6 More Countries – WikiLeaks


South American nations Bolivia and Venezuela have expressed possible

support, but 11 of the 21 governments on the original WikiLeaks list have

said Snowden must be on their respective territories to request political

asylum, CNN reported Tuesday.


We Steal Secrets rightly restores Bradley Manning to the centre of the …

New Statesman

In We Steal Secrets: the Story of WikiLeaks, the silver-maned nut job we

are presented with is Julian Assange. Whether his personal conduct towards

women gives him something else in common with Sir Les is one of several

questions that Alex Gibney can …


Roundup of Oklahoma editorials

The young private has acknowledged giving WikiLeaks hundreds of thousands

of Iraq and Afghanistan battlefield reports and State Department diplomatic

cables, along with battlefield videos and other documents. He downloaded it

all from a classified …


George Savage: Zimmerman trial coverage shouldn’t trump Manning’s Wikileaks …

Wisconsin State Journal

In contrast, a current trial has been practically blacked out by the

mainstream media — the trial of Bradley Manning for his leaking of

government and military secrets to Wikileaks. I admire Manning for his

bravery in bringing horrible but necessary …


We Steal Secrets

Irish Times (blog)

We Steal Secrets. Alex Gibney’s Wikileaks documentary is a must watch for

anyone with even a passing interest in Assange and co. Una Mullally. Una.

Tue, Jul 16, 2013, 09:56. I went to see Alex Gibney’s documentary We Steal

Secrets: The Story of …


Bradley Manning court-martial nears final phase today at Ft. Meade

Boing Boing

The court-martial of PFC Bradley Manning, who leaked government documents

to Wikileaks and is being charged by the government with “aiding the

enemy,” enters its final phase today. Court will be called into session at

3pm ET. After the judge, Col …


Edward Snowden nominated for Nobel Peace Prize


On Monday, WikiLeaks noted that Snowden joins WikiLeaks founder Julian

Assange and leaker Army Pfc. Bradley Manning in having been nominated for

Nobels, but the organization in a series of tweets decried the committee as

a “corrupt” tool of foreign …


Manning Moves to Squelch Charge He Aided Enemies

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Pfc. Manning already has pleaded guilty to 10 charges covering accusations

that he illegally removed and transferred the sensitive files, which ended

up in a database maintained by the anti-secrecy group Wikileaks. Pfc.

Manning has maintained that by …


Manning awaits judge’s word on “aiding the enemy”

Channel News Asia

A military judge will rule on Thursday whether to drop some charges against

Bradley Manning, the US soldier who has admitting giving a massive cache of

secret documents to WikiLeaks. PHOTOS. File photo of US Army Private

Bradley Manning. (AFP/Getty …


Assange: ‘Join the struggle to free the internet’

Green Left Weekly

In a speech to the 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art held in

Sydney in June, WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange discussed the

impact of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s revelations, the meaning of

the wholesale US spying program …


Manning judge will decide on dismissing some charges

FORT MEADE, Md., July 16 (UPI) — The judge in the trial of WikiLeaks

whistle-blower U.S. Army Pfc. Bradley Manning said she’ll decide Thursday

on his attorneys’ request to dismiss some charges. The judge, Army Col.

Denise Lind, said Monday she will …


Snowden Submits Request For Asylum In Russia

In this image provided by Human Rights Watch, NSA leaker Edward Snowden,

center, attends a news conference at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport with

Sarah Harrison of WikiLeaks, left, Friday, July 12, 2013. (AP Photo).

MOSCOW (AP) – National Security …


Judge to rule on key Manning charge

Perth Now

Manning, 25, has admitted to releasing 700,000 secret military and

diplomatic documents to the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks. To prove

Manning aided the enemy, prosecutors have to show that he knew the

information he sent to WikiLeaks would be seen …


Post-testimony legal wrangling begins in Manning case

CNN (blog)

Manning’s attorneys maintain that the prosecutors in the case failed to

show “that Pfc. Manning had ‘actual knowledge’ that by giving information

to WikiLeaks, he was giving information to an enemy of the United States,”

according to the defense motion.


