Iraq News Links 27-28 June 2014

28 June 2014 11:39:20  —

Iraq and Syria: The struggle against the ‘multi-sided’ counterrevolution (Links)

Pentagon confirms use of drones carrying bombs and missiles over Iraq (Voice of Russia)

Blackwater mercenaries on trial in US court for 2007 Iraq massacre (WSWS)

Why Russia Probably Will Not Bomb Kiev’s Forces in Eastern Ukraine (Dissident Voice)

NEO – Iraq and Ukraine: End of the American Empire (Veterans Today)

Gulf War Documents: Meeting between Saddam Hussein and US Ambassador to Iraq April Glaspie (Global Research)

Tony Blair, Boris Johnson, and Jim Dean bang heads (NEO)

The resurrection of the neocons (SCF)

10,000 people flee Iraqi Christian town amid fighting (RT)

27 June 2014

FAIR TV: Iraq Surge Myths, More TV Hawks, News You Can’t Use (FAIR TV)

US flying armed drones over Baghdad – official (RT)

This Sunday, a Different Kind of Iraq War Booster: Bill Clinton (FAIR Blog)

The Pillage and Devastation of Mesopotamia: Mosul – Another “Paradise Lost”? (Global Research)

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