ICH Headlines 14 March 2017

14 March 2017 — Information Clearing House

Why Trump’s Syria ‘Surge’ Will Fail

By Ron Paul

Is Trump planning on handing eastern Syria over to the Kurds?

Letter to My Friend in Damascus

By Barbara Nimri Aziz

Marines and heavy armaments are moving into Syria as I write.

When ‘Disinformation’ Is Truth

By Robert Parry

Democrats and liberals have climbed into bed with the neocons to push the “Russia-did-it” conspiracy theory as a way to “get Trump.

Is the US Preparing for War Against North Korea?

By Peter Symonds

A dangerous confrontation is rapidly emerging on the Korean Peninsula between the United States and North Korea.

The Empire Should be Placed on Suicide Watch

By The Saker

The Empire is pursuing a full-spectrum policy of self-destruction on several distinct levels.

In Case You Missed It

“Rebuilding America’s Defenses” – A Summary

By Bette Stockbauer

Blueprint of the PNAC Plan for U.S. Global Hegemony.

Fury in Cambodia as US Asks to be Paid Back Hundreds of Millions in War Debts

By Lindsay Murdoch

“They dropped bombs on our heads and then ask up to repay. When we do not repay, they tell the IMF (International Monetary Fund) not to lend us money,”

Year Zero: The Silent Death of Cambodia

By John Pilger

John Pilger vividly reveals the brutality and murderous totalitarian regime which bought genocide and despair to the people of Cambodia.

In Case You Missed it

America Is A Bully. OK. There, I Said It!

By Tom Feeley

America’s democracy has been subverted, not by communists or terrorists, but by our choices.

Federal Courts Say Foreigners, Not US Citizens, Are Entitled To Due Process

By Paul Craig Roberts

The United States has devolved into a police state where truth is “the enemy of the state,”

Trump Has Opened His Arms To Immigrants, But Only If They’re White Canadians

By Robert Fisk

Canadian Conservative Party leadership contender wants to give newly arrived immigrants a “values” test.

U.S. Citizens: Border Agents Can Search Your Cellphone

By Cynthia McFadden

One man held his legs, another squeezed his throat from behind. A third reached into his pocket, pulling out his phone.

Stronger Economic Growth? Over My Dead Body, Says Janet Yellen

By Mike Whitney

No raise for you, Mr. American worker. Janet Yellen is going to make sure of that!