New Video Evidence of the US-Sponsored Coup in Ukraine —and What it Means By Eric Zuesse

9 February 2015 — Global Research

Ukraine-anniversary-Maidan-coup-3New video evidence has been added to the already-conclusive video evidence which shows that the U.S. Government was the controlling power behind the extremely violent and illegal 18-27 February 2014 Ukrainian coup, which overthrew the democratically elected and never legally removed-from-power Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

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UK’s Lottery Election

9 February 2015 — Electoral Reform Society

You’d have thought that in a democracy, the result of an election would reflect the wishes of voters. Well, in 2015, it’s looking increasingly as if that won’t be the case. When there are six parties commanding a decent chunk of the vote, our broken two-party electoral system is more like a game of chance than a way of choosing a government.

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