War on the Threshold of Syria By Dmitriy Sedov

26 August 2013 — Strategic Culture Foundation

The provocational use of chemical weapons on August 21 in a suburb of Damascus was the latest and, apparently, the most important step in bringing foreign aggression against Syria closer. Without waiting for the results of the investigation to be conducted by group of international experts, the West has begun preparing world public opinion for a new war.

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Déjà vu and Syrian Chemical Weapons By Wayne MADSEN

26 August 2013 — Strategic Culture Foundation

President George W. Bush’s chief political adviser Karl Rove once infamously said of the United States under Bush, «We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality». And the reality created by Rove, Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and other war hawks convinced the world, wrongly, that Iraq’s Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, that Saddam’s agents were seeking yellow cake uranium in Africa, and that Saddam’s army possessed mobile biological weapon laboratories capable of releasing anthrax.

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VTJP Palestine-Israel Newslinks 25 August 2013: Testimonies: Systematic abuse, beatings and threats against Palestinian children

25 August 2013 VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Palestinian Injured Near Jerusalem
IMEMC – Palestinian medical sources have reported that a young Palestinian man was injured in the foot, on Saturday evening [August 2r, 2013] when an Israeli soldier raised a spike strip as the young man was stepping on it. …

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Syria: U.S threats intended to cover the losses of Bandar bin Sultan By Wassim Raad

26 August 2013 — Voltaire Network

The new case of chemical weapons caused by the coalition of Western powers, Israel, retrograde Gulf monarchies, and executed by takfirist movements has fizzled because of the vigilance of the Syrian-Russian-Iranian alliance. Russian satellites are very active over Syria and the information gathered by the Syrian military command shows that the “chemical film” aims to serve as a pretext for aggression against Syria, to compensate for losses suffered by terrorist gangs sent from Jordan. Continue reading

Snipers shoot at UN chemical inspectors in Syria – UN spokesman

26 August 2013 — RT

Breaking News:

A UN inspection team vehicle in Syria has been shot at by snipers, a UN spokesman says. The team has currently come back to the government checkpoint to replace the damaged vehicle. There have been no reports of casualties so far.

The incident has allegedly forced the UN inspectors to suspend the investigation, a UN spokesman pointed out, as cited by AFP. 

The inspectors’ car “was deliberately shot at multiple times by unidentified snipers in the buffer zone area,” the spokesman for the UN secretary-general, Martin Nesirky, said. He added the car was no longer serviceable and a replacement vehicle was being obtained.

ICH 25 August 2013: US Training “Rebels” Since 2011 And The Complete Grand Plan – The March 2012 Leak

25 August 2013 — Information Clearing House

Syrian Rebels Manufactured Chemical Weapons Outside Damascus: Report

By Fahim al-Surani

Yara Saleh says that the warehouse was at the also a laboratory where shells were stuffed with poisonous chemicals.



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