New Year’s Message And Warning From A War Correspondent By Andre Vltchek

30 December, 2017 — Andre Vltchek

Sometimes it is useful to take a break from news bulletins and newspapers, and even from ‘friendly’ Internet publications.

Occasionally it is good to realize that there are actually two parallel realities that are constantly competing for the ‘hearts and minds’ of people living all over the world. There is real life and ‘fake life’. There is reality and elaborately manufactured pseudo-reality, which is designed to appear more real than the reality itself. It is like that chemically produced green apple shampoo that smells more authentic than the fruit itself. Continue reading

US-North Korea Nuclear War: One Million Deaths on the First Day: Selected Articles

28 December 2017 — Global Research

The Quad: US Searches Edge of Asia for Allies to Contain Beijing

By Tony Cartalucci, December 28, 2017

There has been a recent buzz promoted around the so-called Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) – a coalition of sorts counting the United States, India, Australia, and Japan as members. Promoted by familiar corporate-financier funded policy think thanks, the Quad is being portrayed as a step past Washington’s ill-fated “pivot to Asia” to address its waning power in the region. Continue reading

Day of Infamy for the UN Security Council: Triggering a Devastating Humanitarian Crisis in North Korea By Carla Stea

28 December 2017 — Global Research

Resolution 2397, December 22, 2017: Security Council Inflicts Gestapo-Style Sanctions on DPRK, Despite Warnings They Will Annihilate the People of North Korea

Ignoring the avalanche of evidence that prior sanctions on the DPRK are causing a devastating humanitarian crisis for the people of North Korea, especially the most vulnerable, on December 22, despite warnings of the catastrophic consequences to the people, the UN Security Council passed a new set of sanctions so draconian and inhumane that they must be compared to Hitler’s Nuremberg laws.

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Why the Documentary Must Not be Allowed to Die By John Pilger

11 December 2017 — John Pilger

I first understood the power of the documentary during the editing of my first film, The Quiet Mutiny. In the commentary, I make reference to a chicken, which my crew and I encountered while on patrol with American soldiers in Vietnam.

“It must be a Vietcong chicken – a communist chicken,” said the sergeant. He wrote in his report: “enemy sighted”.

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Imminent Dangers to Humanity: The Social Psychological Factor “Permitting” Nuclear War and Climate Change By Prof. Marc Pilisuk

26 December 2017 — Global Research

During  time of mourning or fear of grave existential threats, the human psyche is quite capable of denying and ignoring likely and imminent dangers. President Trump raised the prospect of venturing into a nuclear war with North Korea.  It is essential that some of us counter this propensity. In nuclear war there are blast, firestorm and  radiation effects and no first responders or infrastructure to assist the survivors. This is the time to face the prevention of the unthinkable.

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Ghost in the Machine, Part 1 — Drug Safety and Media Shaped by Big Pharma

27 December 2017 —  Dr Mercola

 Story at-a-glance

  • Drug industry representatives sit on the boards of major TV and print news outlets, shaping and sometimes blocking reporting about drug safety and effectiveness
  • Academic institutions, many government agencies and NGOs are financially beholden to Big Pharma, and most academic medical centers have drug company reps on their boards
  • “Sponsored content,” also called branded or native content, is now the prevailing online advertising model making drug advertisements and Pharma messages look like real news

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North Korea – UN Security Council’s “Killer Resolution”,15 to 0: Choking a Country into Submission By Peter Koenig

26 December 2017 — Global Research

Pyonyang’s urban skyline, competing with Manhattan and the Trump Tower?

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is being choked into submission if not starvation by the UN Security Council, by a vote of 15 : 0; i.e. unanimously. None of the 15 UNSC states, let alone the five permanent members, have had the guts to say no to a killer Resolution, drafted and proposed by the United States of America, a name that increasingly stands for international rogue and crime nation.

The New York Times reports on 22 December 2017:

“President Trump has used just about every lever you can use, short of starving the people of North Korea to death, to change their behavior,” the White House homeland security adviser, Thomas P. Bossert, said Tuesday. “And so, we don’t have a lot of room left here to apply pressure to change their behavior.”

