Black Agenda Report for 11 January 2018

11 January 2018 — Black Agenda Report

Weaponized Words: Are the Black Misleadership Class Race Traitors or Just Following Their Own Class Interests? 

Bruce A. Dixon , BAR managing editor
If they are race traitors, we need to look for “real” black leaders. If they are following their own class interest we need to raise new black leaders from the working class…

Freedom Rider: Trump Love Endures 

by BAR Senior Columnist Margaret Kimberley
Waters may roil and scandals may boil around President Trump, but for the moment he remains bulletproof.

Donkey In A Hole: Don’t Expect Democrats To Change Much in 2018 

by BAR contributor Danny Haiphong
Joe Biden?  Oprah Winfrey?  Is this all they’ve got?  Democrats are in a pit. But don’t expect them to stop digging anytime in 2018.

Has Anyone Ever Been On the Side of the People of Congo? 

Ann Garrison , BAR contributor
Anne Garrison speaks to Jean-Claude Maswana on the continuing crises in Central Africa, and asks whether anybody has ever been on the side of the Congolese people during the last 20 years of genocidal resource extraction. 

Up Against the Fabrication Divide

By Kali Akuno and Gyasi Williams, for Cooperation Jackson and the Community Production Cooperative 
the third industrial revolution is in full swing, and it’s generating brand new matrices of privilege and inequality. Cooperation Jackson and the the Community Production Cooperative explore the perils and possibilities…

Black Agenda Radio, Week of January 8, 2018

by Nellie Bailey and Glen Ford
Deadly US Puppet Armies of Rwanda and Uganda Are Active in Congo Again, Warns Kambala Musavili from Friends of the Congo
Omali Yeshitela on Political Prisoners  while you’re thanking people for their service, don’t forget our political prisoners
Political Activists Scramble For Access to the Censored Net: Nabil Hassein describes how activists must adjust to a censored and circumscribed net
David Swanson: US Empire of 1000+ Military Bases Threatens the Entire Planet on the eve of a conference against the global empire of US bases.
Click the link at the top for the whole show, or any of the four following links for the individual segments of this week’s one hour show. 

Rachael Boothroyd Rojas
Bogota, January 8, 2018 ( – Venezuelans began to hold nation-wide community meetings last Saturday to discuss the creation of their government’s policies…

Behind The News: Jane McAlevey on Organizing For Power, Liza Featherstone on Patriarchy 

Doug Henwood
Jane McAlevey explains why Democrats were able to stop the demolition of Obamacare but unable and unwilling to do the same for the ghastly Republican tax cut and speaks with journalist Liza Featherstone on the difference between confronting individuals and addressing patriarchy and power.

Israel Bans Entry to 25 Organizations Connected with the BDS Movement 

Rebecca Vilkomerson and The Dawn News
On Sunday January 8, Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs released a list of 20 international organizations whose members will be prohibited from entering the country because of their support of the BDS Movement

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