ICH 13 August 2013: Humanity Is Drowning In Washington’s Criminality

13 August 2013 — Information Clearing House

The Dead Afghan’s Tale:

How Afghanistan’s Poorest Bear the Brunt of the War

By Mujib Mashal

Abdul Basit has seen what no 7-year-old should see.



Al-Qaeda Replacing Assad is the Biggest Threat to US Security – CIA deputy director


According to Morell, the Syrian government’s weapons “are going to be up for grabs and up for sale” if Assad is ousted.



Bandar Bush, ‘liberator’ of Syria

By Pepe Escobar

Bandar by now may have seen the writing on the (bloody) wall; Bashar al-Assad will be in power until the 2014 elections in Syria, and may even win those elections.



Egypt’s Coup Sounds Death Knell for Arab Spring, says Nobel Laureate

By Reuters in Cairo

Morsi’s ousting reset the clock on gains made since uprisings and warns that remnants of toppled governments are clawing back.



More Democratic Freedoms in Saudi Arabia? Not Going to Happen

By Pepe Escobar

The Wahhabi version of the Islamism Saudi Arabia is still 7th century. They will never reform and they will never respect Shiites.



The US Only Cares About Expanding the Empire and Israel – William Blum

Audio & Transcript

William Blum characterizes U.S. policy on Syria as just a continuation of endless absurdity.



Humanity Is Drowning In Washington’s Criminality

By Paul Craig Roberts

The collapse of the Soviet Union was a debacle for the entire world. It transformed the US from the “city upon the hill,” the “beacon for humanity,” into an aggressive militarist state.



You’re the Voice – John Farnham


We’re all someone’s daughter

We’re all someone’s son

How long can we look at each other

Down the barrel of a gun?



Stop Bull*hitting!

Awaken to the Preciousness of Time


“What am I supposed to be doing with my life?” – “Don’t wait until the end of our lives to find out who we really are.”



Philosophy and the Matrix – Return to the Source

Documentary Video

Freewill, Divine Love, and Choices through philosophical message.



Release of DEA Agent Kiki Camarena’s “Murderer” Is Game Changer for CIA

By Bill Conroy

Narco-Trafficker Rafael Caro Quintero Knows Where All the Skeletons Are Buried in the US’ Dirty Drug War.



Your Mortgage Documents Are Fake!

By David Dayen

Prepare to be outraged. Newly obtained filings from this Florida woman’s lawsuit uncover horrifying scheme.


Syria: 58 people killed as opposition advances on Deir Ezzor:

At least 33 fighters of the Al Qaeda affiliate, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), and Al Nusra Front have been killed since Saturday, according to the Syria Observatory for Human Rights. The group, which relies on a network of activists, doctors and lawyers on the ground, said 25 regime soldiers were also killed in the clashes.



Government troops kill at least 18 rebels in central Syria, activists say:

Syrian government forces killed at least 18 rebels in central Syria in clashes near the country’s main north-south highway, activists said Tuesday.



Syria: ‘Three soldiers killed in blast in central Homs province’:

At least three soldiers died in an explosion in the central Syrian province of Homs on Tuesday and four others were wounded, the pro-government radio station Sham FM reported.



Kurds in way: Witness account of atrocities as Islamic Al-Nusra Front asserts northern Syria position :

Witnesses are starting to emerge with grisly tales of kidnapping, rape and murder of Kurdish minorities in the north and north-east of Syria. Clashes between Al-Qaeda-linked militants and soldiers of the Kurdish Front have sunk the region into chaos.



US Condemns Jihadist Attacks:

The US State Department condemned the attacks on Kurdish civilians by groups affiliated with al-Qaeda in the countryside of Aleppo on Saturday, after Russia Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov criticized the UN Security Council for being “reluctant to condemn terror attacks in Syria”



Syria opposition calls for unified rebel army:

Head of National Coalition says united force under command of Free Syrian Army chief of staff needed to restore order.



Arms Shipments Seen From Sudan to Syria Rebels:

Western officials and Syrian rebels say, Sudan’s government sold Sudanese- and Chinese-made arms to Qatar, which arranged delivery through Turkey to the rebels.



European Parliament identifies Wahabi and Salafi roots of global terrorism:

It is not merely the faith or oil that flows out of Saudi Arabia. The oil-rich Arab state and its neighbours are busy financing Wahabi and Salafi militants across the globe.



