Child Tax Credits: The Cruelest Cut

24 June 2015 — 38 Degrees

The government knows their plans to cut child tax credits will push more kids into poverty. So today they’re trying to cover it up – changing the definition of child poverty to hide the effects of their cuts. They’re panicking about official evidence showing that the number of children living in poverty in the UK has risen for the first time in a decade. [1]

Child tax credits go to the poorest kids in the country, helping to pay for essentials like healthy food and school uniforms. The government wants to sneak their cuts under the radar – so it’s up to us to speak up for the poorest children in our country.

144,000 members of 38 Degrees have already come together to rally against the cuts. Please can you sign the petition to stop the cuts to child tax credit?

Thanks for being involved,

Rebecca, Sarah, Nat, Laura and the 38 Degrees team

[1] The Telegraph: David Cameron discusses changing child poverty target days before embarrassing figures released:
The Guardian: Tory plan to redefine child poverty as figures set to show first rise in decade:

In case you missed it, here’s the email from a few days ago:

George Osborne is planning to cut support for children living in the poorest families in the UK. [1]

If the cut goes ahead, it would take away the special help that gives these children the chance of a happy and healthy childhood. It pays for essentials like healthy food and school uniforms.

With only weeks until Osborne makes this official, we have a chance to force him to cancel this cruel cut. The government is split over the decision – so a huge outcry now could make sure they scrap the plans for good. [2] Can you sign the petition now?






All children deserve to start life on an equal footing. But low wages mean that some families in the UK still struggle to put food on the table or buy school uniforms that fit. [3]

And Osborne’s cuts would make things even harder. Experts say that “child poverty would rise sharply as a result”. [4]

The support – known as child tax credits – means that thousands of children don’t have to experience poverty at the start of their lives. It’s only available to families on low incomes, so these cuts would affect the poorest children in the country.

Azure, a 38 Degrees member, would be affected by the cuts. She says, “My wages are low and we rely on tax credits to put food on the tableand pay for essential clothing for my son.”

It could be officially announced in early July, so we need to act fast if we’re going to stop it. Please can you add your name today?



38 Degrees members have a proud history of standing up for fairness, compassion and decency. Two years ago, thousands of us piled into the campaign for free school meals for primary school children – and won! [5] Now, it’s making a difference for kids at school every day.

Pushing children into poverty is not fair, compassionate or decent. Let’s stand against these cuts together.

Please sign the petition now:

Thanks for being involved,

Rebecca, Laura, Nat and the 38 Degrees team

[1] BBC News: George Osborne considering £5bn cuts to child tax credits:
[2] The Guardian: George Osborne under pressure to slow welfare cuts:
[3] Child poverty facts and figures:
[4] The Guardian: Tory welfare cuts would hit poorest third of UK families, research shows:
[5] 38 Degrees blog: Victory! Free school meals:

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