ColdType, MARCH 2015, Issue 94 now online: Malcolm

23 February 2015 —

84 PAGES THIS MONTH – MALCOLM X WAS RIGHT. Cover story this month is Chris Hedge’s wonderful essay on the impact of the often overlooked Black American leader 50 years after his assassination. Other stories in this issue cover the British House of Lords, wars past and present, leaders alive and assassinated, a holiday in Iran, CIA intrigue in Venezuela, fishing in the North Sea, the woes of Henry Kissinger, and the end of Sami Al-Arian’s 9/11 nightmare. Plus, as always, much more great writing that you won’t want to miss.

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A Sense of Urgency By S. Artesian

22 February 2015 — The Wolf Report: Nonconfidential analysis for the anti-investor

A comrade, and I use this word only when it is warranted, has remarked elsewhere that he has rarely seen me so engaged as I am with the issues raised by events in Greece.  Indeed, he’s right– to the extent that all my other engagements, posts, analyses, are and are supposed to be preparation, practice for the “real thing”… the real thing being class struggle, the point when “economics” is exposed as a social relation of production, and the social relation of production is exposed as…temporary, destructive, and self-destructive. 

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