Iraq crisis threatens to ignite regional war By Bill Van Auken

13 June 2014 — WSWS

After overrunning Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city with a population of roughly 2 million, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), a Sunni militia that is an offshoot of Al Qaeda, has continued its offensive, taking Tikrit, the hometown of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, and a number of other towns in the Tigris River valley on the road to Baghdad.

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How the US is Arming Both Sides of the Iraqi Conflict By Tyler Durden

12 June 2013 — Zero Hedge

Recall a week ago we wrote “US Begins Delivering F-16s To Iraq This Week, A Decade After It Wiped Out Iraq’s Air Force” in which we said:

… the US will deliver the first of 36 F-16 fighter jets to Iraq in what Baghdad’s envoy to the United States called a “new chapter” in his country’s ability to defend its vast borders with Iran and other neighbors. …the US earlier in March provided Iraq with some 100 Hellfire missiles as well as assault rifles and other ammunition. Then in April the US sent more arms, providing Iraq with 11 million rounds of ammunition and other supplies.

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If “Stalin = Communism = Bad,” Why not “Hitler = Capitalism = Bad?” Part II By Steven Jonas, MD, MPH

12 June 2014 — The Greanville Post

stalin-Lenin_and_stalin-284x400The publication of Part I of what with the appearance of this column is now a series, elicited quite a bit of commentary.  And so those comments stimulated to write further on this subject, expanding the focus just a bit.  First, a variety of views were presented on just what “capitalism” is.  Here is my consideration of the topic, actually starting rather further back in the historical development of our species.

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Occupied Palestine and Israel: News and Articles 12 June 2014

12 June 2014 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

United Methodist Church Divests from G4S
IMEMC – Amid concerns raised by church justice advocates, United Methodist Church Pensions sells all stocks in G4S, a supplier of security services and equipment for Israeli prisons, settlements, checkpoints and Separation Wall. …
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