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'Whataboutism' Runs Amok as Jake Tapper Rattles Off Trump Talking Points By Adam Johnson

24 December 2017 — FAIR

For over a year, US media have insisted that the tactic of deflecting criticism by pointing to others’ flaws was the devious Soviet tool of “whataboutism,” and anyone using it was practicing “one of Russia’s favorite propaganda tactics.” If so, when it came time for CNN’s Jake Tapper (12/21/17) to spin for the Trump administration’s provocative and deeply unpopular move of the US embassy in Israel, the most trusted name in news was peak Pravda.

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Virgin Care: A case study in how private corporations loot the UK’s National Health Service By Ajanta Silva

23 December 2017 — WSWS

The Health Service Journal (HSJ) recently exposed a scandalous handout given to private healthcare company Virgin Care by a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) in the county of Surrey, England.

This brings to light how private companies are plundering the National Health Service (NHS) with impunity like never before, with the blessing of central governments.

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Suman Raghunathan on Muslim Ban Return, Bruce Stanley on Don Blankenship

22 December 2017 — FAIR

by CounterSpin

MP3 Link

Muslim Ban Protest (cc photo: Fibonacci Blue)

(cc photo: Fibonacci Blue)

This week on CounterSpin: The Supreme Court has OKed full implementation of Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban—despite the fact that its constitutionality is still being challenged in lower courts. Despite the fact that even Department of Homeland Security reports show no relationship between the targeted countries and national security threats. Despite the fact that Trump gives the lie to the White House assertion that the ban isn’t anti-Muslim every time he opens his mouth. With so many facts being spited, you’d hope journalists would step up in defense of the immediately affected people and democratic process. We’ll talk about the Muslim ban with Suman Raghunathan, executive director of SAALT, South Asian Americans Leading Together.

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Michael Gove: Plastic containers update

22 December 2017 — 38 Degrees

[Great News? As ever, we want to keep our cake and eat it! Why not campaign to STOP making containers out of plastic instead of rationalising a manufacturing process that exists only because there’s more profit in plastic! Worse still, it passes the costs of wasteful capitalism onto the public, let alone the fact that plastics are made from oil! WB.]

I’ve got some great news, that I want to tell you straight away. A group of influential MPs have just told the government that the UK needs a plastic bottle deposit return scheme.[1]

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Black Agenda Report for 21 December 2017

21 December 2017 — Black Agenda Report

The Black Political Class and Network Neutrality

– Bruce A. Dixon , BAR managing editor

For a quarter century now, telecoms and other corporate interests have pretty much owned the cohort of civil rights organizations and elected officials we call the black political class, which is why they’ve consistently opposed network neutrality.

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South Africa’s ANC’s “Internal Presidential Elections”: Ramaphosa Rises as Lonmin Expires By Prof. Patrick Bond

20 December 2017

Workers, Women and Communities Prepare to Fight, Not Mourn

Monday night’s internal African National Congress (ANC) presidential election of Cyril Ramaphosa – with a razor-thin 51% majority of nearly 4800 delegates – displaced but did not resolve a fight between two bitterly-opposed factions. On the one hand are powerful elements friendly to so-called “White Monopoly Capital,” and on the other are outgoing ANC president Jacob Zuma’s allies led by Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, his ex-wife and former African Union chairperson. The latter faction includes corrupt state “tenderpreneur” syndicates, especially the notorious Gupta brothers, and is hence typically nicknamed “Zupta.” (Zuma is still scheduled to serve as national president until mid-2019.)

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Marikana Massacre Hangs Over South Africa's New Extremely Rich ANC Leader

19 December 2017 — TRNN

After a tight race that exposed stark divisions within the party, the African National Congress elected Cyril Ramaphosa, an anti-apartheid crusader, business tycoon, and key suspect in the 2012 Marikana Massacre is positioned to be the country’s next president. But will he root out corruption, or is he part of the problem? (inc. transcript) Continue reading