COLDTYPE Issue 173 December 2018 – is now on line

4 December 2018 — Coldtype

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THE PROMISE OF WAR: Cover story this month is Danny Sjursen’s chilly warning of what may happen if the US doesn’t control its desire for conflict in the Middle East. Continuing the theme, we have Conn Hallinan’s review of a new book by Reese Erlich that examines the  evolving crisis in Iran, while Ramzy Baroud explains why Israel has finally left the era of ‘easy war’ on its an Palestinian neighbours. In other stories, Jonathan Cook tells how the Guardian’s latest attack on Julian Assange blew straight back into its reporter’s face, Danielle Ryan reveals the psychological problems of drone killers, Lee Camp tells of media lies about the California fires, and Linda McQuaig revisits Quebec’s Lac-Megantic oil train disaster. On a lighter note, we’ve got photographs of musical  maestro Leonard Bernstein, a tale of a man Zealand who lives off-the-grid in New Zealand, and tips on how to beat Wall Street . . .

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