IMF Loans to Ukraine: Deadly “Economic Medicine” Aimed at Total Destabilization By Ernst Wolff

17 February 2015 — Global Research

imf-ukraineOn February 12, Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, announced that the IMF had reached an agreement with the Ukrainian government on a new economic reform program. Ms Lagarde’s statement, made in Brussels, came only minutes after peace negotiations between the heads of the German, French, Russian und Ukrainian governments in Minsk, Belarus, had ended. The timing was no coincidence. Washington had been left out of the negotiations and now reacted by sending its most powerful financial organization to the forefront in order to deliver a clear message to the world: that the US will not loosen its grip on the Ukraine, if not by sending weapons, then at least economically and financially.

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Statewatch News Online, 18 February 2015 (03/15)

17 February 2015 — • e-mail:


1.   NETHERLANDS: DATA RETENTION: Dutch DPA post-ECJ data retention Bill: “disproportionate infringement of private life”
2.   EU: “FORCED RETURNS”: Frontex stats report: 74,262 “forced returns” in last year
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Sanctions Should Be Imposed on the U.S. By Andre Vltchek

16 February 2015 — Andre Vltchek

Another year, another set of coups that we can expect to be administered by the West.

This year, it is all beginning in February. First the onslaught against Argentina and following that comes yet another coup against Venezuela, and its democratically elected, progressive government.

The coup has been thwarted. Venezuela prevailed!

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Gangsta Paradise By S. Artesian

16 February 2015 — The Wolf Report: Nonconfidential analysis for the anti-investor

1.  Paul Krugman, political economist par excellence, meaning of course, he’s the best at being superficial and mediocre, has published a column in today’s New York Times comparing Syriza’s Greece to Weimar’s Germany.   Those VIBs,  wannabee Howard Stern mini-mes, green reds (and vice-versa), international socialists,  Jeffrey Sachs embracers, rebuild the 4th internationalists,  all so busy applauding Syria with both hands have yet to cite comrade political-economist Krugman’s column, despite the fact that like Krugman,  superficial and mediocre is them at their very best.  Apparently, while endorsing a bridge loan is ok for these never-close-to-being Marxists, endorsing a Mediterranean Weimar is a bridge too far.

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