No Syria peace talks before October:

As Assad makes gains on ground, international peace conference meant to resolve Syrian conflict gets postponed with date set for no earlier than October



CIA Says Syria Is No. 1 Threat. What’s Obama’s Plan?:

The Central Intelligence Agency’s number two, Michael Morrell, ranked Syria — not Iran’s nuclear program, al-Qaeda or China — as the top current threat to U.S. national security in an interview with the Wall Street Journal as he retired from office on Friday.



400 US surface-to-air missiles were ‘STOLEN’ from Libya and are ‘now in the hands of Al Qaeda’, claims whistleblower:

Four hundred American surface-to-air missiles were ‘taken from Libya’ during the terror attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, a former U.S. Attorney who represents whistleblowers claimed on Monday. He added that the U.S. intelligence community is terrified they might be used to shoot down airliners.



Iraq violence kills 13 as oil pipeline bombed:

Attacks in Iraq killed 13 people on Tuesday, four of them Shiite worshippers, while militants bombed a major oil pipeline, halting exports via Turkey, officials said.



Israel Plans To Build 900 More (illegal) Settlement Homes In Occupied East Jerusalem.:

The plan is in addition to Israel’s announcement on August 11 of some 1,200 other settlement housing units in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.



Kerry: US views all settlements as illegitimate:

 US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Monday that Israel’s announcement of new settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem “were to some degree expected,” but reiterated that “The United States of America views all of the settlements as illegitimate.”



Doublespeak : Kerry urges Palestinians ‘not to react adversely’ to Israeli settlements :

Palestinians slammed the settlement plan, which Washington and the European Union said Monday was illegal and detrimental to peace efforts.



Islamist group claims rocket fire on Eilat, says no Israeli city is safe:

Iron Dome intercepts rocket launched from Sinai; hardline Islamist faction says rocket was response to killing of four guerrillas in Sinai last week.



Barak: Iran Ought to be Listening to Us for Its Own Good:

Former Defense Minister Ehud Barak said that Israel “meant what it said” on preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, and it would behoove Tehran to pay attention to that.



U.S. should hold confidential direct talks with Iran – think tank:

The United States should hold confidential direct talks with Iran over its nuclear programme but the West should not expect Iran’s moderate new president to offer major concessions, a prominent think-tank said on Tuesday.



U.S. Kills Two More People In Yemen:

At least two suspected Islamist militants were killed in a drone missile strike in Yemen’s southern Shabwa province,. “The car was completely obliterated and the two men inside it were killed,” a local official said, adding the strike happened late on Monday. He gave no further details.



Analysis: Yemen leader basks in U.S. favour as drone strikes fuel rage:

 As Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi cements his ties with Washington, Yemen’s interim president risks alienating his own people, who resent the U.S. drone war on al Qaeda in their country.



American drone attacks could provoke terrorism in Yemen:

The Obama administration’s relentless drone war gives the lie to the old saying that terrorism is a weapon of the weak: The world’s most powerful military superpower practices terrorism too.



Finian Cunningham: Al Khalifa regime prepares bloodbath: Op-Ed:

The scene is being prepared in Bahrain for a bloodbath following a hate-filled speech this week by Prime Minister Khalifa bin Salman al Khalifa in which he effectively declared war on the population, equating pro-democracy protesters with terrorists and foreign agents.



“Salaries not enough:” Saudis shout on social media:

A Twitter campaign launched in Saudi Arabia called “the salary doesn’t meet my needs” has taken cyberspace by storm, with at least 17 million tweets in two weeks stating dissatisfaction with the country’s economy, according to reports.



Saudi prince defects:

‘Brutality, oppression as govt scared of Arab revolts’ – Video –



56 killed in Nigeria Boko Haram raid:

Suspected Islamist extremists have stormed a mosque and shot dead 44 worshippers as well as 12 other people in a nearby village in Nigeria’s restive northeast, officials said Monday.



Mozambique ex-rebels ‘killed 36 security officers’:

Mozambique’s main opposition party Renamo Tuesday claimed its fighters killed 36 soldiers and police in a fresh outbreak of violence at the weekend between the government and its former civil war foes.



Clashes break out in Cairo between pro-and anti-Mursi factions:

Clashes broke out in central Cairo on Tuesday when supporters of ousted President Mohammad Mursi came under attack as they marched to the Interior Ministry, a Reuters reporter said.



