ICH Headlines 31 May 2017

31 May 2017 — Information Clearing House

Terror In Britain: What Did The Prime Minister Know?

By John Pilger

The causes of the Manchester atrocity, are being suppressed to protect the secrets of British foreign policy.

British Intelligence Received Warnings that Manchester Bomber Was Plotting Attacks

By Laura Tiernan

The FBI passed these warnings to MI5 in January, after placing Abedi on their terrorist watch list.

We’re Dealing With a New Type of War Lie

By David Swanson

U.S. corporate media reports often claim that Russia did decide the U.S. lection or tried to.

U.S. Wants Control Over Anbar And Beyond – Iraq and Syria Will Prevent It

By Moon Of Alabama

The U.S. is willing to obfuscate and to lie to further its imperial plans.

Europe May Finally Rethink NATO Costs

By Ray McGovern

Let me ask those of you who believe Russia is planning to invade Europe to put down the New York Times for a minute or two.

Macron’s ‘Fake News’ Swipe Belies His Ambition For French-Russian Relations

By Finian Cunningham

The fact Russian President Vladimir Putin was the first foreign head of state invited by Macron speaks volumes of a desire to reset frayed relations.

Thursday Is First Test of Trump’s ‘Ultimate Deal’

By Jonathan Cook

All indications are that the US president – is going nowhere with his “ultimate deal”

In Case You Missed It

The Panama Deception


How the U.S. attacked Panama and killed 3 or 4 thousand people in an invasion that the rest of the world was against.

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