Black Agenda Report for February 15, 2017: Shamnesty International, the Human Rights Industry, Protecting African Burial Grounds

15 February 2017 — Black Agenda Report


Freedom Rider: Human Rights Industry Protects Imperialism
BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

When so-called Human Rights organizations are financed by the one percent they dependably echo the priorities and prejudices of their influential sponsors.  So it is that Amnesty International is an energetic source of war propaganda on behalf of US imperial efforts in the Middle East and elsewhere. Their “report” of a supposed “human slaughterhouse” operated by the Syrian regime is the latest installment in a campaign to justify US intervention in the Middle East.

Continued Desecration of Bethesda African Cemetery: The Community Fights Back!

By BAR Editor and Columnist, Dr. Marsha Adebayo

In the parts of the US which were once slave country, from New England to Florida to Texas, the burial grounds of African slaves are being uncovered, often by commerical developers intent on building yet another badly needed strip mall.  In Bethesday MD, a suburb of the nation’s capital, our columnist Dr. Abadeyo recounts the struggle of that community to protect the resting places of their, and our ancestors.

Trump’s Foreign Policy: Continuity or Break?

by Danny Haiphong

Some things do change depending on who and which of the two US ruling parties are in power.  US imperialism isn’t one of them.  The “foreign policies” of both parties are the maintenance and extension of global US hegemony through military, economic, cultural and diplomatic means.  Trump and his team may pretend to or actually hate some of the players, but they are down for the game, which builds on the foundations of previous administrations.

Revolution Beyond Blue Bubbles

by Paul Street

BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors Iowa City speech, according to Paul Street, fell short of any class analysis of the Trump victory, how to fight facism, or the road ahead. While the Movement For Black Lives declined to endorse presidential candidates, its vision still does not reach beyond the confines of the two ruling parties.  And socialism, despite Bernie Sanders, is a word the BLM leaders never mention. 

Alternative Facts on 7 Countries’ Terrorists

by BAR poet in residence Raymond Nat Turner

This and every year since the dawn of this country, most terrorist acts in the US have been perpetrated by white Christian males. So how, our poet asks, do we make sense of Trump’s attempted travel ban and its effect on terrorism inside the US? Do they really fear that white boys will be trained in Somaila, Yemen, Iraq or Iran?

Gambia: A Very African Coup

by Thomas C. Mountain

Just another week in neocolonial Africa, where every country’s military is armed, clothed, equipped and trained by the US through AFRICOM. Reports in the western press of a corrupt president refusing to leave office and being ousted to universal acclaim by the joint intervention of the Nigerian Air Force and Senagalese ground troops obfuscate or omit most of the story.

Ida B. Wells-Barnett : Iola, Princess of the Press & Feminist Crusader for Equality and Justice

By Kiilu Nyasha

Ida B. Wells was the kind of black leader we don’t see much of any more.  Unlike today’s leaders, the heads of nonprofit organizations financed by the self-interested generosity of the one percent, Ida’s career was financed by the readers of the black press, from ordinary African American people.  This gave Wells the unique ability to tell the truth without fear or favor, which is no more than the duty of every journalist.  Ida, or Iola as she called herself in some early dispatches from lynching country has been gone from us longer than she was here by now, but her spirit is still felt, wherever some of us are brave.   

Black Agenda Radio for Feb. 13, 2017

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  • Sanctuary Movement to Expand Its Resistance
  • Rather than go on the defensive, activists seek to broaden resistance to state oppression
  • A Millions March for Prisoners’ Human Rights
  • Abolitionists to converge on Washington in August to end mass incarceration.
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