Lugansk on Fire: Ukrainian City Becomes Target for Aviation Strikes By Adam Nishimenko

3 June 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Lugansk is the capital of self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic. As the civil war was raging in the Ukraine’s east, the city had never seen real combat until recently. The relative calm became a thing of the past on June 2 as the self-defense formations of Lugansk People’s Republic tried to hold negotiations with border guards detachment located near-by. The soldiers were told to give in arms and go home or switch sides. 

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Monsanto Slammed for ‘Fraudulent’ EU Patent on Non-GMO Tomatoes

3 June 2014 — Sustainable Pulse

Representatives of the international coalition No Patents on Seeds! from France, Germany and Spain have filed an opposition against a European patent held by Monsanto on conventionally bred tomatoes (EP1812575). The patent claims tomatoes with a natural resistance to a fungal disease called botrytis. The original tomatoes used for this patent came from the international gene bank in Gatersleben, Germany. It was already known that these plants had the desired resistance and they were simply crossed with other tomato plants. Monsanto then produced a cleverly worded patent in order to create the impression that genetic engineering had been used to produce the tomatoes and to make it look ‘inventive’.

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Video: Arctic Death Spiral and the Methane Time Bomb

2 June 2014 — The Greanville Post

Perhaps the most under-reported important story of our time

Typical of our time, and where our species’  head is at (a very dark tunnel…) although on YouTube, and free to be viewed by one and all, it has gotten under 60,000 views.

By contrast, the stupid gangnam dance craze has just topped 2 billion views. Two billion visits, folks.  Talk about a misled, miseducated, self-indulgent species. —PG

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3 June 2014 — The Register

Snowden leaks that suppressed Exclusive Above-top-secret details of Britain’s covert surveillance programme – including the location of a clandestine British base tapping undersea cables in the Middle East – have so far remained secret, despite being leaked by fugitive NSA sysadmin Edward Snowden. Government pressure has meant that some media organisations, despite being in possession of these facts, have declined to reveal them. Today, however, the Register publishes them in full.

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Washington boasts of military buildup against China By Bill Van Auken

3 June 2014 — WSWS

If anyone was fooled by the media analyses portraying President Barack Obama’s speech at West Point last week as a turn toward “moderation” and “restraint,” or tempted to think that the World Socialist Web Site was exaggerating in describing the address as a blueprint for “permanent and global war in pursuit of the interests of the US financial elite,” they only need read the bellicose tirade delivered by his defense secretary, Chuck Hagel, in Singapore on Saturday.

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