Think Tank-Addicted Media Turn to Regime Change Enthusiasts for Iran Protest Commentary By Adam Johnson

5 January 2018 — FAIR

Since the outbreak of mass demonstrations and unrest in Iran last week, US media have mostly busied themselves with the question of not if we should “do something,” but what, exactly, that something should be. As usual, it’s simply taken for granted the United States has a divine right to intervene in the affairs of Iran, under the vague blanket of “human rights” and “democracy promotion.” (The rare exception, such as an op-ed by ex-Obama official Philip Gordon—New York Times, 12/30/17—still accepted the premise of regime change: “I, too, want to see the government in Tehran weakened, moderated or even removed.”) With this axiom firmly established in Very Serious foreign policy circles, the next question becomes the nature, degree and scope of the “something” being done.

Secret Trade Deals

4 January 2018 — 38 Degrees

Giant corporations suing our government. Restricted access to medicines we all need. That’s what the government is considering in a trade deal right now. [1]

Trade minister Liam Fox is exploring whether the UK should join a dodgy trade deal called the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP for short. It could mean our healthcare, our food standards and our rights at work put at risk. [2]

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