Last ditch effort to save the Link Tax!

1 June 2017 — Open Media

Our opponents are getting desperate.

Yesterday in one of the key parliamentary committees tasked with reviewing the European Commission’s copyright proposals, we saw a last ditch attempt to take control of the narrative and sideline the concerns of the public in favour of the narrow interests of big publishers.1

MEP Pascal Arimont tabled a series of amendments with the worst copyright proposals this debate has yet seen — including suggestions that would double the negative impact of the link tax, and drastically expand the scope of the content filtering censorship machine.2

This eleventh-hour attempt to reverse our progress tells us one thing: we’re winning — and copyright maximalists aren’t happy about it. Help us call out this pathetic attempt to undermine the democratic process.

Tweet at MEP Arimont and Parliament’s consumer protection committee NOW

Honestly, these ideas are so bad I laughed out loud when I saw them. You know we’ve been fighting the link tax and censorship machine for months now. Here are just a couple of the terrible new suggestions courtesy of MEP Arimont:

  • The link tax should apply to all online and offline use, should be extended to academic publications, and the length of coverage should be more than doubled from 20 to 50 years. Retroactively.3
  • Content filters should be mandatory for websites that don’t even host any user-generated content, meaning that sites like Reddit that just share hyperlinks have to spy on you, too.4

Within hours of these amendments being made public, scores of public interest groups were calling them out as the “death of public platforms”5 or “insane and absurd”.6 And this is all happening in the European Parliament committee responsible for consumer rights.

In just 8 days this key committee will be taking a stance on the copyright package — a critical step in the process towards a new law. Make sure they hear from you before the deadline.

We’re so close to killing some of the worst parts of this copyright proposal, William, and it’s because of your diligent work in holding decision-makers accountable.

Let’s make sure our MEPs hear about this desperate attempt to undermine all our hard work.

Meghan, on behalf of your OpenMedia team

PS: Not on Twitter? Not to worry! You can still help out by sharing our blog, or forwarding this email to a friend. The more people know about this unacceptable behaviour, the harder it will be to ignore.

[1] Just 9 days left to reject the worst version of EU copyright expansion plans yet. Source: Julia Reda
[2] Urgent: Please Write to MEPs to Stop Awful Copyright Proposals. Source: Glyn Moody
[3], [4] BREAKING: MEP Pascal Arimont’s all out attack on the right to link. Source: OpenMedia
[5] Worst version of the EU copyright reform proposal yet, thinly veiled as a “compromise”. Source: Communia
[6] The “alternative compromise” could hardly be worse. Source: IGEL


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