ICH Headlines 14 February 2017

24 February 2017 — Information Clearing House

Trump Relinquishes Control of Foreign Policy
By Mike Whitney

The war party is back in power and the odds of normal relations with Russia have dropped to zero.

Sleepwalking Into a Nuclear Arms Race with Russia
By Chuck Spinney and Pierre Sprey

The US led campaign to cripple the Russian economy is ongoing and perhaps endless.

Are We Witnessing a Coup Operation Against the Trump White House?
By Patrick Lawrence

Our intelligence apparatus is threatening democracy.

White House Blocks CNN, BBC, New York Times, LA Times from Media Briefing
By Justin Carissimo

The Trump administration hand-selected news outlets for the meeting.

Trump’s Pick for Israel Envoy Boasted of Removing 2 States from Republican Platform
By Times of Israel staff

Friedman, has been a vocal supporter of Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

100 Years of Using War to Try to End All War
By David Swanson

One thing is certain: we will not survive another 100 years of this.

“America’s Chicken’s Have Come Home to Roost”
By Pastor Wright

The war party is back in power and the odds of normal relations with Russia have dropped to zero.

Border Patrol Agents Stop Domestic Travelers at New York Airport
By Tim Dickinson

Passengers of a domestic Delta flight were told to show their identity documents to uniformed agents.

The Illusion of Freedom: The Police State Is Alive and Well
By John W. Whitehead

Freedom demands that we stop thinking as Democrats and Republicans and start thinking like human beings.

How Far we Have Fallen as a Nation, as a Culture
By Philip Farruggio

We have a president who used Muslim and Mexican bashing to help him recruit supporters.

Which Corporations Control The World?
By International Business Guide

How many of the brands listed do you use?

Lock up England in Jail or an Insane Asylum!
By Andre Vltchek

‘Great’ Britain should sit down on its ass and cry in horror.