US judge to rule on whether to drop key charges against Manning

Straits Times

A military judge will rule on Thursday, July 18, 2013, whether to drop some

of the charges against Manning, the American soldier who admitted giving a

massive cache of secret documents to WikiLeaks. — PHOTO: AP. FORT MEADE,

United States (AFP) – A …


Snowden applies for temporary asylum in Russia


WikiLeaks, a group that facilitates the anonymous leaking of secret

information through its website, also posted on its official Twitter

account Tuesday that Snowden applied for a “temporary protection visa” in

the country. Snowden is charged with …


Bradley Manning Defense Says US Wants To Put ‘A Hammer Down On Any …

Huffington Post

But there is no smoking gun where Manning admits he wants the information

he gave to WikiLeaks to wind up in Osama bin Laden’s hiding spot. Instead,

in chat logs with a confidant, Manning spoke about wanting to raise the

public’s awareness of the …


Moscow Says Still No Asylum Request From Snowden


Former U.S. intelligence agency contractor Edward Snowden (center) and

Sarah Harrison (left) of WikiLeaks speak to human rights representatives in

Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport on July 12. Tweet. Follow @RFERL …


Bradley Manning case: lawyers battle over most serious charge

Christian Science Monitor

The 21 contested charges against Manning stem from his giving the WikiLeaks

website 700,000 classified files, combat videos, and diplomatic cables

while he was serving as a junior intelligence analyst in Iraq in 2009 and

2010. Manning pleaded guilty in …


Snowden Asks For Temporary Asylum In Russia, Says Lawyer

NPR (blog)

Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor who leaked a cache of classified

documents about U.S. surveillance programs, officially filed for temporary

asylum in Russia on Tuesday, a human rights lawyer and WikiLeaks say.

According to Russia Today, …


Court told Bradley Manning did not aid the enemy


A military judge trying Wikileaks whistleblower Bradley Manning, who

allegedly leaked classified material, heard arguments that could result in

the most serious charge against him, aiding the enemy, being dropped.

Manning faces life in prison without …


Russia Fights Cyber-Leaks With Electric Typewriters

The Escapist

That puts it in the not-entirely-enviable position of having to keep an

awful lot of very sensitive information under wraps, an increasingly

difficult task in this era of Wikileaks and Edward Snowden. As part of that

effort, the FSO is reportedly …


Defense: Convicting Bradley Manning of ‘Aiding the Enemy’ Would Set ‘Bad …


The government addressed what they about an Army Counterintelligence Center

report on WikiLeaks being a “threat” put together in 2008. These

defense had said it showed Manning could not have had “actual

knowledge” he would “aid the enemy” because …


Judge Considers Request to Dismiss 7 Charges Against Pfc. Bradley Manning

New York Times

… Pfc. Bradley Manning at Fort Meade said she would decide Thursday on

his lawyers’ request to dismiss seven of the charges, including allegations

that he aided the enemy when he provided hundreds of thousands of

classified documents to WikiLeaks.


Snowden applies for Russia asylum: lawyer

Channel News Asia

Edward Snowden (C) during a meeting with rights activists, among them Sarah

Harrison of WikiLeaks (L), at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport. (AFP/Human

Rights Watch/Tanya Lokshina). Enlarge; Caption. MOSCOW: Fugitive US

intelligence leaker Edward …


‘King & Maxwell’ Recap: Stealing Secrets – Season 1, Episode 6

Reel Life With Jane

While not exactly on par with Edward Snowden or Wikileaks, tonight’s

episode of “King & Maxwell” revolved around stealing secrets. The

episode title is a dead giveaway. The ep starts with Sean and Michelle

listening to “Sister Christian” on the radio …


Edward Snowden | Russia | Asylum

legal Insurrection (blog)

Wikileaks also tweeted out a confirmation of the news. Edward Snowden today

has filed for a temporary protection visa with Russia’s ministry of

immigration. #snowen #nsa #prism. — WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) July 16, 2013.

From Russia Today: The Russian …


Bradley Manning’s Trial: Defense Pushes for Findings of ‘Not Guilty’ on …


Yochai Benkler on how WikiLeaks is a legitimate journalistic organization.

7:07 PM EST The government prosecutors now want the judge to allow them to

present evidence related to WikiLeaks that should’ve been part of

case-in-chief. It has become very …


The Wire: Asiana to sue KTVU; Reid’s ‘nuclear option’; Manning trial near end …

San Jose Mercury News

A judge will hear arguments Monday afternoon on whether some charges should

be dismissed against Pfc. Bradley Manning, accused of leaking a trove of

government secrets to WikiLeaks, because of a lack of incriminating

evidence. Manning’s court-martial …


Judge to rule on dismissing most serious charge in US WikiLeaks trial

By hidden

Manning, who served as an intelligence analyst in Iraq in 2009 and 2010,

could face life in prison without parole if convicted of aiding the enemy,

the most serious of 21 charges he faces.


