Iraq News Links 16-17 June 2014

17 June 2014 20:00:47 —

Iraq needs a new team at the top: Column

Over the past few days, the rebel onslaught in Iraq has slowed. It was predictable that Baghdad and surrounding cities, populated by a majority of …
Iraq Forces Fight Militants as Maliki Says Army Gains Ground

June 16 (Bloomberg) — Ian Bremmer, president and founder at Eurasia Group, talks with Tom Keene about the violent unrest in Iraq, Iran’s talks with …

Iraq forces suffer new setback as US reportedly prepares to open Iran dialogue

Sunni militants captured a town in the northwest of Iraq Monday as the Obama administration reportedly prepared to open a dialogue with Iran on how …
Iraq Crisis Threatens Chinese Oil Investments

As the situation in Iraq worsens, China is showing increasing consternation. And while authorities have mainly issued broad statements of concern, …
Iraq could unravel at the seams

Cue the partisan finger-pointing on Iraq: The left will say the unfolding disaster in Iraqis George W. Bush’s fault. The right will blame President Barack …
Iraq war was ill-conceived and poorly executed

Conservatives, who have a visceral dislike for anything associated with President Barack Obama, are foaming at the mouth over the situation in Iraq.
Iraq poll: President Obama backed over John McCain

According to a Public Policy Polling survey released Tuesday, 54 percent of voters say they agree more with the president on Iraq, compared with 28 …
Iraq: Why Unjust Wars Don’t End

The flawed thinking that got us into Iraq in the first place, however, is now being applied to the spiral of violence in that country. This must be rejected.
Iraq: Hague to reveal UK-Iran talks

US secretary of state John Kerry has indicated that the Obama administration is willing to talk with Iran over the deteriorating security conditions in Iraq.
Extremist Groups in Iraq Threaten Regional War, UN Panel Warns

GENEVA — The onslaught of Sunni extremist militants in Iraq will have violent repercussions in Syria and could bring wider war in the Middle East, …
Daily Kos ? (BruinKid)
His advocacy of the Iraq War was legend. His sophisticated knowledge of the region, unparalleled. In that it did not parallel with anybody who had …

Abbreviated pundit roundup: Immigration reform, Iraq and more
Daily Kos ? (Georgia Logothetis)
Switching topics to Iraq, Andrew Rosenthal bats down the argument that the US could have left a massive number of troops in Iraq, like some …

Obama notifies Congress he is deploying 275 military personnel to Iraq
Daily Kos ? (Joan McCarter)
President Obama has notified Congress that, under the War Powers Act, 275 military personnel will be deployed to Iraq “to provide support and …

US deploying 275 troops to Iraq, considering air strikes
Boing Boing ? Xeni Jardin
President Obama today notified Congress that 275 US military personnel will be deployed to Iraq to “provide support and security for U.S. personnel …

MSNBC’s Melvin: Are America’s ‘Chickens Coming Home to Roost’
NewsBusters blogs ? Connor Williams
While the left has been persistent in their arguments that the Iraq War was the ultimate cause of the current conflict, Melvin was willing to take things a step …

Patterico’s Pontifications ? Dana
Obama also is considering sending 100 or fewer special operations troops to Iraq to advise its armed forces as it battles Sunni Muslim insurgents, …

The Unrest in Iraq and How It Will Impact the Economy
RedState ? Brad Jackson (Diary)
On Coffee & Markets, Brad Jackson and Francis Cianfrocca discuss the unrest in Iraq and what the impact of rising oil prices will be on our economy.

Iraq Explained (In 1 Cartoon)
Zero Hedge ? Tyler Durden
In defense of Barak: Let’s Count the Defense Agreements the US Is obligated to honor. And then ask why there is both a blackout on details of Big Oil’s …

sorry, Obama – is going to send advisors to South Vietnam
RedState ? Moe Lane (Diary)
The White House is considering sending a small number of American special forces soldiers to Iraq in an urgent attempt to help the government in …

Opportunities Abound in Iraq to Reset US Middle East Policy
Informed Comment ? Juan Cole
By Kirk J. Beattie. The crisis induced by ISIL’s advances in Iraq presents tremendous opportunities for the United States, and the U.S. government …

