Will China Help Pakistan Get the Bomb?

18 May 2016 — National Security Archive

Will Sweden Go Nuclear?

Does West Germany Want to Scuttle the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty?

Questions Pondered by State Department Intelligence in Recently Declassified INR Reports from the 1960s

National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 549

Recently declassified State Department intelligence reports – posted today by the National Security Archive – illuminate a range of important questions about nuclear weapons in world politics during the 1950s and 1960s, including whether new nuclear weapons states would raise the risks of nuclear proliferation.  

Highlights from the 28 documents published in today‘s posting include:

  • The first comprehensive U.S. government report on the problem of nuclear proliferation, prepared by INR in May 1957, covering possible developments in Europe, Latin America, South Asia, and East Asia.
  • Swedish debates over whether to develop programs for nuclear weapons.
  • West German opposition during early 1967 to details of the proposed Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.
  • The reports published in today‘s posting also address Indian nuclear capabilities, the Chinese nuclear missile program, French nuclear weapons developments, Soviet strategic decisions, the Soviets and nuclear nonproliferation negotiations, Japanese nuclear policy, nuclear forces in Western Europe, and European reactions to anti-ballistic missile programs.

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