Judge to rule on dismissing most serious charge in US WikiLeaks trial

A military judge trying the soldier accused of the biggest leak of

classified material in US history heard arguments on Monday over two

defense motions that could result in the most serious charge aga.


Manning trial judge hearing dismissal arguments

FORT MEADE, Md. (AP) – Lawyers for the Army private who leaked a trove of

classified government documents urged a judge Monday to dismiss a charge he

aided the enemy, saying prosecutors failed to prove Pfc. Bradley Manning

intended for the …


Manning judge hears dismissal arguments


Army Private first class Bradley Manning, centre, is escorted to a waiting

security vehicle outside of a courthouse in Fort Meade, Maryland. (Patrick

Semansky, AP). Multimedia · User Galleries · News in Pictures Send us

your pictures · Send us your …


Manning trial: Call for dismissal

Independent Online

US Army Private First Class Bradley Manning enters the courtroom for day

four of his court martial at Fort Meade, Maryland. File photo: Gary

Cameron, Reuters. Fort Meade, Maryland -. Lawyers for the Army private who

leaked a trove of classified …


Gamblers Have Malala Yousafzai Way Ahead Of Edward Snowden For Next …

International Business Times

While Snowden is way down in the odds, fellow government-secrets leaker

Bradley Manning is not. Related. Edward Snowden Nominated For Nobel Peace

Prize · At UN, Malala Yousafzai Calls For Free Education For All [FULL

TEXT]. The 25-year-old …


Judge to rule on key Manning charge


The judge in US Army Private Bradley Manning’s court martial is expected to

decide whether to drop the most serious charge against the admitted

intelligence leaker. Colonel Denise Lind said on Monday she would decide

whether the charge of aiding the …


Manning trial: plea to dismiss charge of abetting enemy

The Hindu

Lawyers for the Army private who leaked a trove of classified government

documents urged a judge on Monday to dismiss a charge that he aided the

enemy, saying prosecutors had failed to prove Pfc. Bradley Manning intended

for the information to fall …


Dismissal Arguments Underway in Manning-WikiLeaks Trial

The Epoch Times

27, 2012 file photo, demonstrators stand in support of Army Pfc. Bradley

Manning outside of Fort Meade, Md., before a pretrial hearing. The trial

against the 25-year-old Army private is drawing to a close on a military

base outside Baltimore and a …

See all stories on this topic:


Kevin Gosztola: Behind the Scenes of the Bradley Manning Trial Ignored by …

Democracy Now

Kevin Gosztola: Behind the Scenes of the Bradley Manning Trial Ignored by

Corporate Media. Donate. Javascript is required to watch video inline on

this page. You can choose another option a href=”/2013/7/16/stream”on the

listen/watch page/a if you …


Snowden affair is chance for truce in cyberwar – UN

Himalayan Times

A person wears stickers in support of former U.S. spy agency contractor

Edward Snowden and U.S. Army Private First Class Bradley Manning during a

protest in front of Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, July 4, 2013. REUTERS.

GENEVA: Edward Snowden’s …


NSA whistleblower Snowden nominated for Nobel Peace Prize


Mairead Corrigan Maguire, who received the peace prize in 1976 for her work

in Northern Ireland, recently nominated Pfc. Bradley Manning, currently on

trial for allegedly passing classified US government documents to

WikiLeaks. It’s unlikely Manning …


Roundup of Oklahoma editorials


Pfc. Bradley Manning, 25, is currently facing a court-martial. The Army

private is accused of handing over reams of classified documents to the

international secrecy-fighting website, WikiLeaks. According to reports,

prosecutors claim the former U.S …


Letter: Obama’s War on Whistleblowers

Valley News

It has brought six criminal cases against officials for confiding to the

media, whistleblowers such as Thomas Drake, Bradley Manning and Edward

Snowden — more than all previous presidents combined. At the same time,

the administration has not …


Zimmerman posts far exceed Manning posts | Peace . Gold . Liberty

By 1440 minutes

Ron Paul has praised Bradley Manning. The other man is George Zimmerman.

The sad truth is that Bradley Manning has received miniscule attention on

the Daily Paul compared to what GZ has received here. Some claim that it’s

because GZ …


Bradley Manning – Rogue Valley Community Press

The military trial of Army Private First Class Bradley Manning continues at

Fort Meade in Maryland. Manning stands accused of violating the Espionage

Act and …

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