The NSA Is Commandeering the Internet:

It turns out that the NSA’s domestic and world-wide surveillance apparatus is even more extensive than we thought. Bluntly: The government has commandeered the Internet.



NSA Likely Houses Servers in American Embassy, Report Says:

The existence of an XKeyscore server in Moscow was revealed on July 31, when the Guardian newspaper released a National Security Agency training presentation leaked by former U.S. intelligence contractor Edward Snowden.



Germany denies phone data sent to NSA used in drone attacks:

German intelligence agency criticised for sending large quantities of mobile phone metadata to the NSA and GCHQ



Germany, US to negotiate ‘no-spy’ agreement:

Germany and the US are to start talks on an anti-spying agreement, Germany’s chancellery minister Ronald Pofalla has said. The announcement came as he testified on the government’s role in the NSA scandal in parliament.



US could exploit trade deal to expand spying:

US spying on Europeans will be expanded if the Transatlantic Trade deal gives a free pass to PRISM’s enablers, writes Jeff Chester, and urges the EU not to allow the privacy of its citizens to be negotiated away.



Brazil may reject US fighter jet deal over NSA spying scandal:

Brazilian officials have expressed reluctance to purchasing dozens of military planes from the US after it was revealed that the NSA not only closely monitored Brazilian energy and military affairs, but also mined for commercial secrets.



Intelligence committee withheld key file before critical NSA vote, Amash claims:

Justin Amash, the Michigan Republican whose effort to defund the NSA’s mass phone-records collection exposed deep congressional discomfort with domestic spying, said the House intelligence committee never allowed legislators outside the panel to see a 2011 document that described the surveillance in vague terms.



Sick joke!

After lying to Congress, Clapper will head ‘independent’ NSA review group:

While Clapper escaped more-or-less unscathed from what could have ended in his termination or even prosecution for perjury, his appointment to oversee a review board assigned to guide a group investigating the very topic he lied about is quickly rekindling criticism.



Gmail users cannot expect privacy while sending mails: Google:

Google made the statement that people can’t expect privacy when sending a message to a Gmail address in a response to a class action complaint filed in multi-district litigation



U.S. Army Conducts Military Occupation Drill in Small Town Wisconsin:

As the Humvees rolled slowly through the city’s streets, children waved and others stopped to watch as soldiers dismounted their vehicles to meet with civil authorities and assess the local infrastructure.



Obama Administration Wants to Cut Back Sentences for Drug Crimes:

Attorney General Eric Holder is planning to announce major changes to the way prosecutors will handle non-violent drug crimes, in a new policy push meant to shrink the nation’s prison population.



Highest Temperature EVER Recorded In Japan’s History

– Video –



From his office in cloud cuckoo land : GOP congressman:

Global warming is a liberal plot to ‘create global government’: California Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher told town hall meeting attendees that global warming is a “total fraud” designed to create a global government to “control all of our lives.”



From his office in cloud cuckoo land :

Limbaugh: Christians ‘cannot believe in manmade global warming’:

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh advised his religious listeners on Monday that “intellectually you cannot believe in manmade global warming” and also believe in God.



Black teen allegedly denied heart transplant due to low grades:

Due to a lack of donors, hospitals have strict guidelines for who can receive an organ. Noncompliance generally refers to patients who refuse to take medications or fail to show up to clinic visits. But Stokes’ family says the teen is considered noncompliant in part because of his low grades and trouble with the law.



Georgia deputies suspended over violence while serving a $1,000 civil warrant: – Video –

The video shows a group of eight deputies entering Nantania Griffin’s home around 1:13 a.m. on July 26 to serve a civil warrant for failing to pay a $1,000 debt. Her sons secretly recorded the encounter on their phones and posted it online.



Bloomberg: ‘There’s a huge run on physical gold right now.’:

Video –



Dr. Marc Faber Warns Of Major Market Crash This Fall:

“20 Percent, Maybe More”: For those invested in stock markets, it may be time to take a short break.



Florida Pharmacists Win $597 Million Blowing Whistle on Scheme:

Big Pharma was routinely reporting inflated drug prices, leading Medicare and Medicaid to overpay doctors and pharmacies by billions of dollars. Jones and his partners dedicated their lives to exposing that hard-to-detect scheme.



Cost Of War


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,801


Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,363


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001



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