Statewatch 24 November 2015: Refugee crisis in the Med and inside the EU (25/15)

24 November 2015 — Statewatch

Statewatch: Refugee crisis in the Med and inside the EU: 24 November 2015 (25/15)


See Contents list below and Access as a pdf file here:

New key documents and decision-making by Council of the European Union, European Commission and Agencies plus Commentaries (in chronological order)

1.   EU: Council calls for Summit with Turkey on migration: 29 November
1A. May 2014:
EU Action on Migratory Pressures (LIMITE)
2 .  Balkans border blocks leave thousands segregated and stranded in Greece (AI)
3.   UNHCR : 20-11-15: 850,591 arrivals, 703,374: Greece, 143,500: Italy. 3,485 dead/missing
4.   EU: Justice and Home Affairs Council, 20 November 2015:Conclusions
5.   IOM, UNHCR, UNICEF Joint Statement on New Border Restrictions in the Balkans
6.   Statewatch Viewpoint: In Potters’ Fields (pdf) by Catriona Jarvis: burial of unknown people.
7.   EU: Justice and Home Affairs Council, 20-11-15:  Draft Conclusions: Counter-Terrorism (LIMITE)
8.   Serbia, FYROM limit migrant passage to Syrians, Iraqis and Afghan
9.   European Parliament: Working Document: internal and external funding related to migration
10. European Asylum Support Office (EASO): Newsletter October 2015
Commission: State of Play: Measures: Refugee Crisis:12 November 2015
CoE: Commissioner intervenes ECHR on migration cases concerning Spain
13. European Parliament Study: Migrants in the Mediterranean: Protecting Human Rights
14. European Commission: A study on smuggling of migrants: third countries
15. Frontex: 540 000 migrants arrived on Greek islands in the first 10 months of 2015
16. Valletta Conference 11-12 November 2015: Update: Final texts and full documentation
17. EU: Informal meeting of EU heads of state or government (12 November 2015, Valletta)
18. Reactions to Valletta Summit
20. Refugee Crisis May Threaten Development Aid to World’s Poor
21. Valletta: Statewatch Analysis: EU-AFRICA Fortress Europe’s neo-colonial project
22. The EU and its neighbours: enforcing the politics of inhospitality
23. EU: Crisis management missions outside EU looking for new migration roles
24. Valletta Summit: EU and Africa, so closed but so far
25, Hotspots: Europe Debates Initial Reception Centers for Refugees
26. EU’s deep dilemmas over refugees laid bare at Malta summit
27. Human rights at the core of migration policies: An urgent call to European and African leaders
28. Malta summit: Experts raise concerns over lopsided EU-Africa migrant deals
29. Afghans flee in droves, but Germany closing the door (IRIN)
30. The illegalization and deportation of refugees in Tunisia
31. EU: Justice and Home Affairs Council: 9 November 2015: Draft Council conclusions LIMITE doc
32. 9 November: EU-AFRICA: Valletta Summit, 11-12 November 2015:
33. EU-AFRICA: Valletta Summit, 11-12 November 2015: Council: Background Note
34. Greece: Anti-racist Observatory of the University of the Aegean
35. UK: Police use anti-terrorism powers to detain UK volunteers taking aid to Calais refugee camp
36. EU: “Lack of cooperation” by refugees to be met, if necessary, with coercive measures
37. UN warns Cameron not to turn his back on refugees as winter nears
38. EU: Council of the European Union: Extraordinary Justice and Home Affairs Council, 9
39. UNHCR:  Winter crisis
40. Asylum Seeker’s Death by Bulgarian Police Must Be Investigated
41. EU: Commission: State of Play: Refugee Crisis (6-11.15)
42. Valletta: African and European Civil Society Joint Statement
43. EU autonomous drones, “data fusion” for border control
44. Italy: Interior Ministry circular on the “relocation” procedure
45. Commission: Progress following Western Balkans Route Leaders’ Meeting
46. Europe must act now on refugee deaths (IRR)
47. Yet another emergency EU Summit (Heads of State): on 12 November
48. European Commission: State of Play: Measures Refugee Crisis (3 November 2015)
49. EU: Commissioner Avramopoulos & Minister Asselborn: First Relocation Flight from Greece
50. EU: Letter from European Commission and Council to Member States (30.10.15)
51. UK-EU House of Lords, Select Committee: EU Action Plan against migrant smuggling
52. Refugee Rescued With His Cat Exposes “Dangerous And Unlivable” Conditions In German Camp
53. Greek conscripts: ‘we won’t take part in fighting migrants’
54. UK: Otley aid worker could face jail for smuggling 4-year-old back to family
55. EU-Africa: Valletta, the summit of dissent
56. LESVOS, GREECE: We are lfieguards and we are saving lives
57. Greece is a hotspot for refugees, and we have temporary shelter
58. EU: Another step after months and months of dithering: Entropy or incompetence?
59. IOM Mediterranean: arrivals: 724,228, with 579,642 in Greece and 140,636 in Italy (30 October)
60. Greece: Death toll in migrant boat shipwrecks rises to 22
61. Tsipras slams EU response to migrant crisis as death toll rises
62. The Europe We Want!” Refugee crisis: Here’s a ‘to do list’ for the refugee crisis (CoE)
63. ECRE/AIDA: new asylum procedure at the border and restrictions in Hungary
64. Sweden to keep shelters for asylum seekers secret
65. Greece: Lesvos: Death Toll Still Rising!! 29/10/2015
66. EU: Civil protection mechanism activated at last?
67. UN Commissioner for Human Rights: Lessons from the Syrian Refugee Crisis
68. Frontex begins testing accelerated registration process in Lesbos
69. AUSTRIA-European Commission: Schengen acquis in the field of Return by Austria (LIMITE)
70. EU-Afghanistan: the EU is trying to “return” refugees there
71. Refugees on Slovenia-Croatia border – drone video footage
72. Turkish fishermen rescue baby: ‘Brother, he is alive’ (video)
73.  Leaders’ Meeting on refugee flows along the Western Balkans Route: Leaders’ Statement
74. Frontex slows down registration  “Hot Spot” Moria, leaving refugees in life-threatening conditions
75. EU: “Returns” package
76. Czech Republic: UN Zeid urges Czech Republic to stop detention of migrants and refugees
77. Greece Records Highest Weekly Migration Inflows in 2015 So Far (IOM)
78. EU: Commission: Temporary Reintroduction of Controls at Internal Borders: Germany and Austria
79. Frontex Consultative Forum on Fundamental Rights: 2nd Annual Report  2014
81. Volunteers: Europe, please act! An Open Letter to the Governments of Europe
82. Boat refugees been sunk five times: shameful EU role and that of coastguard.
83. EU:  Valletta Conference: Update and Background
84. European Parliament Study: EU cooperation with third countries in the field of migration
85. European Commission: President Juncker Leaders’ Meeting in Brussels on Western Balkans
86. FRA: Fundamental rights implications of the obligation to provide fingerprints for Eurodac

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For daily news and documents update see:
Observatory: EU refugee crisis – a humanitarian emergency


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