Black Agenda Report for March 15, 2017: The Deep State Rules, Bright Lines, When America Interfered in a Russian election

15 March 2017 — Black Agenda Report

The U.S. Deep State Rules – On Behalf of the Ruling Class

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford The various organs of the Deep State, including the corporate media, work hard to convince the public that the Deep State does not exist. (Kind of like that story about the Devil.) In fact, the Deep State runs the show. “The truth is that an oligarchy rules, and makes war on whomever it chooses — internationally and domestically — for the benefit of corporate capital.” It has neutralized a sitting president, less than two months in office.

The Bright Lines: Who Will Fight For Medicare For All, Who Will Stand Against Militarism and Austerity? Not John Ossoff or Our Revolution.
by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

If politics is the art of the possible, what do supposedly progressive politicians and political organizations fight for after they decide that jobs, justice and peace are impossible?  Do they fight for their positions and prerogatives?  For the biggest campaign contributions?  It’s not hard to tell who is on the side of the people.  There are after all, bright lines.

Freedom Rider: When America Interfered in a Russian Election

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

The U.S. is the unchallenged champion of hijacking, fixing and subverting elections around the world. On every inhabitable continent – from Italy to Iran to Accra to Tegucigalpa — Washington has stolen people’s rights to elected leaders of their choice. Only two decades ago, Bill Clinton and his operatives were busy stealing Russia’s first post-Soviet elections. But, U.S. corporate media seem to have forgotten such inconvenient facts.

The Only Way to Win Single Payer is to Leave the Democratic Party
A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

When supermajorities find that they cannot move their “own” political party to represent their interests, then it’s time to cut that party loose. “The best thing that the national majority and the Democratic super-majority can do, for the sake of everyone’s health and the future of democracy, is to leave the Democratic Party.” A national health disaster is looming. Single payer is the only solution.

The Most Important Lesson of “Get Out:” Expose the Ruling System in its Totality

by Danny Haiphong

The Democrats offer a racial horror show much like the movie Get Out on a society-wide scale. “There are many white liberals who have become energized to ‘Dump Trump.’ while “aligning themselves with US intelligence in the process.” The CIA connection should prompt folks “to ‘get out’ of “the Democratic Party trap and begin treating the institution as nothing but a political wing of the billionaire capitalist class.”

Politics of the Bethesda African Burial Ground and the Montgomery County National Lampoon
by BAR editor and columnist Dr. Marsha Adebayo and Kevin Berends

A Black burial ground lies under a parking lot in Montgomery County, Maryland, a wealthy suburb outside Washington, DC. Developers want to place more layers of concrete over the bodies of African American ancestors, while their “experts” try to sow doubt as to whether the cemetery ever existed. Now it appears that the county has discouraged archeologists interested in the history of the site.

Kagame’s Economic Mirage in Rwanda, an Interview with David Himbara

by Ann Garrison

If you believe Paul Kagame, his minority Tutsi government has created unprecedented prosperity since seizing power in 1994. Economist David Himbara, who once served as secretary to Kagame, says that his old boss’s “economic miracle is in fact an economic mirage.” Rwanda subsists on foreign aid and plunder from neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo, and “remains the poorest country in East Africa, except for Burundi.”


by BAR poet in residence Raymond Nat Turner

Lynne Stewart was a a diligent and resourceful peoples lawyer, a movement lawyer, the kind of attorney who defended the poor and indigent, and unpopular and hopeless political cases and always went the last mile for her clients and her principles.  To  make an example of her that might frighten other attorneys, the Justice Department jailed Stewart for four years under provisions of the infamous USA Patriot Act.  Given a few months to live in 2014, she was released from federal prison, and went home to Brooklyn with her husband, friends and family.  She joined the ancestors this week.

What is Fascism in Our Times? A Global South Perspective

by Yash Tandon

In this final essay of a seven-part series, Yash Tandon depicts fascism as a systemic phenomenon arising from the incompatibility of democracy and capitalism. For capitalism to persist, as is the case now, democracy is dispensed with. Hegemonic imperialist powers embody fascism in their relations with the rest of the world. Leaders of African neo-colonies administer the fascist system on behalf of the global corporate and financial fascism.

Would the CIA frame Russia in DNC attack, yet wiretap Trump Tower?

by Steve Cunningham

The new release from Wikileaks shows the CIA has all the tools it needs to leave “Russian” footprints behind its own hacking jobs. The spooks at Langley can pretend to be “Cozy Bear” and “Fancy Bear” at will. Therefore, “the question we ought to ask is, would the CIA frame Russia and hack the DNC?”

Anti-Imperialism, Pan-Africanism and Nkrumah’s Ghana: The Historic Role of Shirley Graham Du Bois

by Abayomi Azikiwe

A longtime leftist, Shirley Graham Du Bois had as much influence on her famous spouse he did on her. Both their lives ended in exile. Shirley Graham Du Bois explained to Africans: “Not only have the imperialists and racists robbed, plundered and ravaged this fruitful continent, but they have employed every means of degradation, oppression and shame to humiliate Africans and all the children of Africa.”

He’s My Death, Too

by Shehryar Fazli

For Blacks in the United States, it was arguably the most influential murder of the first decade of the modern civil rights movement. “The lynching of Emmett Till was caused by the nature and history of America itself and by a social system that has changed over the decades, but not as much as we pretend.”