What did Biden say about splitting up Iraq?
Daily Kos
It has been very interesting to observe how many who fervently believe that the US should stay out of Iraqalso believe that Iraq should be split up into …

Obama considers special forces to help in Iraq
The Big Story – Associated Press
WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House is considering sending a small number of American special forces soldiers to Iraq in an urgent attempt to …

The Daily Digest: Medtronic, Iraq
Blogs – News
It’s Monday already, folks. Here are some political stories you may have missed over the weekend. Minnesota: Medtronic’s decision to acquire an Irish …

Kerry: US open to cooperation with Iran over Iraq
Al Akhbar English
US Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday he would be open to cooperating with Washington’s longtime opponent Iran on Iraq, and warned drone …

The US Considers Talks with Iran on Iraq as Militants Seize Tal Afar
Middle East & Africa – Foreign Policy
The United States is considering holding talks with Iran on how to counter militants in Iraq. The talks could take place this week during negotiations …

Should the US rescue Iraq?

House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Rogers weighs in.

Kerry: Obama Weighing Drone Strikes in Iraq
Common Dreams
Insurgents reportedly have taken over another “key” town in northern Iraq. – Common Dreams staff. In an exclusive interview on Monday, Secretary of …

The US Media and the Debacle in Iraq (WSWS)

Iraq: Not falling apart. Yet. (BBC)

Washington’s Iraq “Victory” (Boiling Frogs Post)

Washington seeks “Collaboration” with Tehran as Civil War in Iraq Intensifies (Global Research)

The Truth About US Troops “Sent to Iraq” (Global Research)

US driven into a corner in Iraq amid never-ending Islamist strikes (Voice of Russia)

Turkey evacuates consulate in Iraq due to security reasons (Voice of Russia)

S Occupation of Iraq is the Cause of Sectarian Strife and Al Qaeda Attacks (Global Research)

ISIL Opens Clandestine Branch in Jordan (Global Research)

Iraqi Working Class Rejects Sectarianism and Foreign Intervention: “Obama is Concerned About Oil, not About People” (Global Research)

ISIS Born from Occupation of Iraq, not Syrian Civil War (The Real News)

US to Launch Another Invasion of Iraq (Global Research)

Iraq blames Saudi Arabia for ‘promoting genocide’ by backing Sunni militants (Voice of Russia)

Juan Cole: Mass Sunni Uprising Forces Iraq to Confront Sectarian Blowback of 2003 U.S. Invasion (Democracy Now!)

Iraqi quagmire calls the US back (Asia Times)

Iraq: army against militants (ITAR-TASS)

US sends 275 military personnel to Iraq (ITAR-TASS)

US to send up to 275 troops to Iraq to help repel Sunni Muslim insurgency (Voice of Russia)

The US media and the debacle in Iraq (WSWS)

Washington seeks alliance with Tehran as civil war in Iraq intensifies (WSWS)

Ex-Australian general indicts 2003 invasion for Iraq civil war (WSWS)

US President meets national security team to discuss Iraq issue on Monday (Voice of Russia)

Iran wins points everywhere from Brazil to State Dep’t (even as Bill Kristol calls for another war) (Mondoweiss)

Iraq: ISIL capture key northeastern city of Tal Afar (SCF)

The ISIS Crisis: Have The Sunnis Unleashed an Uncontrollable Genie? (NEO)

US to Launch Another Invasion of Iraq (SCF)

US on ?omeback Trail in Iraq (SCF)

US hits high spots of Iraq crisis with Iran in Vienna (Voice of Russia)

16 June 2014

Obama announces 275 troops to deploy to Iraq for embassy security in Baghdad (RT)

Blair: Bombing Iraq Better – Again (Dissident Voice)

Iraq imposes internet blocks to prevent ISIL attacks (Voice of Russia)

War in Iraq: Lessons for Moscow and Tehran (NEO)

IEIL slaughters 1 700 Iraqi Shiite soldiers (Voltaire Net)

Understand that the Foreign Policy/Media Establishment has been cheerleading for Al-Qaeda in Syria for a long time now (Levant Report)

As US prepares to bomb, what we’re not being told about ISIS and the Iraq crisis (The Greanville Post)


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