Curb the surveillance state! Email your MP!

3 November 2015 — 38 Degrees

Right now the government has the power to rifle through your emails and private messages without a warrant from a judge. [1] But over the next 24 hours we have a chance to change that.
On Wednesday, Home Secretary Theresa May is expected to introduce new ‘snooping’ laws. But she knows she’ll only get them through if enough MPs support them. [2] A growing number of MPs from all political parties are starting to speak out against her plans. If enough of us email our MPs in the next 24 hours, we can push MPs to demand a ban on internet snooping without a warrant from a judge.

Theresa May is having to make concessions to persuade MPs to vote for this new law. [3] So let’s pressure our MPs to demand proper judicial safeguards to protect our privacy. Please email your MP now:

 A huge wave of public opposition including thousands of emails from 38 Degrees members has already forced the government to drop some of the worst bits of this law. [4] Now we’ve got a real chance to get one more big breakthrough: take the power to snoop on us away from politicians, by introducing new legal safeguards. [5]

Imagine the government being able to watch every website you visit, every email you send, and every picture you take. It has terrifying implications for freedom of speech. For the sake of our democracy, the power to snoop through our private lives should at least rest with a judge, not left to the whim of politicians.

Please email your MP now and ask them to tell Theresa May they’ll block her new law unless she gives up the power to snoop on us without a proper warrant:

 Thanks for being involved,

Nat, David and the 38 Degrees team

PS: The UK is the only country of our ‘allies’ that doesn’t require a judge to grant a warrant before our communications are intercepted. [6] Leading intelligence experts describe our system as ‘undemocratic and unnecessary’. [7] Together we can change this – please email your MP now:


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