The crisis in Iraq is an uprising, not a sectarian war – expert

16 June 2014  — Voice of Russia

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Iraq is plunged into a new war – the third one since the US invasion of 2003. Why has the war broken out this time, and what could be its impact on the region? Voice of Russia is discussing these issues with Dr. Meena Singh Roy is Research Fellow at Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi, and Sabah Al-Mukhtar, Iraqi lawyer, President Arab Lawyers Association in UK. 

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Iraq News Links 16-17 June 2014

17 June 2014 20:00:47 —

Iraq needs a new team at the top: Column

Over the past few days, the rebel onslaught in Iraq has slowed. It was predictable that Baghdad and surrounding cities, populated by a majority of …
Iraq Forces Fight Militants as Maliki Says Army Gains Ground

June 16 (Bloomberg) — Ian Bremmer, president and founder at Eurasia Group, talks with Tom Keene about the violent unrest in Iraq, Iran’s talks with …

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NYPD Raids in Harlem: “They want to stop this whole generation”

16 June 2014 — Revolution Newspaper |

“I woke up, opened my bedroom door and there was a gun in my face. Nobody knocked on my door. My son was not in the apartment. They told me, ‘Shut the fuck up’ and put my hands up, put handcuffs on me, smashed my face into a wall. They never told me what they were there for… They wouldn’t let my seven-year-old grandson come out of the room, who was in there screaming. They told me they will ‘get to him later.’ They tore my house up….”

—A woman resident of a Harlem housing project

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Portugal and Europe after the European elections

8 June 2014 — Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal

Statement by Left Bloc (Bloco de Esquerda), Portugal; translated by Federico Fuentes.

Following the [September 29, 2013] local elections, the Left Bloc developed its European program via a thorough programmatic debate involving many independent activists. That culminated at our February 2014 national conference.

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Debating Iraq in 2014: Wrong All Over Again By Peter Hart

16 June 2014 — FAIR Blog

nbc-iraq-mtpThe crisis in Iraq has brought war back to the US airwaves. But if you were expecting a more robust discussion about US military action this time around, think again. The rule seems to be that if you were wrong in 2003, you’re still an expert in 2014.

Take the Sunday chat shows. On ABC‘s This Week (6/15/14), viewers heard first from former military: ex-fighter pilot Steve Ganyard and retired Gen. Peter Chiarelli.

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VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel: News and Articles 16 June 2014

16 June 2014 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Hebron: Families Kicked Out Of Their Homes
IMEMC – Invasions Continue In West Bank [Monday, June 16, 2014] The Israeli military continued its massive invasion and arrests in different parts of the occupied West Bank city of Hebron, and so far kicked out three Palestinian families from their homes, to use them as military posts, and even to sleep there. …

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Information Clearing House 16 June 2014: The Imperial Meat Wagon Rolls On

16 June 2014 — Information Clearing House

On Recent Events in Mosul and Other Cities in Iraq
By Falah Alwan
President Obama has so far expressed his concern over Iraqi oil twice when talking about recent events. He has not shown any regard or concern for the fate of two million people now under the control of ISIS.

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